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Hollywood Is About To Reopen The Jungle Book

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The Jungle Book reboot

Disney Warner Bros. is preparing to reboot Rudyard Kipling's wild classic, The Jungle Book!

We bet this adaptation will be pret-ty good too because the studio is in talks with Steve Kloves — the guy who wrote ALL of the Harry Potter movies — to write and direct it.

Since we loved ALL of the Harry Potter movies, we're kind of sold already. Plus, it's a great opportunity for a HAWT leading man to prance around in a leopard print loincloth for our viewing pleasure. The last actor to portray Mowgli was Jason Scott Lee, who starred in the 1994 live-action adaptation.

What Hollywood actor would U like to see reboot the role?

We would never expect any other Jungle Book movie to compare with Disney's animated classic, but hopefully this one will come close if all the right pieces fall together.

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9 comments to “Hollywood Is About To Reopen The Jungle Book

  1. 1

    OH, look! An other reboot! Well that's original!!!

  2. 2

    Steve Kloves wrote SIX of the seven Harry Potter movies. He did not write the fifth. Why can't you EVER get your facts straight ?

  3. 3

    I think Merryl Streep could pull t off
    Nothing ol Merryl loves better than a challenge
    Just give her an accent, and a codpiece and the gurl is good to go

  4. 4

    THE JUNGLE BOOK was wildly popular: it was comparable to the HARRY POTTER phemoneom of that era.
    I'd like to see it really well done.

  5. 5

    Would love to see this, have never seen the original unfortunaetly and do not own a DVD so that is not a possibility.

  6. anony-mouse says – reply to this


    Taylor Lautner would be good as Mowgli!

  7. Flexi Lexi says – reply to this


    Taylor Lautner would be sooo good as mowgli!

  8. Erinn says – reply to this



  9. haybay says – reply to this


    Taylor Lautner would be amazing! or Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley) One of the werewolves from twilight as well!