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10 comments to “twitter-truth”

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    And no comments or hits come to those who pimp out that talentless, gay ass kissing Kat Graham.

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    America has a class of people known as the working poor. They work very hard for very little reward, they never give up, because to do so would mean homelessness or hunger. Unfortunately, good things don't come to them. There is no end in sight, and like my father, they will continue to work hard, without reward until they die. That sentiment may have been true in the 50's, but today, it is not.

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    Actually only partially true. You do not have to work your "ass" off to have good things come to you. But definitely never giving up is the way to go. And believing. There are people who work very little and have good things come to them and vice versa. What is the common theme? The belief and trust and allowing of good things to come to them. Most people have given up hoping and believing. It has NOTHING to do with hard work.

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    I certainly agree that you need hard work to get good things, but I think whoever made this is missing the point of the original statement. It shouldn't be crossed out. It doesn't mean you should just hang around and eventually things turn out right, it means that you have to be patient and get through the hard stuff and don't quit. Essentially, the second statement is just a longer way of saying the first statement.

  5. 5

    Both statements are false hoods really. Number 2 depends on the situation. If you are fat and out of shape, well, of course. I agree with rosebud. Also what about all these kids that work their ass off in college and universities and can't find a job? Then, if number 1, is true, waiting too long takes you out of the game because in this country, you are now over the hill at 25. In this country, career wise, 25 is the new 40.

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    What the hell is the matter with you ???????????????????????????
    What would be your reason to post those death like pictures of Robin Gibb, leave him be, let people who are fans, remember him the way he looked in his prime,not how he looks now
    It's just cruel

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    Hey Liberals…HEAR that??? Work for what you want. Educate yourselves. Don't hate those who have because those who have worked their asses off to get what they have. Why should they have to give it up for the lazy ass welfare recipients?

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    Or in Mario's case, good things come to those who give their ass up

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    Re: krtmom – like!

  10. duderbop says – reply to this


    except for you now, not paying taxes, but yea other than that very few rewards. Oh and getting shit tons of benefits from the federal government…