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RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Wants To Start Over!

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Teresa Giudice Apologizes

Earlier this month, we posted how Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was claiming that the show ruined her relationships with those closest to her.

Now, in yet another interview, Teresa is speaking out again about the destruction of her famiglia and friendships…AND she’s apologizing!

Teresa confessed:

“Things have gotten out of hand. I want to accept responsibility for the things I did wrong. I’m truly sorry.”

Wow! We weren’t sure we’d ever see the day for a while there, to be honest…but good for her for owning up to her mistakes!

It seems that after her Celebrity Apprentice stint, Tre came to realize just how petty her problems actually were, as compared to those she witnessed while competing on the show for charity.

Though Teresa realizes she can’t take back her past actions, she IS making the attempt to mend some friendships by writing open letters to Jacqueline, Melissa, Kathy and Caroline!

This week’s issue of InTouch includes ALL of those letters, but we have her apology to Jacqueline here:

"Dear Jacqueline, I wish we could have resolved things sooner because I’m sincerely sorry for upsetting you — and I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your apology on Twitter. I feel like things have gotten out of hand, which is sad. I miss our friendship. I miss being like Lucy and Ethel with you. And so I hope we can work through these problems one day, when you are ready. Teresa xoxo"

The two even had a Twitter exchange yesterday, making plans to meet up and talk it out!

We really have got to give it to her for stepping up and apologizing! We just hope she means it and stands by her word!

No one should be defined by their past actions if they are willing to make a change for the better!

[Image via WENN.]

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29 comments to “RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Wants To Start Over!”

  1. 1

    Start Over? All the Sunset Blvd. street corners are taken…

  2. Agi says – reply to this


    Kim of Atlanta housewives is very annoying…wait, I'm warming up…fake is the word I was looking for…don't want to see her without makeup either! omg… boobs are fake if they look like basketballs…really round…anyway, they all have the look, but not the brains…WHAT'S WITH ALL THE WIGS???. All they want is to be known and paid for it and they'll say or do anything to get the attention. I just wonder what would happen if one of their shows was cancelled?? Call the paramedics stat!!

  3. Agi says – reply to this


    Re: Agi – Oh, and I want to hear from BIG POPPA! What does he have to say about the b….? I wonder, as everyone does, what did she have to do for BIG POPPA for all he did for her??? Now I don't have to wonder too much…..we all have to do what we have to do for money from a sugar daddy and a reality show. Poor kids have Kim as a "role model" OMG!!!

  4. Agi says – reply to this


    I enjoy Mobwives because I come from the area of New York City/New Jersey and it makes me laugh because that culture is just like that! lol….so funny!

  5. Kari says – reply to this


    I am starting to really like Teresa. I used to love Caroline but she has turned into a Nasty and bitter old lady. All of those girls gang up on Teresa and talk so much trash about her and then SHE apologizes and they refuse to accept her apology? I think Caroline, jacklyn, Melissa and Kathy need to step back and apologize for their behavior towards Teresa.

  6. 6

    why wouldnt she handle all this privately? and why in the hell would she go and put all the letters in a magazine? are you kidding me? can you say publicity stunt!

  7. 7

    Re: Kari – all teresa does is play the victim & make up excuses. if her apologies were REAL and not just made up excuses of why she did what she did & denials, i'm sure the girls would be more accepting!

  8. Sara says – reply to this



  9. 9

    I hate to talk about the way someone looks, but I think she is so ugly!

  10. 10

    She definetly needs help. She is clearly messed up in the head. Her husband is one of the grossest and worthless men on the face of the earth. She is in a very bad situation with all of her problems and evidently isn't strong enough to get a grip on her life. If she is really alone I feel sorry for her. Everyone needs someone to hold them up when they feel like they are falling.

  11. 11

    "No one should be defined by their past actions if they are willing to make a change for the better" ???? i WANT U TO APPLIED THIS SENTENCE WHEN U TALK ABOUT CHRIS BROWN

  12. 12

    Re: Agi – She is a nasty pig that Kim Z I agree.

  13. 13

    I actually am a Teresa fan. I have to say though Bravo is really counting on the American public remaining stupid because everyone knows now that these shows are fake set ups. If you watch RHOA you will see that 1 week after Nene saw her divorce lawyer and cried that she wasn't sure she wanted a divorce now, Tamra Barney did the same exact thing the next week on RHOOC & said almost the same fake tearful words. S T U P I D. There is a lot of fakery & lying going on with this franchise & frankly I'm bored with all the shows on Bravo except "Inside Actor's Studio". I like Teresa & her family, the Gorga's & the Wakile's but I am Italian & from North Jersey (Mahwah, thank you) & I think they are very typical of an Italian Jersey family. The Manzo's are NOT. Plus I have been to The Brownstone in Patterson for an event & my god if people could have seen it 7 years ago WHAT AN OLD SMELLY DUMP! They made it look better for the show for sure. Hopefully the ladies room no longer smells like a barfed on armpit. I love Tree's books, website & on Celeb Apprentice. I look forward to her make up line etc. She needs to kick Jax Gripp Holmes Laurita former Vegas stripper to the curb as a friend. No apologies needed.

