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EXCLUSIVE!! Caption Contest … For Madonna Swag!

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Madonna WE Still 01
Madonna WE Still 02

Madonna fans, we are SO EXCITED to share this news with you!!!!

In preparation for Her Madgesty's release of her directorial debut W.E. on DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow, we are SUPER pumped to announce this special contest!

See these exclusive behind-the-scenes shots (above)???

All you have to do is caption each pic and submit your best ones by commenting (below) on this post BY THURSDAY!!!!

The BEST entries will be selected to win a copy of the film on DVD!!!

Have at it, MDNA luvers!!!

And don't forget that by participating, you are giving permission for your email address to be made available to those putting on the contest…so if you are lucky, they may use it to get in touch with you!!

Comment, comment, comment UR Madgetastic hearts out!

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83 comments to “EXCLUSIVE!! Caption Contest … For Madonna Swag!”

  1. Tara Hansen says – reply to this


    Pic 1: "Back up boys, I've got this." Pic 2: "All work and no tea makes Madonna the Queen of Pop".

  2. 2

    picture # 1 caption: "How can I edit out the other actors and play all the roles myself?"

    picture # 2 caption: "If I mount take her from behind, push myself into her mind, when she least expects it…will I knock off the tea service?"

    Lawrence Stern

  3. Robyn Nathan says – reply to this


    1st pic "I wish my brother Christopher were here." 2nd pic "I wanna snatch this bitch bald headed if she doesn't get her stank breath off my tea tray"

  4. Ross Mingoo says – reply to this


    #1 - You guys back there better be working while I'm peeping through this.. what do you call this thing again???
    #2 - Mmmm.. nice ass. Which reminds me.. clench. clench. clench.

  5. gloria valentin says – reply to this


    Pic # 1 "Show me your SWAG!"

    Pic # 2 "One tea cup? Four people, equals only me having tea!"

  6. 6

    Second Photo: "it says here that we should stay calm. Apparently….the black jaguar that escaped prefers dark, hidden areas…"

  7. unknown says – reply to this


    u got nothin better 2 do

  8. 8

    #2 Apparently they weren't aware that I LOATHE Royal Doulton.

  9. Madonna Lovah says – reply to this


    Pic 1: "L-U-V Madonn-" "Shut the fuck up, I have a film to direct"

    Pic 2: "Wipe on, wipe off"

  10. 10

    get your facts straight, Perez. This is not her directorial debut. W/E was horrendous! Critics trashed it, it beyond flopped at the box office, and it reeks of vanity. It really is a boring and pointless movie. Madonna should stick with music.

  11. Donnarama says – reply to this


    Pic 1-: the Guys: "wow, she's really reinvented that monocle from the Express Yourself video with this one"
    Pic 2-: "okay Andrea, I know it wasn't scripted but I think the tea bagging scene will add an extra oomph"

  12. 12

    picture #2 caption: At your age, you're going to have a lot of urges. You're going to want to take off your clothes, and touch each other. But if you do touch each other, you *will* get chlamydia… and die.

  13. RJD says – reply to this


    1) Tarantino has nothing on this
    2)"Don't just sit there, strike a pose there's nothing to it"

  14. Miss Melody Ann says – reply to this


    Caption 1: "Is that Jupiter or Uranus that I see in there..hmmm"
    Caption 2: "There's a fly on her head"…focus..focus..almost…

  15. 15

    Picture #1: "Lola - don't hide in the background. Be like Mummy. Always on the top and in front of these wannabees…"
    Pictur #2 "Come on girls, let's join The Tea Party…"

  16. 16

    Wally & Whiney

  17. 17

    it doesn't let me post :(

  18. 18

    Pic 1 caption ; " oh look, I can almost see my leotard for the next video, gee it IS small".

    Pic 2 caption ; " now don't move! And I will just climb up here and show you the routine to Erotic".

  19. 19

    pic #1 "I think I found Elton's musical career"

    pic #2 "David, this is what a true lady looks like at tea time"

  20. 20

    pic #1 "Hey Elton, I found your manhood!"

    pic #2 "Let me tweet this pic to David so he could see what a true lady looks like at tea time".

  21. 21

    pic #1 "Let's see what Lady Xerox, oops I mean Gaga, is copying now".

    pic #2 "Let me tweet this pic to David so that we could see what a true lady looks like at tea time".

