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George Clooney's Obama Fundraiser Is Expected To Raise A Record $12 Million!!!

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George Clooney barack Obama fundraiser 12 million

Remember when we said George Clooney and Jeffrey Katzenberg's fundraiser for Barack Obama was going to raise about $6 million? That figure has since DOUBLED and the Hollywood dinner party is expected to be biggest presidential fundraiser in U.S. history!

Damn! George sure knows how to throw a party!

Here's how he did it: He sold 150 tickets to the May 10 event at his home for $40,000 a piece. That's going to bring in about half of the record total, while the other $6 million will come from online donations.

The organizers decided to hold a contest online in which contestants donate what money they can (at least $3) and are then entered into a raffle to win two seats at the same table as the A-list actor and the Commander in Chief.

And that's not all of the money Obama will be making from Tinseltown either. The Prez is scheduled to be back in El Lay on June 6th to attend a LGBT gala. If U can't afford the $40K plate of pasta Clooney is selling, the June event will cost guests anywhere between $1,250 to $25,000.

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “George Clooney's Obama Fundraiser Is Expected To Raise A Record $12 Million!!!”

  1. 1

    Well, yeah, you rack up money fast when you charge 40,000 dollars a ticket. Unbelievably stupid and a waste of money. Even if you support Obama, you're willing to spend this much in ONE night on ONE event for him? These wackos in Hollywood are clearly the only ones attending, for obvious reasons.

  2. 2

    Yes, oh wise Clooney, give us another 4 years of this shit!

  3. internetfavs.com says – reply to this


    money doesnt make a good president!

  4. 4

    I really like both Clooney and President Obama. Obama needs to have this money for his campaign. And if people are willing to pay so much for these galas, then it must be worth it. I wish I could afford to go too and be in the same room with Clooney and Obama.

  5. 5

    I really like both Clooney and President Obama. Obama needs to have this money for his campaign. And if people are willing to pay so much for these galas, then it must be worth it. I wish I could afford to go and be in the same room with Clooney and Obama too.

  6. 6

    FFS can someplace other than the westside host an event. Hours to get home after hours already spent toiling.

  7. 7

    Give me a break, talk about the 1%
    Do you think OWS will be out front screaming, and pissing on the lawn ?

  8. 8

    It would be nice if they had a $40K/ticket fundraiser for people that are unemployed or currently struggling financially. This president has had 3 years to fix the problems and he's only made them worse. Shame on these rich elitists for caring more about political power than the people. Where's the Occupy Political Fundraisers movement???

  9. 9

    Way to go George ! Looks like some people in Hollywood dig deep.

  10. 10

    Wow tak about wasting money. Just like Obama did for the last 3/12 years. OBAMA IS A PIECE OF SHIT! And yes I would say it directly to his face. Hey coward Obama, why don't you send you're "secret service men" to my home. You can come too. Make sure that it's a one way ticket though. OBAMA YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT, SO ARE ALL THE FOOLS WHO VOTED?VOTE FOR YOU. YOU REMIND ME OF THE PIED PIPER>

  11. 11

    So, Hollywood people giving thousands to Obama is not OK, but Wall Street people giving millions to Romney is OK?

  12. 12

    $40K for cancer research - maybe. $40K for dinnner a presidential candidate? Should be illegal.

  13. 13

    Sorry, made the mistake of voting for him in the last election (only because McCain was a terrible choice) but like they say Fool me once ….

    So unless the Republicans come up with a total idiot, they will get my vote, if they do something stupid than I am voting Libertarian.

    Also did I mention I lost my job of 22 years under his administration? Sent to India.

  14. 14

    Re: PissedAtHomoSapiens – Wall Street was the biggest backer of Barry. Goldman Sachs ring a bell? Bummer is doing his fundraising on taxpayer funds. Barry has done more fundraising than another other POTUS up for reelection since Reagan, who did ZERO. # 2 is Billy C.

  15. 15

    Re the caption on this pic: I find the word BO YS highly offensive. How dare you use this politically incorrect term when a wh.te/6lack man is in the picture!

  16. 16

    Not bad,not bad at all!

  17. yumba says – reply to this


    Someone should create a movement called occupy Hollywood. I am sick and tired of these holier than thou movie stars and celebrities preaching to the masses about what we should and should not do. Obama and his crew are forcing the creation of a class system in this country,with this class warfare crap they are feeding everyone.

  18. Ekta says – reply to this


    Ekta Avani ‏@NectaLegsxavani

    if George Clooney isn't filming gorgeously he's being gorgeous on film in real life! Happy Birthday George Clooney! -

  19. Tara Sumer Lotus says – reply to this


    Re: internetfavs.com

    "Money" doesn't make a good president but Obama does.

    We could do with him if you don't want him. Why don't you put a mad despot in or someone who likes to go to his ranch for the weekends and cut down trees with a chainsaw as a hobby (guess who - not Al Gore) - or a woman who thinks presidential campaign and Baywatch are the same media campaign - and also likes to go to her ranch on her snow mobile and shootlots of animals with guns as a hobby.

    As an outsider why would you want people like Obama and Hilary when you can have - fun? Goodbye world. Sad thing is we look to the west for hegemonic deliverance and that's why Obie was a top pick - but you can put any good man or woman in the drivers seat but they are only as good as the reigns and freedom you give them to do their job. He's an amazing international statesman and considering what he's been up against the whole world is lucky we've had him at such a time or we might not be here now. And well his wife is just sustainable - don't you think its about time we moved forward now with some real world change before its too late? We need people like that in politics - not meat heads who think leadership is something you learn bullying in the playground.

  20. Georgeous Blue says – reply to this


    Re: JerseyGirlll

    I pay 40,000 every day for breakfast in my local Ubud cafe, football ground Bali.
    In fact up to 100,000 or more if I include hash browns.

    Its all currency with a few zeroes here and there. Mine is IDR not USD but its all relevant to living in a temple in idyllic paradise.
    I don't think its a waste of money either and neither do the Indonesians.

  21. 21

    Re: Georgeous Blue – Um, what?

  22. hardworker says – reply to this


    It's hard to believe that any intelligent American would think that re-electing Obama would be a good thing for the American people. Gas is almost $3 per gallon higher than when Obama took office. Food is more expensive and unemployment is high. The only reason the numbers don't represent the unemployment fairly is because so many people were unemployed for so long that their benefits ran dry. I am a hard working business woman that runs 2 corporations. I am so dissapointed in George Clooney and will not be supporting any future movie endeavors. I have also heard this from the majority of the hard working majority of the population.