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Christina Aguilera And Adam Levine Have MASSIVE Voice Blow-Out!

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adam levine christina aguilera the voice fight

Uh-oh! It sounds like someone can dish it out, but can't take it in return!

Those watching The Voice this season may have noticed that Christina Aguilera has come off especially hard on her former Mickey Mouse Club co-star, Tony Lucca, during the singing competition, but according to sources, a clever attempt at retaliation from he and his mentor, Adam Levine, was disrupted by the singer…and ultimately caused a MASSIVE blow-out on set that left production HALTED yesterday!

Apparently, the Maroon 5 singer and Tony decided that for the finale he would be performing the Jay-Z classic 99 Problems as a thinly veiled dig against Xtina, but when she found out, she forced NBC to pull the plug on the entire idea!

And as you can imagine, this set Adam off in one helluva nasty way, and he ended up locking himself in his trailer instead of rehearsing Free Your Mind with the other judges!

The insider explains:

"Christina found out that Adam planned to have his finalist, Tony Lucca, sing 99 Problems by Jay-Z, in which he'll sing 'I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.' Adam and Tony wanted to call Christina out as a bitch but make it clear she's not a problem for Tony. It was completely aimed at her. It was Adam’s idea, but Tony absolutely loved it. Christina thought it was ridiculous. She was highly offended. It ended up that NBC told Adam to change 'bitch' in the song's lyrics to 'chick.' He said changing the song would be a death sentence. Adam went right up to Christina and said 'you’re the biggest f***ing c***.' Obviously Christina was appalled and hissed that Adam should be fired. She’s sick of being treated this way. Christina is so sick of Adam being looked at as the golden boy of the show. If America knew how disgusting he was, they would be appalled, she always says. Adam wouldn’t do anything until this gets figured out. He was being incredibly immature. By midday it wasn’t even confirmed that Adam would be going through with the coaches performance. It was that bad."


While it's definitely been clear since day one that the 'friendly' banter between those two on the series is anything but that, this is BAD!

And although it's ridiculous that Christina would go to such lengths just to avoid having her ego bruised on live television, we don't agree with Adam's very rude choice of words!

One thing is for certain, however - it's going to be one INNERESTING finale tonight!

Who KNOWS what will happen?! WE CAN'T WAIT!

What do U think? Team Xtina or team Adam?

[Image via WENN.]

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116 comments to “Christina Aguilera And Adam Levine Have MASSIVE Voice Blow-Out!”

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  1. 1

    Team Adam. This show has done nothing to help Christina. She is a mess.

  2. 2

    she is the worst bitch EVER

  3. 3

    She has gototen PATHETIC. She looks like a trashy hooker and is falling out of her clothes (front and back) week after week. Her personality is just evil. She deserves the "c" word used on her - some women just do! WHAT kind of image does SHE portray for women? What happened to her? I used to like her. Now I would not listen to a cd of hers if it was handed to me with a million dollars!

  4. 4

    I like them both on the show and I hope they can manage to work together. I am always suspicious of 'insiders' and 'sources'. As for Tony Luca, I am not a fan. His rendition of Britney's song was a total copy of Marty Casey from Rock Star a few years back - and that should have been stated.

  5. Dale says – reply to this


    adam is a childish prick, i cant stand listening to his frantic whining…

  6. iamthediva says – reply to this


    Team Xtina ofcourse.
    There's only one person who can REALLY sing on that show and that is Christina Aguilera.
    Adam Levine is a horrible person.
    Christina Aguilera RULES.
    love you Xtina!

  7. azkabanbitch says – reply to this


    Anybody believing this?
    and if it was true, it would be the truth that Adam is just an *ss-hole.
    Christina is a nice woman and the best artist on the world.
    perez, stop making up these 'feuds' and concentrate on the talent.
    Looks very simple who is the winner than.

    Go Xtina

  8. gagloo says – reply to this


    Why is it that every time Perez posts pictures of Christina he posts the ones of her when she was unhappy and overweight? Christina hasn't looked that way in Months now yet Perez has not posted one picture about her weight loss or since her weight loss. Hm. Also, Adam is dead wrong for doing that to a co-worker. So unprofessional and not cool.