  22. 22

    pic 1 "Hey Elton, i think i found your p . . oh wait thats too big"

    pic 2 "Speaking of teabagging, wheres elton and david?"

  23. JoseV says – reply to this


    Pic #1 "I told you I wanted a bifocal camera!"

  24. J-Mo says – reply to this


    PIC 1 | "Move over boys, and let me show you how a real man does it."
    PIC 2 | " … she's behind me, isn't she …"

  25. JoseV says – reply to this


    pic #1 "I told you I wanted the bifocal camera!"

  26. 26

    pic 1 "What was GUY bitching about? This is easssyyyyyy!"

  27. Phylocke says – reply to this


    Pic 1: I found Guy's wanker!
    Pic 2: I said one lump….you are so totally fired!

  28. 28

    1) Where is that idiot Mr. DeMille? I'm ready for my close-up! Is this what he looks through?
    2) Tea Party? Isn't that a bunch of right wing loonies? Not for me, thanks!

  29. 29

    1) I see you Lola, stop smoking!!
    2) 1. annual meeting of Madge's Tea Party

  30. 30

    picture 1 - "Im so using this camera on my next music video"
    picture 2 - "Im gonna give you some of my positive energy, stay still"

  31. Antonius says – reply to this


    Photo#1: Madonna inadvertantly leaves the lens cap on and strains an optic nerve, and a hamstring.
    Photo#2: "don't move, that MF fly is back and it will NOT be in this scene!"

  32. Ric Hunter says – reply to this


    1) Guys, I thought I made myself clear, "NO hydrangeas on the set!"

    2) No, we don't have any Sweet & Low, my sugar is raw, my sugar is raw!

  33. iamwho says – reply to this


    Pic 1: Let me show you how it's done.
    Pic 2: Tea time with her Madgesty.

  34. 34

    Caption 1. Who the fuck are all these people standing behind me?
    Caption2. Arch your back and get your ass in the air while drinking tea in bed! Do I have to tell you how to do EVERYTHING?

  35. 35

    Re: ClipSlip – So terrible it won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an oscar.

  36. 36

    Re: ClipSlip – And, it was technically her directorial debut as Filth and Wisdon was considered a short! ASSHOLE!

  37. twerkitbitch says – reply to this


    Pic #1 Why is it all dark in here? Shouldn't there be someone in here?

    Pic #2 God I need a shower! I wonder if she smells me? Where is my Truth or Dare tester?

  38. Comanchero says – reply to this


    Re: Toy4Paco
    Won in a song category, and nominated in a costume category. Yeah! That cancels out everything he just said. That doesn't make the film not a flop (as it was) or not panned by critics (which it was). Pia Zadora won a Golden Globe..that's not saying much. Stop being one of those dumb ass fans that likes anything she does no matter how booger it is.

  39. 39

    pic 1 "How am I going to edit James' massive boner out of this shot?"

    pic 2 "Andrea,…. if you break this fucking tea set….. I will fucking kill you bitch!"

  40. Ssays says – reply to this


    Pic 1: Wow, it's like really hard being on this side of the camera.
    Pic 2: Does she EVER stop talking?

  41. 41

    Was this movie ever released in the movie theaters? I don't know one person who saw this movie or wanted to see this movie.
    Madonna has to give stuff away to get people to want this hot mess.

  42. tinypplrock says – reply to this


    Picture #1 - Madonna: We're making a movie, isn't it groovy, welcome to my house… now everybody sing along!
    Picture #2 - Madonna: Be Careful, don't knock over the teacups, The Queen doesn't want them damaged. Andrea: The Queen of England gave us teacups? Madonna: No, I bought them myself.

  43. paul corry says – reply to this


    #1:guy do u need sum tweeszers to put that little thing away?
    #2:jeez how many times mama gotta beat u b4 u make me a decent cup of chow?

  44. Tia says – reply to this


    pic 1 : "// so when i was doing 'Shanghai Surprise' i learned this really neat trick…"
    pic 2: " are the tea and crumpets lowfat?… gross"

  45. SharonNeedlesRocks! says – reply to this


    1) If I pose this way while looking into the camera, people will take me as seriously as a director as they did Streisand.
    2) How does this thing work?

