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Perez Reviews: Death Of A Salesman

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We had never seen Arthur Miller's iconic play Death Of A Salesman before Wednesday night. We hadn't even seen the movie! So we were filled with curiosity when we went to catch the new Broadway revival, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Andrew Garfield.

We were expecting great performances, and - thankfully - we were not disappointed! But would we like the show? Would it still be relevant after all these years?

The answers are yes and YES!

We loved Salesman, the play, and loved this Mike Nichols-directed version.

The complexity of families and the dynamic between parents and their children and between siblings - that never gets old! It is material so rich for mining!

The play packs such a emotional punch! There is one scene and moment in the second act, where Garfield's character lashes out at his dad and then crumples in his arms in a ball of tears that is just so powerful! Hoffman and Garfield made it all seem so real! We were bawling ourselves!

The rest of the ensemble was equally good. And we are very happy that we got to experience this production and venture out of our usual comfort zone of just seeing musicals!

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5 comments to “Perez Reviews: Death Of A Salesman

  1. 1

    philip seymour hoffman is one of my fav actors saw him recently in moneyball i would do anything to see him live would be a amazing experience i think hes one of the very best actors in hollywood and amazingly humble doesnt walk around chest puffed out just quietly chugs along 'mahoney ' is one of my fav movies .. watched it like 1000 times fav part is when hes walking along with security and they are pushing people out the way /// hahahah

  2. 2

    Of course you love musicals, Mario(n). You're gay. You're so gay that you are a gay cliche. You are a walking, talking gay stereotype, which is why such a huge portion of the "gay community" hates you. I have no doubt that you delude yourself into thinking that they're jealous of you; you would be wrong. They hate you because you are an embarrassment to gays all over the world. They hate you because you are a glitter flamer. So of course you like musicals.

  3. Glen says – reply to this


    Okay first of all a review is not two crappy paragraphs thrown together. It is more of a recount of your experience at the theater. Stop calling it a review, it dimishes actual reviews. Seocnd, stop refering to your self as "we" it is pretentious and gramatically incorrect. If you want to do a review sit down and write one where you talk about specific scenes, what actors moved you, the direction of the play, the lighting, the audience, the mood…jesus something other than "it was super SUPER!"

  4. 4

    This play was fucking amazing. I saw it three weeks ago, and as an avid theater goer (plus an Arthur Miller fan.. i saw View from a Bridge with Scarlett Jo & Liev Schrieber); I must say it is in the top TOP 3. The performances blew me away..I cried too. ASTOUNDING. They just don't make them like this anymore; and I'm born and raised here in NYC. Freaking incredible.

  5. 5

    This sounds great, wish I could go see a play even at the local repertory theater but living on Social Security limits my choices a lot - have to pick my movies carefullly at the discout theater.