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GLEE First Listen! Check Out The Songs From The Graduation Album HERE!

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Are you ready for some AHmazingly stunning covers from the much awaited Graduation album???

We gave you the tracklisting just a few weeks ago and now, we have the AUDIO!!! We know you can't hold off until the May 22 finale, because we can't either!!!

Check out Lea Michele's beautiful rendition of Beyonce's I Was Here (above)!!!

Some other HIGHlights include: Darren Criss and Cory Monteith singing Green Day (took them along enough to get a duet!!!), We are the Champions (is that a spoiler, we sense?), Chris Colfer SLAYING Madonna's I'll Remember and the New Directions singing the New Radicals? Far out!

Take a listen to these tracks and the COMPLETE album … AFTER THE JUMP!

Trouble Tones - Edge Of Glory

Lea Michele - I Won't Give Up

Lea Michele & Cory Monteith - Roots Before Branches

New Directions - We Are The Champions

Mark Salling - School's Out

New Directions - We Are Young

Chris Colfer - I'll Remember

Cory Monteith, Amber Riley, Chord Overstreet & Dianna Agron - You Get What You Give

Cory Monteith - Not The End

Matthew Morrison - Forever Young

Cory Monteith - Glory Days

Darren Criss & Cory Monteith - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

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23 comments to “GLEE First Listen! Check Out The Songs From The Graduation Album HERE!”

  1. Dawg says – reply to this


    These freaking suck! Why the hell is Cory and Lea singing like all of these songs? And why is Blaine on this HE'S A JUNIOR?! What the hell Glee! The only songs that are really great are We Are the Champions and Edge of Glory other than that these seem lazily put together.

  2. C says – reply to this


    FYI, it's actually Mark Salling singing on Glory Days with Cory Monteith accompanying him.

  3. dave says – reply to this


    too much finn and rachel what i dont get is why they have so much songs what about the others

  4. 4

    lea michelle can do no wrong shes beautiful and amazing …

  5. 5

    since cory and lea have been confirmed for season 4, i think it would of been fair to give the other cast members some last minute shine… GLEE SUCKS

  6. 6

    awful lot of breaking up but not really songs for leah and corey

  7. 7

    No offense but I will not have any of these on repeat except we are young which was last week or two. :/ They are not my style

  8. sarah says – reply to this


    Finally some Cory Monteith this season and he sounds fantastic! Lea's voice moves me to tears and the pair of them in duet is perfection. Congrats to Glee, this really is a fitting way to mark graduation and the songs couldn't have been better chosen to fit the stories.

  9. SG says – reply to this


    They are and have always been the lead characters and the last eps are showing their journey and the songs reflect the storylines. All the other characters who are seniors have had substantial storylines this season.

  10. sam says – reply to this


    Re: Dawg – There is SO much song selection and really high quality production in this so very unfair to call it lazy. It may not be to your taste but those people work really hard in very tight turn-arounds. The haters are what are tearing Glee down. let them tell the stories as they planned.

  11. m says – reply to this


    i'm crying already

  12. sam says – reply to this


    Re: dave – For the simple fact that they are the leads and alway have been. The secondary characters have had lots of featured moments in the series but it is going to be the main ones featured in the finale.

  13. 13

    Too much Finn and Cory sounds from mediocre to awful on all of these. There is a reason why you scaled back his singing show, do not forget it now. Worst album yet.

  14. personwatchingtheshow says – reply to this


    I think it's nice to see the leads featured on the finale. I also love the nod to Finn passing the torch to Blaine in "good riddance". Wish people would enjoy the show instead of complaining all the time.

  15. Angela says – reply to this



  16. April says – reply to this


    Cory's singing has improved so much over the course of the series and he's finally getting his moment to shine. Too much Blaine and Santana this whole Season. Finally some Finn! Whoo!

  17. ooyeah says – reply to this


    God bless Cory's voice, total eargasm! and for those bithces, you're just bitter so keep on hatin'!! everyone sounds great and it's one of the best albums glee has done.

  18. Julia says – reply to this


    Ain't that beautiful that Cory's voice has improved so much and that he FINALLY got the recognition? Because let's all be real that Finn and Rachel are the MAIN CHARACTERS SINCE THE FIRST EPISODE OF GLEE. Is it shocking for you that they have a lot of songs in this album? Wow, then you should've paid more attention. And it's not like they have all the solos in this album; they have solos, yes, but they aren't the only ones. I think the songs are so so so good, I can't even express how much I love this album. Everyone's really good and I'm really proud of their voices. Stop complaining about who sing the most and enjoy the songs we have.

  19. sv says – reply to this


    It's hilarious to me how many people have bashed Finchel and said no one cares about them all season long, and then RIB just go and show everyone that they don't care what the haters say, Finn and Rachel are front and center to them (and to the offline audiences). As they should be, because anyone with a memory that's not selective will tell you they've been central to the show since the pilot. They ARE Glee, as Mr. Brad Falchuk will so kindly tell you. I love these songs, they're the essence of Glee and *finally* something with context. Cory sounds amazing, I'm so proud of how far he's come. I think it's safe to say that the majority of the people complaining about his voice are those who don't like Finn. You can't deny he's come a long way and he's worked so hard. Good job, Cory :)

  20. Hi says – reply to this


    I love that RIB finally remembered that Finn is the lead of the glee club too :D I think I love every single one of these songs!

  21. Jessie says – reply to this


    omg Not The End is perfect!!! finally another Cory solo! It was about time! He's on 7 out of 13 songs on this album, which means i'm soooo gonna buy this!
    And tbh I'm glad the writers/producers came to their senses and realized it's Glee and not The Blaine Show. Nobody can argue that Finn and Rachel are the main couple of the show and without Finn there would've never been a Glee Club to begin with! :) )
    Also, We Are The Champions is perfect for them. Finally a win! Getting my tissues ready… lol

    btw Mark Salling sings with Cory on Glory Days.

  22. Janie says – reply to this


    So many FANTASTIC songs! Edge of Glory is fierce, Mr. Schue singing "Forever Young" to the kids is going to be a tearjerker, and Chris Colfer does a lovely job on the Madonna number. Lea totally kills "I Wont' Give Up"–beyond amazing!!!!–and "Roots Before Branches" is so sweet with Rachel's lead and Finn's vocal support. I am SO happy to hear so much of Cory Monteith singing!!! His second solo of the the season, "Not the End", is wonderful; his voice and Darren Criss's blend & contrast wonderfully on "Good Riddance" (perfect end of school/end of season/change is coming number); and he, Amber, Dianna, and Chord are great on "You Get What You Give". The two songs that have captured my heart, though, are Cory and Mark on "Glory Days" (BRUUUUCCCCEEEE)–such a PERFECT song for Puck and Finn to sing–and the entire group of seniors, led by Finn who was the force to bring the New Directions together in the first place and form them into an actual group that had a chance of going somewhere, totally OWNING "We Are the Champions". Stellar job done by the Anders brothers, all the cast singing, and Ryan Murphy for picking these songs. Can't wait to get the album!

  23. kim says – reply to this


    Finally Cory sings. Took them long enough, he had NOT been singing in many songs in season 3. I love all his song especially Not The End and Roots Before Branches. I wish it is Chris instead of Darren sang in Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), Why does Darren in this album, he is not a senior and he sang way too many songs in season 3 already. Please more Cory and Lea duets in season 4.