  9. whimsical101 says – reply to this


    I am not a fan of Tony Lucca thus he is the least talented of the remaining contestants. I love Adam however the t-shirt stunt last night was rather immature. Notably Christina feels Tony is over-rated and I tend to agree. She calls him out on his weak performances and is called a bitch? If she is such a bitch, why does she praise the other judges' contestants performances ~ because THEY DESERVE it! Adam is acting like a spoiled brat because his team this year was weak and he doesn't have a chance in hell to win 2012 best judge on the voice!

  10. jakeyplay says – reply to this


    Sounds like a classic case of stupid douchebag ego meets stupid slut ego with the consequence of being completely insufferable to everyone. I wonder what their production team and co-hosts think of this pathetic shit.

  11. team Adam says – reply to this


    Christina is a very bitter person. She even was texting while he thanked all judges in the show makes on sense what perez hilton is writing. Stop making up stories dude

  12. Team Anyone But xTina says – reply to this


    It's a shame. I used to be a huge fan of Christina before The Voice. So much respect for a singer that actually could sing. However, watching her antics on the show, I have a totally different opinion of her. She actually makes it difficult to watch the show. Fine, she doesn't like Adam Levine. Who cares? The complete disrespect to other entertainers (Justin Bieber) who come on The Voice and, of course, boost ratings with the younger audience is disgusting. I truly feel sorry for her contestant, because I think he has an amazing voice, but I would never vote for him, because I loathe her so much. It's a shame, because I'm sure I'm not the only fan she's lost with her egotistical, diva-like (and not in a good way) attitude.

  13. 13

    I don't understand some of this article… Tony sang the song last night… not tonight. And Christina called him out for being "derogatory towards women" which is absolutely ridiculous, she needs to look in the mirror on that one and remember some of her past albums she's released.
    Since Adam is already signed for next year and Xtina is holding out… I say let her go. Bring in someone new. She has an AMAZING voice. But her attitude stinks to high heaven. If Adam is a dick, it doesn't come across on screen, whereas HER attitude does. Anyone catch her texting on her phone while Tony was doing his tribute to Adam last night? Classless and RUDE.

  14. ChamberMade says – reply to this


    Obviously this story isnt right because Tony did in deed sing 99 problems on the finale. Sorry but you got some bad information this time.

  15. beccarooroo says – reply to this


    a quick look around the net brings up the REAL story behind this. There is no word of any of this bullshit, there was a minor disagreement because Christina said she thought the song was great but offensive to women which she thought was disrespectful with his wife and daughter at the show, and adam told her it was a metaphor and not intended to be directed at women. That's it. Seriously people don't take any of these articles at face value!

  16. gagaloo says – reply to this


    I think the fact that everyone on the show, the other Judges and Contestants, even Adam's OWN contestants, showing support to Xtina and defending HER, speaks volumes on the situation and Adam's Diva behavior on the show.

  17. 17

    Tony Lucca DID perform 99 Problems and Adam got her ass good with that shirt. She knew it was a shot at her. If everyone from Kelly Osbourne, to the Wanted, to Adam Levine thinks you're a bitch, you obviously need to look in the mirror.

  18. 18

    Team Adam 4 Life! I stan for Maroon 5 so you already know what it is!

  19. marshy1988 says – reply to this


    This story doesn't make sense. Tony Lucca performed 99 problems on last night's show (monday). there was obvious tension between Adam and Christina but it seemed staged for the show. why would he be performing the song again the next night? seems like perez needs to get his facts straight.

  20. 20

    Team Adam. She's clearly on this show for herself. She's paid more than the other judges (sure some of you will say that she's "better" than the others but the fact of the matter is that the other judges have a higher popularity rating than she does). She's not a team player and she's a total bitch to people that she doesn't like. It's story after story about this woman and her huge ego and bad attitude. And this same story has been around for years upon years. So many other celebrities have spoken ill about her because of this type of thing. She needs to stop acting like she's queen. She's killing that show.