  46. 46

    Pix 1 …. It really is small, even this close up lens does not help.
    Pix 2 …. Let's play 'whack a' model'

  47. Scott says – reply to this


    #1 I told you she was a fucking control freak.

    #2 I have told you a million times…no food or drinks while you are in bed with Madonna!

  48. 48

    1st: "Who was that GUY that said I couldn't do this?"
    2nd: (Staring at the tea set and thinking to herself) I need to lay off the 'MDNA'. I swore I just heard Angela Lansbury's voice coming from that tea kettle.

  49. steffers says – reply to this


    pic1: (from left to right) very serious, serious, somewhat serious, not so serious
    pic2: truth or dare:vintage

  50. 50

    pic1: (from left to right) very serious, serious, somewhat serious, not so serious
    pic2: truth or dare sequel

  51. cragvanity says – reply to this


    1st pic - "shut up everybody im looking for molly"

  52. 52

    WOW!!!!! Win a copy of the DVD really!!!!!! No way?????!!!!! Are u sure?.. That's a bit extravagant………

  53. 53

    "I would rather scrap the whole flim than change a word, I'll do it myself"

  54. 54

    Re: sikki088 – that was for caption #1 :)

  55. bottle blond says – reply to this


    #2 " This had better be macrobiotic tea!"

  56. 56

    Pic 1: "You only see what your eyes want to see"

    Pic 2: "And I'm right by your side…staring up at the Masterpiece"

  57. 57

    Pic 1: "Madonna has her own vision quest"

    Pic 2: "The Director and the The Duchess"

  58. 58

    Pic 1: "A queen's work is never done"

    Pic 2: "Tea for two and two for tea"

  59. 59

    Pic 1: As the guy on the left and the short man in the middle begin to smell a stench similar to that of rotten eggs, they notice the facial expression of their boss Madonna "Could it be possible that the Queen of Pop just let one slip?" All the while the guy on the right remains guilty but calm so as not to be fired remembering the old saying "if you smelt it you dealt it"
    Pic 2: You see this hand? This hand was nearly bitten off by a lion 25 years ago. It has shot pistols, fought in sword fights, been busted up in an accident while riding my horse, who by the way is now glue… and has worn the wedding ring of two great Directors I'm determined to outdo! It's also the same hand that's gonna bitch slap you if you don't wipe that snirky expression off your face and get your lines right!!"

  60. Emmanuel says – reply to this


    1st pic…..( man ) Hugh huh don't drop that camera ..( Madonna ) ughhhhhh I could afford to do what I wish…

    2nd pic ( Madonna ) I will have a hot tamale with that tea thank you very much

  61. 61

    Re: Comanchero – I know exactly what the nominations and the what the win was for. Some of the critics did pan the movie. Not all of them! The film got mixed reviews. The stars of the film said the only reason it did not perform well was because Madonna directed it and nobody will give her a chance! Have you seen Filth & Wisdom? Pretty good movie! Then again, they pan everything she does! Movies, music, personal life. Meanwhile, she continues on making more money than artist in the world. If you don't like her, then buy her music, don't see her movies. Trust me, she doesn't need the money!

  62. 62

    ahahahahahah is that why is was such a success? ahahahah

  63. 63

    amazing. she dedicates to everything she does. shes amazing , shes an inspiration … she became better with age. shes so down on earth. i love u M

  64. Carlos Escalona says – reply to this


    1st pic: Oh my, she's really directing, it wasn't just talking. M: That's right motherfucker, let me show you all how things are done.

    2nd Pic: M: I'm shaking, but this definitely worth it. A: I said Film, bitch.

  65. 65

    #1. How long do you think it will take her to realize that's the wrong end of the camera?
    #2. You break it, you buy it, Bitch!

  66. Comanchero says – reply to this


    Re: Toy4Paco
    "I know exactly what the nominations and the what the win was for. "
    If you're so wise, Taco4Paco, then why did you make the stupid implication above that the film couldn't be terrible because of those nominations?
    "The stars of the film said the only reason it did not perform well was because Madonna directed it and nobody will give her a chance! "
    The stars of the film? You mean the two nobodies? Yeah, such words of wisdom from these "stars." Sounds like wishful thinking on their part. Trust me, that's not the reason it didn't perform well.
    "Then again, they pan everything she does! Movies, music, personal life."
    Really? Then what happened to the "MDNA got such great reviews" comments that your ilk were raving about not too long ago? Critics don't matter when they pan her–only when they give her great reviews, right?
    "If you don't like her, then buy her music, don't see her movies. Trust me, she doesn't need the money."
    Trust me, I don't care how much money she has; it's not affecting my life one bit. But I think I'm a little wise enough to know that a negative comment about her on the internet isn't going to affect her any. So why are you taking it so personal?

