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The Wanted Call Christina Aguilera 'A B*tch!!'

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christina aguilera the wanted bitch


Guess The Wanted did NOT enjoy their appearance on The Voice!

In a recent interview, the boys were asked why they didn't run up and kiss Christina Aguilera the way they got down with J. Lo during their set on Idol. The band replied:

"Cause she's a total b*tch!!"

They explain that she was rude to them during the taping — BUT even if Xtina was nice, they still wouldn't have kissed her, because:

"J Lo is hot, Christina is nothing special."


Well, no one can say these guys aren't honest!

PresSsSsSs PlaaaaYyY (above) to watch the beginning of an all-new celebrity feud!

Be careful, boys! Xtina fans are FIERCELY loyal!

[Image via WENN.]

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111 comments to “The Wanted Call Christina Aguilera 'A B*tch!!'”

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  1. Blip says – reply to this


    All this cursing is kinda stupid. I don't see how perez actually condoned The Wanted's actions. He's just reporting what they said about her. Don't murder the courier!
    Anyway, I'm neither a Wanted nor a Christina fan, but just because The Wanted hasn't made it big in America yet does not mean they are nobody. I've seen them on the charts for over a year now (not referring to the billboard or whatever) and I've seen their fans (some are really irritating) for quite a while too, so all this not knowing about them would be ignorance on your part. You wanna trash The Wanted for being rude? Go ahead, but get your facts right before you comment.
    And once again, leave Perez alone.

  2. katy says – reply to this


    I dont care what happend, but calling a woman with a child a B**** is really mean and disrespectful.
    be careful who you kick on the way up…

  3. Xtina Pride says – reply to this


    That was the same night the Biebs got on no? Well, she was really emotional about which contestant to let go. Dont think she meant to be rude. Perhaps them boys have their arses in their heads! What with all the fame they're getting for their meaningless songs.

  4. jamie22 says – reply to this


    Look at the Christina haters, SEETHING at their teeth for negative press about her. The stories of her being mean happened YEARS ago when she ADMITTEDLY was going through a severe Depression. People need to GET OVER IT. She's being ABUSED because of a LOOK to Justin Bieber even though she stuck her hand out to shake it and said "nice to meet you", you know, right after she was BAWLING HER EYES OUT because she had to send someone home.
    Now she's being called a bitch and BY THE BAND'S OWN WORDS, because she "JUST SAT THERE". You've GOTTA BE FREAKING KIDDING ME. I LOVE the people bringing up her PAST and use it against her IN EVERY SINGLE STORY. Did you watch the video?
    They have NO REASON to call her a "bitch" because she just "sat there". As I recall, she had the same face and reaction as Adam Levine and Cee-Lo. But isn't that how it goes? The men on the show can do and say anything, while Christina gets CRUCIFIED over a look.
    How anyone can condone GROWN MEN calling A WOMAN a bitch over NOTHING, then going as far as INSULTING HER LOOKS, is DESPICABLE.
    Stop using her past against her haters. Look at the SITUATION like LOGICAL people and you will see she did NOTHING wrong in this situation.

  5. jamie22 says – reply to this


    And I also find it VERY funny that the article that paints from CHRISTINA'S side, the haters want to say "it's not true!" But EVERY negative Christina story, they say is true. Hypocrites who will say anything to make Christina look bad.
    The band insulted Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and now Christina Aguilera. 3 Loved Pop Superstars. Career Suicide fellas.
    And all the Christina haters saying they DIDN'T insult Gaga and Britney, LOOK IT UP. Stop spouting LIES to make Christina look bad. And stop bringing up crap from 2004 that she did while going through Depression. Britney gets a pass for her mental illness, Christina gets hers.

  6. Fan says – reply to this


    You can combine all those f#%{ers and they can hit the high notes Cristina can hits. They are another group of kids that are going to use the "I'm real and just like everybody else" personality to get more fame. But Cristina knows she is a star and she acts like one. They messed with the wrong girl, and they are going to regret it. How long have they been in the business or known for, a year, while Cristina has been around for almost 2 decades. Stupid group of Bastards.

  7. Steph says – reply to this


    They are letting fame get to their head's…. Who the Fuck do they think they are… honestly they suck ass except Nathan and Jay, they kept their mouths shut so thank god! They better fuck off because Christina Aguilera is a legend and their a bunch of Autotuned little shits. They said Christina isn't all that… They are fucking hideous, Tom has a deformed face, Max is just ugly, Siva… he's alright, Jays cute, and Nathan's a sweetie.. Seriously I can't wait to see Legend-tina's response to this…

  8. ahhh! says – reply to this


    "if im a bitch them im a bitch" - christina aguilera

  9. celexte says – reply to this


    she duz look like a B*TCH ND I BET SHE IS

  10. MELODY says – reply to this


    uhmm who the fuck cares if shes a bitch, im a bitch and i dont care……and im sure as fuck that she doesnt care if people call her a bitch. its who we are FUCK IT. :)

  11. Melody says – reply to this


    ADDING to my last comment.
    if you think being opinionated sassy sexy and strong minded… then she's a bitch get over it.

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