  21. 21

    Gawd Xtina is such a joke lately! She really needs to get over her ego–it's embarrassing.

  22. 22

    Re: iamthediva – They're all good singers… now are they good people?? That I'm not so sure.

  23. 23

    Re: gagloo – Umm when did Xtina lose weight? The picture he posted is actually the nicest one I've seen in a while.

  24. 24

    Even though everyone knows the motive for the song (to dig at christina) it was inappropriate for the show and in bad taste… I do think that christina shouldn't have said anything about tony and why people were voting for him all the weeks before, because it caused all this drama that I think boosted his vote, which is the opposite of what she wanted. Really adam had the weakest team. I hope Juliet wins tonight she's the best of what is left.

  25. Elle says – reply to this


    She has constantly criticized him and his team. Last night was just another one of her "see how great I am" stupid and unnecessary comments. She should have never worn that dress and her spray tanning definitely went wrong, too, as her showing off her little carrot fingers throughout the show was horrific. She is super big, ugly and the fat pushes through her dress and her skirts and everywhere. She probably hopes that at least her comments will get her some kind of feedback. Well, Christina Aguilera, they are not fair and totally mean. You are a judge, behave like one! Go on a diet and save your comments, "Team Tina"!

  26. 26

    Tony Luca is going to win! People are voting for him just to piss her off! I cant stand xtina no more she is a bitch!

  27. gagaloo says – reply to this


    Re: Manda756 – Then you must have been hiding under a rock lol. There are before and after photos which show she clearly lost 15-20 lbs. She has been looking really hot lately and this picture is horrible.

  28. 28

    I really dislike Christina, but at the same time she doesn't deserve to be called a bitch or a c*** just for calling out Tony for being undeserving of his position in the competition

  29. Jnich333 says – reply to this


    I voted for Tony Lucca, 10X, solely to piss of Christina. Would love for them to find a more positive replacement for her. Kelly Osborne must be loving this, she knew all along.

  30. 30

    Re: rosebud99 – No it was not at all that. Just because it was slower?

  31. 31

    Re: gagaloo – That didn't happen.

  32. 32

    Re: gagaloo – I guess you didn't see the fat bulging out over the place on the show last night.

  33. 33

    every guy hates a strong woman like christina..it threats their "manliness"..thats why some men hate her. She can take his shit and dish it out as opposed to other woman that would just shut up and cry. Good for her!

  34. Irish Jess says – reply to this


    Team Adam all the way! Christina is acting like the biggest wench ever and now I get why Kelly Osbourne dislikes her so much… Christina looked so unprofessional last night when Tony Lucca was performing/talking to his mentor Adam Levine… Can't wait for X-Factor because I LOVE Britney Spears way better than Christina…

  35. 35

    Never watch the show, could care less. Reality TV has ruined television. it's all trash.

  36. 36

    Re: gagaloo – Hot is not a word I would ever use to describe her, but to each their own!

  37. 37

    Christina is a bitch. She even called Tony Lucca's son his "daughter" and his daughter was really backstage so she had to be referring to his son.

  38. 38

    Re: gagloo – Xtina still looks chunky who are you kidding. she gained that weight back.

  39. stjohn says – reply to this


    All i'm going to say is add Adam to huge list of celebrities who said Christina is the biggest bitch they have ever met. When so many people say the same thing it's a waste of time arguing about it. we all know who did what, so let's just wait for the next person that meets her to say the same thing.

  40. Blair says – reply to this


    Tony Lucca's a moron. He knew that song would force out a reaction from Christina because he was practically referring to her. He has brought himself to the finals by relying on sympathy votes the whole time because he has zero talent.

  41. sass says – reply to this


    How about the fact that the word 'bitch' is offensive? It is a gender specific slag and christina had every right to be offended.

    Asshole, everyone's got one of those…

  42. 42

    I love Xtina, she is who she is and isn't changing for anyone who cares!!! But these two would be perfect with each other. Tough Love!

