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Mitt Romney Will NOT Do SNL

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Mitt Romney let down

… At least not THIS season!

Future GOP nominee, Mitt Romney will not be hosting — or appearing on — this season of SNL.

Can you hear the sound of our hearts breaking??

We were SO excited when Lorne Michaels invited Mitt on a few weeks ago. Seeing non-prefromers host SNL is like watching the first round of auditions for American Idol. It could go really well, or it go really baaaaad and be even more entertaining!

Alas, earlier today Michaels announced Mitt isn't doing the show. He said:

“We only have three shows left and they’re pretty jammed-packed. It might be in the fall, but we’ll never know, that’ll all depend on his availability.”


Saturday Night Live will come back in September, but by then Mr. Romney will be even more busy.

Oh well, guess will just have to deal with a so-so impersonation of him :)

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Mitt Romney Will NOT Do SNL

  1. 1

    God willing, by November, Romney will be president, and we can get rid the current one. And get one that can actually accomplish something.

  2. 2

    Accomplish something dude are you retarded?!?!?! He has no idea what the middle class is like he is just a pompous a-hole who cares nothing about the people but about being able to do what his father never could. It sad your from the same state I am and I hope we never cross paths because I would make you realize how dumb of a decision your making OBAMA 2012!!!!!

  3. 3

    I am so tired of the typical nitwit response to Romney's wealth, that he can't relate to middle class! Give me a break, the man has created more jobs for the middle class than Obama. Wealth is not a bad word, unless you're following liberal marching orders to robot repeat it until you believe it. I don't care if a president is 'cool', 'likable' or can slow jam on some stupid show that doesn't matter! I want a president that can create a budget, slow down the size of government and regulations that are strangling job grow! If Obummer can't fix the economy by now, than he must be part of the problem, now there's a no-brainer! People think the (D) or the (R) after a politician's name is more important than what they actually do! IT"S THE ECONOMY STUPID! Time for a real change and some real hope for the real Americans that are really struggling! So do you want a president that can slow jam or one that take's the job seriously!

  4. 4

    SNL does not need Mitt,
    they have enough comical material already from Joe Biden
    Just this week he talked about Obama and his BIG STICK, a reverence to a Teddy Roosevelt quote
    Poor Chen had been evicted from the sanctuary of the US Emabassy, because we owe China Billions, and China said we want Chen, and want him now
    And than we have Hillary, who is ballooning up right before our eyes, and always in a fashion statement that would leave Michael Cores & Tim Gunn gasping

  5. 5

    IM DONE WITH THIS PAGE PEREZ. IVE BEEN A FREQUENT (And by frequent I mean about on average 20 plus times a day) "CLICKER" FOR YEARS AND I WILL NOT BE BACK. KNOW WHY? YOU ARE WHORING YOURSELF OUT, ADVERTISING FOR ROMNEY. PLACING HIS LIES ON YOUR WEBSITE WITH HIS ADS. Its my personal opinion that business and political advertising do not mix. By you allowing that sleazy snake Romney to LIE about Obama on your site, just so you can make a buck, you have LOST a loyal fan of your site.

  6. 6

    None of you right wingers can explain the difference between GWB's policies and Romney's. So we can count on 4 years of the same old one-note Repug BS: cut taxes for the rich and cut regulations on Wall Street. Man, if you seriously believe in that crap at this point you are just plain STUPID. You Baggers who call Romney a job creator should consider how many jobs he sent overseas! Romney has NO CLUE about foreign affairs. He'll have us in a ground war in no time. End of the middle class! Yay!

  7. 7

    Re: bgbreakdown – Bush is NOT running for president! How about comparing Romney to Obama. I can clearly see the difference between, Clinton and Obama. Why don't you take off your blinders and do the same instead of spouting nonsense rhetoric! yawn!

  8. 8

    What makes people think Mitt Romney would be a good president? Because every president before him made promises and they never accomplished anything they promised. A year from now we will still be a broke ass country. He cant make enough impact to change our country.

  9. 9

    Re: Flawlessly Logical – 20 plus times a day? That is so sad. Do you not have a life outside the internet? BTW, Perez doesn't care if you stop coming to his website, he is too busy posting stuff for his 20 million other followers. At 20 times a day, you will definitely come back. You are addicted.

  10. 10

    Re: crissybarrows – YES I came back. To see if the ads were gone, and they ARE GONE, ironically, and then I thought Id check and see if any snotty little bitches left any nasty replies to my post. For the record, I CLICK probably 20 times a day, not VISIT 20 times a day. Big difference. Reading just ten of his posts, that have "read more" links to click on, or going to his other sites from here or even clicking "next page", ALL count as clicks and they add up quickly. Count how many clicks you make in one visit, Im sure its over 20 or close to it. I will give you this, though, you are right about him not needing me and my measly clicks. I am 100% certain he didnt miss or wont miss me and definitely doesnt need me. That, you are right about.