  67. Nic says – reply to this


    Pic 1: Even the teamsters are afraid to tell Madge her lense cap is still on.
    Pic 2: "Check the gate"…make sure Guy Ritchie doesn't steal this too!

  68. 68

    Pic 1 "Damn it Guy, its not where you told me,this bloody camera's completely different!! Pic 2. No way, I'm not drinking that, it's not Green!!

  69. Cade says – reply to this


    Pic 1 “Madonna’s attempts at a Gaga inspired costume prove logistically awkward to wear”
    Pic 2 “Don’t move….there's a a fly on you ….”

  70. 70

    Re: Comanchero – Sounds like you're the one taking it so personally! Did you really go back like 6 weeks to read my comments on MDNA? Seriously? Get a life! Madonna is the Queen….always will be! I personally love MDNA! I think it's the best music she has put out since Ray of Light! I will see her in concert AGAIN because nobody puts on a show like Madonna! Long Live the QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. 71

    Re: Comanchero – By the way, who the fuck was talking to you to begin with?

  72. Tman says – reply to this


    1. "OK which one of you has the frankincense?"
    2."Yes, get up again. over and over."

  73. Greg says – reply to this


    pic1- M directs her masterpiece while 4 with lesser DNA wait patiently.

    pic2- Madonna directs W.E. while some Guy across the pond may find her effort reductive.

  74. 74

    1) Which one of you dummies is wearing hydrangea scented after-shave?
    2) Why is my hand turning into a lobster claw?

  75. HoLLeR1982 says – reply to this


    Pic #1: "I see London, I see France, I see Abbey Cornish's underpants!" Pic #2: "Tea and bags…tea and bags…Truth or Dare?"

  76. 76

    1:madonna bends over to take a long look thru the camera shes a natural in front of or behind the camera the men however have more of a birds eye view…of the stars asset

    2.madonna always the perfectionist everything has to be so so no detail gets past her gaze as she spends hours perfecting her shots

  77. Reynaldo says – reply to this


    #1: 'Her Madgesty in directorial vigor- those yoga classes came in handy!"

    #2: 'Surely it takes at least two wonderful beauties to compliment the majesty and beauty of Madonna in bed!"

  78. Comanchero says – reply to this


    Re: Toy4Paco
    Where did I mention going back six weeks to read your posts? I do feel like I'm back in the sixth grade after reading the shit you do post. Get a life? Oooh, yes, those profound cliches of yours are really going to put me in my place. Madonna's the Queen? Perhaps in your warped universe. Who the hell goes around calling pop stars Queens, except maybe people still in junior high school And you're telling me I need to get a life? OK.
    But to answer your question as to who was talking to me: you made your stupidity public when you posted your little rant, so don't act so surprised when people respond. That's kind of the purpose of this forum, just in case you forgot. You don't control the Internet, so don't think you can control whomever responds to you when you post stupid shit, idiot boy!

  79. 79

    Picture #1: "I spy with my little eye……. MDNA World Domination.

    Picture #2: "Stop! Slowly back away from the tray. Do not…I repeat…DO NOT…touch the teapot! It has not been Kabbalah Water verified!

  80. stephen says – reply to this


    pic1 : Some girls wanna call ALL the shots !
    pic2: Some girls MAKE a scene !

  81. greg says – reply to this


    Madonna directs her first feature film and finds new light on the other side of the lense.

    Just like her elaborate stage shows, Madonna strives for perfection as she checks the shot during the filming of her movie, W.E.

  82. greg says – reply to this


    pic 1- OH! DP is Director of Photographer, tell Oseary he is sick and twisted… ACTION!
    pic 2- OK everyone, looks good…ggggrooving on!

  83. 83

    Madonna is a nasty old whore. I can't stand her!!!