  43. 43

    She's awful. Team Adam. Though I gotta say if that song was directed at her (which i'm sure it is) That's pretty low coming from them. Even is she is a bitch.

  44. 44

    Obvious publicity for the FINALE! This was completely staged to get ratings for the final show. Aside from that FACT, Adam Levine and his pal Tony, are 100 times better than Xtina and her ass-less chaps!

  45. houstongal says – reply to this


    Christina is AWEFUL, rude , and she deserves anything that happened to her. She is so rude to the singers, especially this year with Tony, calling his son a girl, that was not cool, bringing Chris into her fight by calling him a real man, why doesn't she become a real women instead of looking an acting like a slut. She needs to take a long look in the mirror, doesn't she have people there to tell her how bad she looks! her cloths, sweat spots on her butt that one show, sick of her saggy boobs and her back fat. GET HER OFF THE SHOW , THE OTHERS ADAM, BLAKE AND CELO ARE GREAT!!

  46. 46

    Love the Voice; not sure I would miss either Christina OR Adam if they left. Both are very immature people. Christina has shown that she can be vindictive and incredibly self-centered. Her comment that contestants performing was probably equally as hard as her having to pick between them was laughable. Her childish behavior toward Tony Lucca has been appalling. I hope they don't renew her contract.

  47. Xtina is a pop icon!b* says – reply to this


    You can says all the shit You want agains XTINA but. She still have an incredeble voice !! Still cashing $10.000.000 moore than adam, blake ,celo together , cuzz she is an icon ! Dont be jealous of XTiNAs suscess , fame, money , voice & talent . Cuzz she doesnt give a fuck about haters ..

  48. meisthevoice says – reply to this


    This doesn't make any sence, fake information.
    And it's also funny that some of you let their opinion on Xtina change by reading shit on Perez Hilton. hahahaha. It's all bullshit.
    And even here he choses for Adam, in stead of xtina

  49. 49

    Re: Xtina is a pop icon!b* – jChristina is, and always has been, a skanky hoebag. From the very beginning of her career, she has known that she was never as well liked as Britney and I think she has been trying desperately to redeem herself since. Anything outrageous goes, just to gain attention. She has always appeared desperate, and despite most of her costume choices, she seems to lack any self respect what so ever. She does have amazing vocal talent, I just wish I didn't have to listen to her speak, or to even look at her for that matter. I guess that makes me Team Adam!

  50. FrankPSU says – reply to this


    Have always been a HUGE fan of Christina until last night!!!!
    She better get ready for a large back-lash over the negative comments she made last night. AND, talk about negativity toward women… Nobody pushes negative perceptions of women like Christina. Some might say (Not me) she dresses in a way that exploits women.
    Man she has crossed the line and she should have stayed home in bed from the flu..

  51. 51


  52. 52

    I am a big fan of Christina; have all of her albums (even Bionic, which was horrible) and even paid to see Burlesque against my better judgement. Even though I have always suspected her to be a bitch, she has taken it too far. I don't ern watch the Voice, but I see clips on it on the net every week because people are just talking about what a bitch Christina is. It's really making me not like her. I don't know if she's mad because this Tony guy didn't fuck her back in the day, but it's looking very tacky on her part and I hope he wins it all!

    She's probably mad because Adam Levine won't fuck her as well. Not that I blame her because he's hot!! I have always been a Levine/Maroon 5 fan as well so Team Adam, hands down!

  53. 53

    bionic was actually an amazing album..it's the dumbasses today that don't have taste for real music

  54. Tiffany says – reply to this


    as far as coaches go, blake and ceelo are the two who should be praised. both of them have done nothing but promote their contestants.

    that said, i think this drama is saddest for chris mann, my personal favorite. he is incredibly talented and deserves a real shot at winning. given christina's tendencies to hate on other contestants and coaches, people have chosen not to vote for him because of her.

    i try never to hate on any artists whether i appreciate their style or song choices; so, i applaud all of them for their hard work and dedication to their dreams. i just happen to wish chris mann could take the whole thing.

