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Britney Spears WANTS Demi Lovato To Be Her Fellow X Factor Judge!

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You and us both, Britney! You and us BOTH.

Britney Spears's judging gig on X Factor is already a done deal, but what about Demi Lovato??

While reports are swirling that she's very, very close to finalizing a deal with Simon Cowell, it turns out that Simon (and us) aren't the only ones who are dying to get Demi to join the show.

Britney herself is hoping that the teen queen will be her partner-in-crime at that judges' panel.

Britney apparently told friends that she is:

"…extremely hopeful that Demi Lovato will become one of the judges because she truly admires her. Britney loves how open and honest Demi has been with her fans after she went to rehab last year. She thinks they have a lot in common and that they would have great chemistry on the show. Britney is being kept apprised of the status of ongoing contract talks with Lovato and it is looking like she will be joining the show!"


Can U even imagine these two pop beauties bonding and joining forces to become the cutest little badass judges ever??

Season 2 of X Factor is already shaping up to be INCREDIBLE! CAN'T…CONTAIN…OUR…EXCITEMENT…!

[Image via WENN.]

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28 comments to “Britney Spears WANTS Demi Lovato To Be Her Fellow X Factor Judge!”

  1. 1

    Great! They can swap stories on their poor life's filled where everything is handed to them on a plate. Poor little rich girls.

  2. Lovatic UK Ben caseley says – reply to this


    Re: OldSpringsPike – FUCK OFF, get a life you wouldn't knwo talent if it hit you in the face. you an old jealous biatch who has no life.

  3. 3

    Britney and Demi.Hahahahahahahahahahah.Just kill me now.

  4. 4

    Of course Britney wanted Lovato…She didn't want to be upstaged by Miley. Losers like hanging around losers.

  5. 5

    I've never heard a single song of this girl Demi. The only reason I know of her is blogs reporting that she cuts herself, punches people, and goes to rehab.

  6. 6

    She'll be back in rehabilitate by this time next year. Girl has an ongoing cocaine/alcohol issue that her handler's only address when she goes off the deep end.

  7. 7

    Re: OldSpringsPike – Hello these people weren't born with money. They actually worked to get where they are now. That comment was unnecessary. Anyways, I do hope Demi becomes a judge. The girl can sing and perform. Britney and Demi would be great judges and who knows maybe they might perform a duet together.

  8. it's britney bi... says – reply to this


    just hush …

  9. barny says – reply to this


    Re: OldSpringsPike – They worked hard to get where they are and have what they do,this includes talent.Don't blame Britnet and Demi because you are lazy and have nothing.Get off your big ASS and do something besides crying.

  10. 10

    I think it's really thought out, Britney does not want to be the only one with mental issues.

  11. 11

    WOW, Simon Cowell obviously has no integrity. Instead of getting two judges that have talent, knowledge and experience about music and the business he's opting for pure ratings! BOO!

  12. mireya says – reply to this


    wow below are some ignorant, ignorant people. Demi is an amazing, inspiring, Talented young woman. she deserves it.

  13. d says – reply to this


    I'm really happy that Demi is being considered for the show both of them started in the music industry very young, which will most of the competitiors i think this was a wise decsion with Britney's experience and Demi's raw talent. For those who dont like this idea its very simple dont watch it it's not that big of a deal.

  14. Demi the Rahab Addict says – reply to this


    Re: lacroix – Hahahahahahahaha - so true!!!

  15. 15

    They are both train wrecks and should mesh very nicely. I cant stand that demi is an advocate for teen girls… she is a horrible rolemodel.

  16. Xtina is the best bith says – reply to this


    I dont give a fuck !!! The voice is the best show in american televisión !! Xtina has the voice to be an a show like this !!! Since the show stared xtina Medellín over 25.000.000 to her bank account $$$$plus that is the same money britney made on her world tour !!! Xtina still the hightes paid in tv !!!580.000 an episode

  17. sapphire says – reply to this


    Re: Trancelike – u go girl tell that BITCH in her shity face wats right because she clearly dosent see the diffrence between talented and spoilt

  18. David says – reply to this


    I love how people only play on the fact she did drugs even though she was bi-polar, anorexic , she self harmed because of people like ye constantly cyber-bullying her and from being bullied from a young age.People always she the worst in a person never the good stuff,it's quit sad.

  19. Ohnoyoudidn't says – reply to this


    Oh my god, this show is doomed before it starts.. Could you imagine Demi giving a critic to a 40+ year old singer. I can see her being a host, but seriously I can't see her a judge. The whole X Factor franchise is becoming one hot mess. Give me the Voice and Xtina any day.

  20. 20

    Re: Xtina is the best bith – Actually, not it's not. It's been dropping in the ratings every week. DWTS is killing the Voice…higher ratings consecutively. LOL YOU are crazy….Christina does NOT get paid 25MIL to do the Voice…Where are you getting this nonsense? And for the record, Britney's Femme Fatale tour was the second largest grossing worldwide tour of 2011, 2nd only to U2 (whose been around for 40 years)!

  21. person123 says – reply to this


    Re: OldSpringsPike – Eh are you this sad to keep coming back to these pages and booing miley and demi? your sad and obv. have no life if all you do is put her down!
    << 2:09 to the end .. you tell me she cant sing and that she was Born rich? she worked bloody damn hard to get her money and to where she is! her fucking alcoholic father left her mom to raise 2 kids on her own until she married again! and you think she was just handed her life? think again. she would be perfect as she can sing and knows how to work hard! !! >:(

  22. 22

    i cant imagine britney holding it together long enough to tape a show naturally simon will want to show them both his big … plane

  23. aye says – reply to this


    if they're picking teenage idols, demi is definitely the best out of them all. great choice simon, finally the world makes sense. and to all the ignorants above, if you haven't heard demi's music then don't effing judge, she's a great musician with a powerful voice, she writes music and compose and isn't 20 yet. she's very inspirational and opened up about her issues and how she got help, instead of hiding everything and making it worse she got her good image back. she's clever. trust me she'll make a good judge

  24. Kris says – reply to this


    All of you leaving negative comments are ridiculous and are flat out hating. Britney is PURE talent. Over 100 million albums sold. Thats more than ANY other artist of her decade. Shes an icon. Xfactor will BLOW American Idol and The Voice out of the water with Britney on the show. As far as Demi, sweet girl. Not up to par with Brit, but she has a pretty voice and like Brit, also knows how to deal with REAL life situations.
    Simon doesnt want the two most talented artists. He wants artists who have been extremely successful while sustaining a personal life as well. Artists who know what its like to suceed and fail and redefine themselves.

  25. 123 says – reply to this


    it's about their talent. not about their past. so shut up people.

  26. 26

    but she's a cutter!!

  27. JohnnyLees says – reply to this


    ActuallRe: NotSoGay – Actually I think since Simen has proven to be the only talent show judge that can really give decent advice, I think it only makes sense to put someone who is more of a pop icon than just a traditional singer. I agree American Idol is all about singing, but you need more than just talent to be a star. You need star power. That's the reason why half of the American Idol winners are forgotten. I think we can let Simon judge their singing and let Britney look into the the whole performance itself.

  28. Whatever says – reply to this


    Why are people hating on them,It doesn't mean that they have dark pasts,They're automatically the people that are supposed to have this hate,They're harmless,Give a little trust,Both of these girls are VERY TALENTED singers =D