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Courtney Stodden Learns About Love And Lust On New SINGLE! Check Out Reality HERE!

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What a truly blessed day it has turned out to be!

As if the wonder that is Courtney Stodden isn't incredible all on her own, the 17-year-old child bride and aspiring reality starlet has released a brand new song, called Reality!

She explains (because it needed to be explained):

“The song is about clubbing and dancing with your sexy partner. To me, it’s a story about lust. It’s about falling in love with someone. Is it in your head, or is it lust?”

Wow. Wow wow wow.

Let's try to wrap our head around what she's trying to express here:

Is it a love song or a lust song, gurl?

And more importantly…she even allowed into clubs yet?

To be fair, though, it's a step-up from - and much more lucid than - her last effort in the music world, so there's that!

Give it a listen (above)!

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35 comments to “Courtney Stodden Learns About Love And Lust On New SINGLE! Check Out Reality HERE!”

  1. 1


    yes the yelling was necessary!

  2. 2

    ya she's messed up and a train wreck but its not as bad as the shit she made a little while ago and it's not as bad as kim kardashian's attempt with music but its still soooo not okay that shes only 17, singing about lust, and married to a 50 year old perv

  3. 3

    she should be aloud into clubs cause she cant really be 17. 30 at the most. and why are u acting like shes a great human being? shes trash. pure and utter trash

  4. 4

    maybe her and kat graham can do a club tour together

  5. 5

    Yep, you've changed. Posting about people and forcing us to read about people who MEAN NOTHING. YES I'M YELLING TOO. Sick about hearing this kind of crap. You know, by posting this shit, you are telling young people in this world that it is OK to be like that and IT IS NOT. What about that don't you get? I saw your Oprah interview. You really are just out for the almighty dollar and feeding and living off losers in life who think people like this person are acceptable in life. GET SOME CLASS and try to be CLASSY and leave stuff like this off of your website (and become more loved and credible). Add Octomom, and many others (you know who they are — you read our comments and know who most of us don't give a flying fig about) . We do not care about the low life scum these people are and don't care to know about them. Are you a celeb site? She is not a celeb. Makes me sick. Think it over. If you really want to succeed with the rest of us that are not low life, think it over. PLEASE???????

  6. 6

    lol at the pic in her video, lol at this song, lol at her being relevant

  7. sarah says – reply to this


    Reality is shockingly good! It's a game-changer for Courtney!

  8. KassidyP says – reply to this


    Wow! It's actually good! Good job Courtney?

  9. 9

    So much Barbie auto tuning. Fuck auto tune. If you can't sing, for the love of cheese don't make music.

  10. 10

    A BIG step up from "Don't Put It On Me Girl," but that picture of her is HILARIOUS! The sad thing is this song sounds like something a non-talent like Britney Spears or Kylie Minogue would do and could end up being a hit.

  11. 11

    Not as bad as I thought it would be - better than those housewives. But she really needs to learn how to control her facial muscles. She needs to learn how to say the word 'real'. It's 'real', Courtney, not 'rill'.

  12. Jacksonvilli says – reply to this


    Wtf! It's pretty hot! And I only hear a little autotune in there. Much improved.. I guess she was only 15 when she recorded all her old shit.

  13. 13

    not bad, i like it…

  14. 14

    Good greif !!! the best use of this travesty of a song is to use it to exterminate rodents. After playing this bomb rats , mice ,bedbugs , cockroaches an vermin's of all kind will gladly vacate any space this music is played in.
    This tune would also come in handy for waking the dead when played in graveyards.

  15. 15

    it's doesn't sound like the voice on her other songs though…

  16. Jacksonvilli says – reply to this


    Maybe she went through puberty and learned how to sing. Whatever it was it fucking worked.. I'm amazed and confused!

  17. 17

    well..it's not as bad as heidi montague. it sounds better than her speaking voice actually lol

  18. 18

    not that bad. chorus is ear popping. too high. the lower range was kind of nice

  19. gambyLovesMe says – reply to this


    It kills me to say but I like it lol. The high pitch in the chorus is really cool. Didn't think she could hit those notes.

  20. Natalie says – reply to this


    I would be aghast and mortified if my daughter turned out like her.

  21. 21

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal

    "Posting about people and forcing us to read about people who MEAN NOTHING."

    Who the fuck is forcing you to read anything? Are the people from Perez at your house with a gun to your head holding your eyelids open, forcing you to read their site? NO? then STFU and go to another site if you don't like what you see here. Dumb twat.

  22. 22

    How much is she paying you for all this free advertising? I am glad to hear the auto-tuner is up and running. Can we stop already with this hooker?

  23. JOMP says – reply to this


    Re: QueenEricka

    Dear 'Queen' Erica. Please go suck a dick. Thank you.

  24. 24

    CS is the most beautiful woman in the world…the most beautiful woman who has ever lived….

  25. 25

    EW! What the heck is wrong with her face?! I invented the person whoever invented autotune for this and the other shit on the bottom of my shoe that people like to release as "music" She's disgusting.

  26. Cait says – reply to this


    oh wow, she's finally got enough money to afford autotune to be applied to her voice

  27. 27

    I most confesse…I love the girl! I like her voice on this one! too bad she needs all that make up and strange faces…and of course, the dude! but, hey , whatever makes her happy!

  28. leila21 says – reply to this


    Sounds great! I was shocked beyond belief. Not the best pic of her Perez :p

  29. DonDraperist says – reply to this


    Re: Natalie – R U Retarded? SHE did not hit those notes! A COMPUTER hit them for her. And for those who cannot hear auto tune : YOU ARE DEAF! This song is simple gay club shit that ANY ONE OF YOU on this site could do. If you only knew how a studio worked. You layer and layer shit until it sounds full, you auto tune notes to match the beat. Auto tune can be light or heavy; its not just the silly stuff you see on youtube as redubs. This chick cannot sing. She is a skanky teenage oportunist

  30. DonDraperist says – reply to this


    Re: DonDraperist – oops. My apologies…meant for leila21

  31. leila21 says – reply to this


    Re: DonDraperist
    It's still a solid track. Not much autotune. Has solid beat and a great hook.

  32. 32

    Re: 2ruthertz – YOU STFU, ass face. Nobody asked you for your ass licking opinion on what someone else posted. People like you need to be punched in the face every hour of every day for making the mistake of thinking that you matter. You do NOT matter. You are a puddle of stinky worthlessness that pollutes the world. You should have been an abortion and you should NEVER BREED because we don't need another ass face like you in the world. Please go crawl under something and die.

  33. Abby says – reply to this


    I would whoop some ass if she was my daughter.. i dont see how a "parent" would ruin their daughters life like that. She needs to wake up and realize REALITY. I really feel bad for her.. i dont know about "true love" I think its an excuse to get out and do what she wants.. and shes going to do what she wants because she seems spoiled.

  34. dannymick says – reply to this



    lolz, Courtney Stodden.

  35. 35

    What I find sad about Courtney Stodden is that she has claimed in the past to have Christian values. I don't mean to judge here, but… listen to this garbage. She's nasty! Plain and simple nastiness from the words that come out of her mouth to the trashy way she dresses. It's really quite sad. If the things I mentioned, and her "marriage" (which I think is an attempt at a fame boost more than anything… a sham) are the only ways she can get attention… she and her parents must have mental problems.