  14. 14

    Okay that was mean but very funny bwaaaahhhaaa. Good one.
    & for what its worth Caroline Manzopause is one of the ugliest women on TV. She is the daughter of Bride of Chucky & Bozo the Clown I'd swear.

  15. 15

    Re: MzSavvy – Paterson. Sorry double p'd it.

  16. kay says – reply to this


    Doesn't seem sincere to me, just because it sound like she wants to prove to the world how she did wrong instead of picking up the freaking phone and actually apologizing to these people!

  17. megan says – reply to this


    i think that Threasa is trying to be the best and she thinks everyone is underneath her. and the other ladies are not accepting it and they are tired of it

  18. julie dressler says – reply to this


    I am soooo happy to hear that griffth ratings suck, I cant stand her, vulgar offensive on so many levels!! the sooner she is off of bravo the better.

  19. gianna says – reply to this


    Candybarr you dont have a picture up don't talk about looks hunny! I am in the same town as her my kids go to school w her kids she is very pretty. Btw your a very disgusting person to go after looks then you say she's messed up in the head… um aren't you talking about looks? I think your messed up in the head & a bully. Put a picture up then talk till then shut ur mouth.

  20. grandmac4 says – reply to this


    Tre, just a bit of advice, you apologized to Jacqueline, I would end it at that. Caroline is a miserable bitch and will never change. You don't need her, she needs anybody she can get her hands on and will listen to her like Melissa and Kathy. Believe me you don't need those miserable hypocrits. Kick them to the curb for your own sanity. You will have Dina and Jacqueline plus other friends. You don't need those other 3 misfits!!

  21. ArealItalian says – reply to this


    Re: Kari – I agree Caroline seems to like to be in charge of everyone so that the focus stays off her and the secrets she hides about her family! Grow up!

  22. Lilly says – reply to this


    I don't think Teresa is really sorry. And I don't think that any apology would be enough at this point. Sometimes, as I imagine is the case for Jacqueline right now, you just get to a point with someone where too much has transpired and not even an apology is going to mend things. Teresa probably should have waited, maybe with time it would have been possible.

  23. ccdiva says – reply to this


    Someone should check to see if the two Joes are on steroids. You don't get that big without some chemical help.

  24. suzie says – reply to this


    Just "saying sorry" doesn't mean anything. Teresa obviously has her own reasons for stirring the pot, but please do not be dumb enough to believe that she is the second coming of Mother Teresa and only wants the best for her castmates! And while I'm wound up about this person who thinks she's "the best Mommy," that Milania is either going to end up in jail or in therapy for the rest of her life if nothing is done to correct her lousy behavior!

  25. realityqueen says – reply to this


    Re: gianna – funny how this is either Carolines disgusting daughter that sits there an complains on how fat she is while eating a ton of food or this is Caroline herself. She is ugly and not because of what she looks like on the outside but how she looks on the inside. Her husband cheats on her all the time. Has a house next to the brownstone where he takes his girlfriends. I was on a boat with him and his girlfriend about ten years ago hanging out. Get over it Caroline. Even your husband thinks you arent good enough.

  26. LadyJDB says – reply to this


    Re: ArealItalian – I agree, Teresa is a star and Caroline needs to relax and get over it!

  27. LadyJDB says – reply to this


    Ibelieve that Teresa is a good hearted person and she is very real. I can see why ALL the ladies would be jealous of her. Kathy and Melissa should take her side if familt means so much to them. Caroline is not their family and she is getting boring by the minute. I will not waych the show is Teresa leaves!

  28. bjsmom says – reply to this


    Re: Kari – b i have always loved theresa and still do ! Carolyn has just kept the hate going your not so nice Carolyn! theresa didnt do that much to u! Melissa it is your job to help Joe be close to his growing up family! I have 3 grown married children that are very very close! and close to me and dad! now instead of 3 children i have 6 and 6 grandbabies! no matter what theresa u are still the best!

  29. Jersey Girl says – reply to this


    Teresa was PAID to apologize in the magazine article. PLEASE…..