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The View's Take On Ashton's Controversial Ad!

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The ladiez of The View never shy away from their hot topics, and today was no exception.

On this morning’s show, the women discussed Ashton Kutcher’s Popchips ad, which we mentioned got pulled for its offensive nature — whether intentional or unintentional.

Check out the women’s opinions (above)!!

They definitely bring up some good points, as Joy mentioned — why not just have an actual Indian actor play the role???

And perhaps the best point of the discussion — yet another gem from Joy — “why does Snooki pretend to be Italian?" Ha!

Truer words, friends. Truer words.

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17 comments to “The View's Take On Ashton's Controversial Ad!”

  1. 1

    But some of the funniest things I have seen come from different people playing different roles. Mrs. Doubtfire….Eddie Murphy and the Clumps, etc..etc. Can't we just step out of the realm here and have some fun? It was just meant to be fun! Having an actual indian actor might do just as bad, because it's a stereotype…I don't know. We all get so upset over the little things!

  2. 2

    You have NeoCons trying to destroy society with their religious zealotry.

    You have Feminist/Mom groups trying to destroy society by attempting to ban anything that could harm a child.

    And as evidenced here once again, you have liberals trying to destroy society with the political correct BS

    It makes me sick what this country has turned into, and I know that's it's just going to get worse.

  3. 3

    really… I am so tried ob this political corectness…. why are people so damn stuck up??? It was supposed to be FUN!!! Why does everything has to be taken so damn serious? You want authenticity???? THen maybe these chicks on THE VIEW should STOP wearing tons of make up, fake lashes, fake hair and plastic surgery.

  4. 4

    Oh for f*cks sake! It was JOKE! I never got offended when Dave Chappelle pretended to be a white guy. Who the eff cares??

  5. tara1234 says – reply to this


    karl lagerfeld is not french, he is german.
    he only works in france.

  6. 6

    So it is racist to try to wear makeup to look more like the character you are playing? Its called a costume, people. It wasn't the "black face" that is done in a racist way or anything even close to that. He was portraying a funny character from India and dressed up like the part. If somebody from India wants to paint their face a lighter color and put on a blonde wig and pretend to be a stereotypical "Asshole American", I can promise you, I won't start boo hooing and screaming racism. And you know, people in America are smart enough to known that one character on a commercial doesn't represent the entire Indian population. Good Lord, this is so stupid….I hope Popchips makes a fortune off of the media attention.

  7. 7


  8. Lori says – reply to this


    What the fuck has happened to Americans? When was it exactly that all sense of humor disappeared? Racism is the belief that a race is inferior. How the hell does that commercial express any racism? Pathetic.

  9. 9

    Re: Lori – Very well said Lori. What happened to turning the other cheek? Sticks and stones? How can we raise our children to ignore distractions and stay strong when ADULTS are crying about how (non-hateful) words hurt them and must be wiped from the earth? If we can't learn to laugh about ourselves, and we all become uber sensitive, we have taken MAJOR steps back as a culture.
    And then (see Ozzie Guillen vs Cubans) when some one apologizes, it's still not good enough. Humans make mistakes. Humanity is being understanding enough to realize that. It's very sad.

  10. Raul Fresco says – reply to this


    People like Ashton should know better. Go here to see how low he sank!

  11. 11

    my goodness, you americans take yourself so serious!

    Here in Europe it's more common to make jokes on ourselves and others>

    A famous dutch hiphop star started with a hit " S*** morroccans !" He himself is from Morrocco.
    Dutch make jokes of belgian being stupid, belgian of dutch being greedy…

    etc etc

    Relax! go Ashton go!

  12. Salma says – reply to this


    I luv ashton

  13. 13

    holy ashton kutchers batman

  14. 14

    goto funny or die and type in mcwhorable, or just google me and see ashton kucthers new video

  15. 15

    checkout my take on ashton

  16. 16

    checkout my vidoe on ashton on funny or die

  17. 17

    It really boils down to intent and that parody was not mean spirited.