  55. 55

    Adam is such a fcuking diva. ugh!!

  56. Cayan says – reply to this


    The sad thing about all this is that everyone is focused on these two (Adam & Christina)and their teams; and are completely forgetting about the other two (Juliet & Jermaine) who I feel are far more talented and deserve the win more. Juliet has an unbelievable rock & roll power voice. She sounds like she is straight out of the 60's/70's (and I love it); while Jermaine has such range, strength and emotion/soul. Both have great attitudes (as well as their coaches) and seem more able to adapt to a variety of genres. To me that's talent. I hate when people go off about voting for one or another team/coach just because they don't like the other.. it's such a let down for the actual artists who deserve it, and in this case Juliet and Jermaine who instead have stayed out of the drama and only focused on their singing. To me either one of them should be standing at the end.

  57. 57

    Watched the show last night - Lucca didn't say "bitch" - he just "hmmed" it. I had no idea it was a "dig" at Christina, and her wacko comment back to Lucca made me think less of her, as I have all season. CA has been a pill this season. I don't know what her deal is, but every comment towards every contestant (not just Lucca) she brings back around to herself ("I cleared that song last season for my contestant"), and her rude moments (not paying attention, frowning, texting during Lucca's performance/thank you to the judges) have been on camera. And some of her outfits are ridiculous. She talks about being derogatory to women; has she looked in the mirror lately? Last season I thought she had some substance, but after this year, forget it. I never listened to her before, and I'll keep it that way. I think it's going to between Tony and Juliet anyway. I voted for both of them.

  58. 58

    PEREZ love ya but you are a day late and a dollar short with this. RADAR was all over this yesterday.
    I hate Xtina but I am team her with this. That was a stupid choice for a final song and what she said to him about being a father and husbnad was not a good image to project to them.
    Tony is cocky as fuck and he thinks he has this in the bag. I would like to see him lose.
    Adam is so immature or this is great marketing and publicity for the show. Wasn't there a ratings drop last week? Maybe this is all publicity.

  59. 59

    I HATE ADAM LEVINE!!!! He is so rude. I want him gone from the show. He's a little whiney bitch

  60. Forgetaboutwhoiam says – reply to this


    I just cannot believe this is really happening. Who the heck is Adam Levine? I even didn't know his name before The Voice. He needs to stop and say goodbye to this competition.

  61. 61

    I heard he's no better. He's hated and bashed by a few radio stations here in Baltimore. They have seen first hand how he is. They're both something else. If I knew someone was going to call me a bitch on national tv, I would stop them too.

  62. 62

    Tony Lucca rocked 99 problems. You get what you give :-0

  63. 63

    Team Tony/Adam!! She was not even close to being nice.

  64. 64

    I really hope that Adam does something to redeem himself. This is extremely depressing. He is 33 years old, not a teenager. I own all of Maroon 5's albums, and this makes me want to remove them all from my music library. I don't know what has been going on behind the scenes between Adam and Tony and Christina, but all of this has just made Adam and Tony look horrible to me. At the beginning of the season, I really liked Tony and hoped he would go far. Unfortunately, it seems like Adam is bringing out an off-putting dark side of Tony, and that's shows immaturity and poor character. I wish Christina would have simply complimented Tony's performance and let it be so that he and Adam can make themselves look like children on their own, but I agreed with everything she said. Adam and Tony have been trying to use Christina to build controversy that will result in votes pouring in, and it seems that Adam can't handle being called-out for it. Maybe he's taking his break-up from his ex-girlfriend really hard. I don't know. He's really making himself look like a crybaby, though.

