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Ashton Kutcher Offends In Brown Face! Popchips Ad Removed

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Humor, of course, is relative…

But when you have an actor paint his face brown and put on a stereotypical 'Indian' accent to promote a product, it's no surprise some may get offended.

In Popchips' lastest online marketing campaign, Ashton Kutcher plays the roles of five different 'bachelors' looking for love through the World Wide Lovers dating service.

One such character is Raj, a 'bollywood producer' dressed in traditional indian garb who talks about giving the Kardashians his 'bone' and randomly mentions he was once in a milking contest…

Popchips CEO Keith Belling released this official statement:

"We received a lot feedback about the dating campaign parody we launched today and appreciate everyone who took the time to share their point of view. Our team worked hard to create a light-hearted parody featuring a variety of characters that was meant to provide a few laughs. We did not intend to offend anyone. I take full responsibility and apologize to anyone we offended."

The ad featuring Raj has since been removed… but if you think about it, the controversy is a great marketing scheme. It sure gets people talking about the product!

[Image via Popchips Inc. ]

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37 comments to “Ashton Kutcher Offends In Brown Face! Popchips Ad Removed”

  1. 1

    How is this racist but the Love Guru wasn't?

  2. 2

    Fuck off! I'm so tired of this shit. How come no one made a fucking stink when the movie "White Chicks" was made, with full on "White" face???? O'yeah, it's ok to mock white people but every fucking minority under the sun has a fucking fit and the thought of comedy at the expense of them. What a joke.

  3. 3

    This is what I don't understand. Why is it offensive to put makeup on to change your skin color to play a character? People get so offended when white people change their skin color to portray someone of a different race. If they're acting or trying to look like someone, how is that offensive? I think this country is way too sensitive whe it comes to race and if we could opent the dialog without groups of people getting offended then maybe we can try and resolve racism.

  4. 4

    So pathetic….I mean, it was funny! I don't think he did or said anything offensive. There better be a ban, then, on any minority acting white. If we can't act like them, why can they act like us?
    Ashton was being funny, COME ON. Live a little. Worry about the people who aren't being funny.

  5. 5

    People need to get over this shiat. Its not offensive. I don't see anyone getting offended at movies where people play four different characters in the movie like Coming to America, or Tyler Perry's Madea movies. Or when Tracey Ulman used to play all sorts of characters. Or In living color. OR WHITE CHICKS!!!!! Its comedy and its what makes the world go round!!!

  6. Bree says – reply to this


    It's not offensive when black people act white because there is NO history of black people enslaving us. There is no history of oppression for white people. AT ALL. SO yeah, we can take all the fucking jabs in the world. Because at the end of the day, white men will always be on top. That's sad, but it's true. Nothing anyone can say can tear down a white person. But black people have been so abused and tortured throughout the years, and so they have every right to be offended when white people mock them. WHY is everyone so stupid? WHY?

  7. 7

    Maybe it's because Ashton is so unlikeable.

  8. 8

    Re: Bree – So basically white people can NEVER do anything and every other race/ethnicity/cultural group in the world can do whatever they want? Isn't that a little hypocritical? It's ok for black people to say "white people" or that "white girl" but white people aren't allowed to say "that black guy" because it's racist? ITS THE SAME FUCKING THING.

  9. 9

    Re: Bree – Why are you so fucking stupid. That call that "white guilt". Which I have non of. Shut the fuck up, none of these black people were slaves, were they. And just so you know, the first slaves the world ever saw were….WHITE you idiot. Every race, color, and creed has suffered, do some fucking homework you pathetic appologist.

  10. Amber says – reply to this


    I am so sick of people freaking out over race….im half black and i dont get upset when i watch the shows on tv about how black people act or how they look…bla it is 2012 get over all of that crap

  11. CanadianMommy says – reply to this


    Re: Bree – your post is the one that's stupid…i mean…seriously????

  12. 12

    As a white woman, should I be offended that 2 black men put on white face and played white women?

  13. 13

    BTW, he looks like one of the cast members from The Shahs of Sunset.

  14. 14

    People are so fing over sensitive. To make an issue of this, you have to be a frickin moron.
    The only thing I am offended by? How so many people with talent are bussing tables most likely never be discovered and some fucking idiot discovered Ass_hton and made him a star. All this video does is justify what a horrible actor he is.

  15. 15


  16. ohsnap says – reply to this


    Re: Bree – soooooo dumb. everybody is suppressed these days. black, white, brown, yellow, whatever. i am hella white, and i never get treated better for it. the "white man" is not on top anymore, money is!!!!

  17. 17

    This is the only time Ashton Kutcher been remotely funny.

  18. MRSMOMOA says – reply to this


    I thought it was funny but I'm afraid Bree is right… the reason people of color are so offended over this types of stunts (by white men) is because of the repeated abuse back in the day and even today that comes from the racist white people. I don't think non white people will ever understand the hurt they have inflected on other races. Look at how our current President is treated he gets no respect. When he took office the racist people came out of the crusty cracks they were lodged in….they lost their damn minds. I think it just brought to the fore-front that no matter how far Monitories have come, the man (white man) still hates them because of their color, and this is how they fight back. So as sick of this type of backlash you may be… I'm afraid this is how it is going to be until we all stand up and smash the racist people and their hate.

  19. Jeff says – reply to this


    People are too damn sensitive… It's the web!! There is everything on the web, if you're offended don't watch.

