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Mel Gibson Jokes About His Temper Tantrums! Watch HERE!!

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Seems all calm, cool, and collected now!!

Too bad that's not how it was when he erupted on Joe Eszterhas!!

To refresh your memory, Joe unleashed a shocking nine-page letter claiming Mel Gibson planned murder and shamed the holocaust.


This all happened because Warner Bros. rejected Joe's script for Mel's Maccabees film. After that, Joe decided the world needed to know about Mel's awful rants.

So he posts the recorded rant on the internet!!!!

And now, despite the temper, Mel is on The Tonight Show making light of it all with Jay Leno (above)!!

Hey… nobody said the man isn't a great actor, LOL!!

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17 comments to “Mel Gibson Jokes About His Temper Tantrums! Watch HERE!!”

  1. 1

    He's a psychopath.

  2. 2

    I do find it funny, celebs say insensitive things all of the time. No telling what they say over the phone about people,etc..But mel gibson is the only one targeted..What a weird coincidence Hollywood is owned and ran by Jews and he happened do diss jews (in a drunken rant….) a decade ago. He said something, now his career is in the toilet.

    That said, I love how not a single person is questioning or drawing attention to the fact..This person entered HIS OWN HOME and started secretly recording it while he was chewing him out for being incompetent. Everyone was so quick to go "Oh mel is a dick" but, no one bats an eyelid to the guy that did something illegal? I've chewed out people before. Big deal. I think its clear the audience reactions side with Mel..With the clapping and what not. People have moved on. Jews are the ones that love to keep playing the victim card. He's still getting punished for stupid shit he has said years ago..While drunk. Everyone says stupid shit while drunk. He just had the misfortune of being famous and having cameras on him at that time.

  3. Di_34 says – reply to this


    I love Mel … and feel bad that all of that press are just after him in the negative way. Mel did so much good in his carrier, but I guess this is less important for the press ….

  4. yumba says – reply to this



    This perpetual hatred towards Mel Gibson is getting old. Charlie Sheen,Chris Brown and Kanye West are jerks and the Hollywood crowd always excuses their behavior. Mel is not the only type A personality in Hollywood to go off on business acquaintenances.

    If you ask me,I think Estherhaus was the real jerk!

  5. internetfavs.com says – reply to this


    yeh making jokes about it makes us all forget……..

  6. 6

    team mel

  7. 7

    Leave the guy alone already.. if we could forgive Beyonce & JayZ for performing for terrorists for money then we SHOULD forget about one man ranting while drunk.. get over it !

  8. 8

    He is crazy or bipolar.

  9. 9

    Why does Hollywood hate Mel so much ?
    Well it could be that he went outside the box, he told the unions, the Weinstein brothers, and studios to go fuck themselves and went ahead and made Passion of Christ, without them
    The movie has made over 400 million $$$$$$$$

  10. 10

    You expect people to forget about or let go your little tirade. It's been long enough. Let go your grudge with Gibson. It's getting really, really old.

  11. boheme19 says – reply to this


    Re: sofeuh – Are you serious? You can say leave the guy alone already, maybe when he's has made 1 offense of normal magnitude. But not when the things he does are incredibly harmful to others, and he does it over and over. This guy is truly an easily agitated, mean-spirited, asshole psycho! You don't leave that alone. Something serious needs to be done about him.

  12. 12

    Re: sofeuh – Excellent point.

  13. 13

    Re: boheme19 – Words are only harmful if the person is a sensitive little bitch. That would be like me calling you a dumb fucking idiot. Then you turning around saying what I said was harmful..Not really.

  14. 14

    Re: boheme19 – u sound anticatholic

    mels right he was in his own home yelling and screaming they had no right to tape him .especially since they are the reason he was yelling and screaming .thats like someone riling u up then taping him he needs however on that note to get his emotions out in more appropriate ways ..hes not a teenager in australia hes a grown man in malibu..

    seems everyone using his temper to try and bring him down so he has to learn to not allow that to happen then they cant get at him…australia loves mel xxx

  15. 15


  16. 16

    Remember the Playboy-interview from July of 1995, where Gibson identified the power behind the throne with stunning accuracy. With the conversation turning to then-president of the United States, Bill Clinton, Gibson suggested that he was obviously groomed for the job early on in his career (an admitted fact).
    “Do you really believe that?”, asked the surprised interviewer (he shouldn’t be), to which Gibson replied:
    “I really believe that. He was a Rhodes scholar, right? Just like Bob Hawke. Do you know what a Rhodes scholar is? Cecil Rhodes established the Rhodes scholarship for those young men and women who want to strive for a new world order. Have you heard that before? George Bush? CIA? Really, it’s Marxism, but it just doesn’t call itself that. Karl had the right idea, but he was too forward about saying what it was. Get power but don’t admit to it. Do it by stealth. There’s a whole trend of Rhodes scholars who will be politicians around the world.”

  17. 17

    The reporter retreats into the mantra of the numb when confronted with an outburst of sudden truth:
    “This certainly sounds like a paranoid sense of world history. You must be quite an assassination buff.”
    Gibson: “Oh, f***. A lot of these guys pulled a boner. There’s something to do with the Federal Reserve that Lincoln did, Kennedy did and Reagan tried. I can’t remember what it was, my dad told me about it. Everyone who did this particular thing that would have fixed the economy got undone. Anyway, I’ll end up dead if I keep talking s***.”
    TEAM MEL!!!!!!!