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Once Upon a Time Finale Spoiler Alert!

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Once Upon a Time death

This is NOT good news!

Recently, Once Upon a Time has enjoyed a ratings boost, and (if the rumors are true) producers are willing to do ANYTHING to keep those views coming!

Season finales are always pumped full of major twists and turns, BUT this is just cray. According to our source, the peeps calling the shots behind ABC's fairytale drama are planing a shocker that will practically b*tch slap the show's fans.

Here's the word on the street (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!):

"Regina is up to her old apple tricks again, setting her sights on one target in particular. Alas, things don't go according to plan (do they ever on TV?), and Henry may just end up being collateral damage. We're sure you're now asking yourselves, 'Would Once really kill him off? He's just a kid!' We'll just tell you this: Things are about to get dark."

Nooooo!! Not "kill a child" dark!

He's the only kid in the whole show; they can't kill him off!

Or can they …? (Please don't! Not Henry!)

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9 comments to “Once Upon a Time Finale Spoiler Alert!”

  1. aaroncarney says – reply to this



  2. 2

    Poison apple = enchanted sleep. Doubt he's going to die, just may be put into a coma if anything.

  3. 3

    There's another spoiler that says it won't stick, so regardless of who it is… they'll be back!

  4. jenn says – reply to this


    As long as it's not Regina/The Evil Queen. She makes the show, imo.

  5. Seeker says – reply to this


    If you think Henry is the only kid in the show you haven't been paying attention to the show at all. Most likely an idiot.

  6. Shannon says – reply to this


    Theories are that he'll ate in apple, but true love's kiss (who says it has to be romantic) from Emma (what's more true love than a mother and child) will save him (which may also have the double advantage of helping Emma see the light about the curse and that all of this is real). That's my guess and I'm sticking with it. Hopefully that'll be the case, because I just don't see how they can kill Henry off (unlike Graham, if he is dead, that's it, he won't return, because he doesn't have a fairy tale counterpart).

  7. lanam says – reply to this


    IF its Henry who takes the bite of the "apple" - and he IS the one who "dies" - This is OUAT anything can happen — so I'm thinking they won't show Henry coming back to life til next season — and Emma will be the one to save him bc she IS his bio mom and TRULY LOVES him; so maybe a kiss on the cheek will have Henry come alive — but we will have to wait til 2nd season premiere - so yeah Henry will not stay dead for long - but its dark enough for me, bc its a kid — Charming/Snow's grandchild of course they don't know that yet. Damn ….love this show!!

  8. Mackenzie says – reply to this


    Re: Shannon – Graham did have a fairy tale counter point. He was the huntsmen the Evil Queen hired to take Snow into the woods to kill her, and when he didn't do it she took his heart thus having control over him.

  9. dayze2000 says – reply to this


    They have to kill Henry off to get Emma pissed enough to go after the queen and seek revenge.