  20. 20

    The fact that people get so offended over this kind of thing is so superficial to me. The fact that it's okay to dye your hair a different color for an impersonation but not color your skin is such an irrational idea. The only way racism is going to truly go away is if we treat each other as equals. It's that simple.

    Re: Bree – It seems like you're the one limiting people's actions by their race, not us.

  21. 21

    People really need to get over themselves!!

  22. monostereo says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit

    I don't see Indians wearing makeup to be white….

    They certainly don't make ads or movies with such characters to mock any race.

    Finally for your info….Indians ie bollywood didn't make white chicks. Once again probably made by white American anyhow. So nxt time do ur homework first, dumbass!

  23. 23

    Re: monostereo – So rather than have a racially equal world, you are going to determine who can or cannot do something based solely on which race they are? Everyone needs to be held accountable for their own actions. It doesn't matter if Indians have dressed up as whites in the past because the actions of one member of an ethnicity don't reflect the actions of the others, and you need to understand that.

    And for the record, White Chicks was made by, directed by, written by, produced by, and acted by the Wayans brothers, who are black, NOT white, so it appears YOU are the person who should have done their homework, "dumbass".

  24. 24

    Get the fuck over it! How is it that what he is doing is racist but what Russell Peters says in every one of his comedy acts is NOT? I love our home grown talent and nothing against Russell but he makes fun of EVERY race and nationality and its OK..and when a white guy does it..its NOT? STFU offended haters and worry about more important things in life.

  25. Mathurini says – reply to this


    It's not racist, it's hilarious and it's gotten so ridiculous!

  26. Becca says – reply to this


    Re: Bree – this is NOT about a black person. It is about an Indian person and when have white people done anything to them?

  27. Becca says – reply to this


    Re: MRSMOMOA – That's not fair though! their are plenty of non racist white people out there and their are plenty of people from other races that are very racist as well. The US has a black president. How far does society have to come before everyone calms down. He was just trying to sell some chips. He didn't say anything derogitory to anyone so lay off! I have watched plenty of comedians say plenty of stereotypical things about all races and no one ever bats an eyelash until it is a white guy doing it. Watch Russell Peters( a canadian/indian comic) lay in to almost every race with bad accents and then tell me why this is sooooooo bad.

  28. salina says – reply to this


    what does this even have to do with potato chips?

  29. 29

    holy fuck ashton wtf

  30. 30

    ashton your fucking crazy

  31. dillon says – reply to this


    Maybe I don't understand the definition of racism, but I found all of his characters in this commercial to be racist. Ashton's impression of a white American is particularly offensive. This clueless, uneducated, slackjawed bafoonery makes white Americans look ridiculous. He's been doing this offensive impression for over three decades now. I know plenty of white people with college educations, talent, and skills who deserve the money they have made.

  32. Ashley says – reply to this


    I think it's horrible that people are picking on Ashton just because he isn't funny. It's not his fault he doesn't have any talent. When Fred Armisen put on brown face and did the character Ferecito on SNL, nobody complained. Just because he is funny and made people laugh, he got away with it. Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder did black face and then did black face with yellow face over it. Talented funyy people get away with so much. Howard Stern is one of the highest payed celebrities on Earth. He gets to crack all of the racial jokes he wants just because he's funny.
    A lack of talent shouldn't dictate what someone get's to do.

  33. 33

    goto funny or die and see the new ashton kucther video type in mcwhorable or just google mcwhorable

  34. 34

    Re: dillon – lololool good one

  35. LTZ says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous. As mentioned, anyone can make fun of a white person, but if we do the same to any other race, it's racisim or political profiling. I am disgusted. What these individuals need is a box of tissues when they whine and cry and a pacifier. I'm white as they come, but when a comedian makes fun of a white person, I laugh just like everyone else.

    It's comedy and comedy does the same to everyone! Get over it!

  36. tang says – reply to this


    the indians complaining really need to get that stick removed from tehir behinds!!!
    its amazing how indians/indian cinema/actors/actresses over and over again over the last 50years have poked fun of caucasians, americans, brits, blacks, asians (chinese, japs) and yet they are compaling about THIS?! really!
    And the funny part is 90% of the time they would make an issue of soemthing, like they did with MI4's on top of the trains scene on Indian railways, is to get some $$ outta the person/company. shoot, they've been trying to sue richard geere for kissing an indian actress (ON THE CHEEK) in public, when they were showing ful on liplocks in movies and actresses like karshima and shahid kapoors tongue swapping cellphone video was making rounds on youtube.

  37. idderwtf says – reply to this


    Let me preface this comment by saying that I am an american born indian woman. I find this ad to be very offensive. To categorize an entire race of people the way that pochips has is truly a shame and I'm glad they pulled the ad. I see absolutely no difference between someone donning brownface or blackface, its wrong. Especially in this day and age when desis are becoming prominent in areas theyve never been in before, its ridiculous to perpetuate a stereotype such as this for some cheap laughs. We have people like Sanjay Gupta, Aziz Ansari, Mindi Kaling, Imran Khan, M. night shamylan, Freddie Mercury and Norah Jones, just to name a few! Its sad to see a commercial like this put all of that work a step backwards because guess what, an indian person could be the first to fly to saturn or turn water into gold in front of your eyes and many of you would STILL picture us just like "Raj" The media NEEDS to start portraying minorities in the same way they portray the "majority", not as caricatures, but as multi dimensional people. P.s. I can't blame Ashton for this entirely, yes he made the mistake of choosing the role, but he didn't write the script and maybe that boy just realllllllllly needed a check.