  65. laura says – reply to this


    ADAM. christina is such a bitch to adam on the show. shes always throwing out comments about how shes a "true vocalist" which is insulting to the other singers. last night she was on her phone while other judges were commenting on a performance. she always leaves catty remarks to adam which arent funny, just rude. i WISH adam was allowed to sing 99 problems with tony luca because christina who actually has a past with tony on mickey mouse club has been so rude to him as well! cant stand how rude she is esp. to adam

  66. Alec H says – reply to this


    Team Adam, always thought Christina was a major Bitch. She always has the ugliest snot nose face when you look at her.. Thought she was majorly jealous of Britney when she first came out.. and she continues to make herself look like a C*** years after

  67. 67

    The Jay-Z song is about police dogs searching for drugs not women! It is a conversation he had when he was pulled over by a cop referring to the cop requesting a police dog to search his car. So the song intent is not against women but Christina turned it into that she needs to treat others the way she would like to be treated she has been rude to soooo many! And Adam himself has mentioned numerous times he is a pain in the ass but i don't believe this story….

  68. 68

    #TeamXtina…. "Call me a bitch ’cause I speak what's on my mind…." Christina Aguilera

  69. Mike says – reply to this


    TEAM X-Tina! SCREW TONY LUCAS! He's an idiot….an follower….I hate the whole "he's like my brother' crap ADAM says…he is an idiot….if america would of been taken into account…that other girl would of made it to the finals…but he had to go 60/40…and the idiot Tony won….what a dumb ass!!!

    I hope that Team Cee-Lo or Team Blake wins…or even X-Tina…bc/ Team Adam is crap.

    I know what Jay-Z meant when he said '99 problems but a bitch ain't one"….about a dog sniffing out your car for drugs…..

    But Tony Lucas…..what a womanizer…his poor wife!! Go X-Tina for standing up to him!

  70. jehs680 says – reply to this


    lol its funny how everyone is like "i like chris mann but im not gonna vote for him because of christina aguilera's attitude". if u really are a fan of chris mann then u should've voted for him to win!! i have a feeling that if chris mann doesn't win everyone is going to blame it on christina aguilera yet again. sidenote: if chris mann loses then blame yourselves for it!!!!

  71. liz says – reply to this


    I cannot believe that someone who dresses so revealingly is worried about how women are being portrayed–what utter bulls@#t. Christina is the only judge who hates on singers who are not on her team–the other three are, for the most part, very positive. What gives her the right to be such a spoiled, mean, bratty "diva." I am not impressed.

  72. john doe says – reply to this


    Re: iamthediva – douche!

  73. Ben says – reply to this


    If that's true then why hasn't Cee-lo, Blake Shelton, Mya, Lil' Kim, Tony Bennett, DJ Premier, Etta James (RIP), Whitney Houston (RIP), Elton John, Herbie Hancock, Linda Perry, Kara DioGuardi, Cher, Justin Timberlake, etc, who have worked with her called her a bitch. No. Well because it's NOT true. They have instead praised her. Did it ever cross your mind that Adam Levine and Tony Lucca are two of the biggest assholes and that TV just doesn't catch that??? No… Right, well that's because it's ok apparently to be a man and an asshole…

  74. Jeremiah says – reply to this


    Re: sass – How about instead of complaining about the 99 problems song you complain about that country wench on American Idol singing songs about killing men? Oh but when a WOMAN talks about MURDERING men it's okay, but it's not okay when a man complains about a woman being a bitch? Yeah, talk about a double standard. Silly girl.

  75. 75

    Team Adam ALL THE WAY… Christina ='s Big BITCH

  76. Joel says – reply to this


    TEAM X-Tina….FUCK Adam and his boy-toy Tony!

  77. TheyNeed2BeSmacked says – reply to this


    Re: jakeyplay – Amen.

  78. no way says – reply to this


    tony lucca was singing that song directly to christina… why are some of you saying she was being rude?? if i was her I would have been up on that stage & kicked his count in.

  79. Christina is IMMATURE says – reply to this


    Christina has disgusted me throughout the whole show..I feel like she brings the whole show demeanor down and she is incredibly rude, nasty and immature. I have purchased many of her CDs and ONCE was a big fan of hers. However, now I strongly dislike her and I think she disrespects the contestants and is so catty and childish. I would hope that for the next season they seriously consider a new coach to take her place. I can't take her anymore!
    TEAM Blake & ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. thevoice says – reply to this


    Both Adam and Christina have been pretty immature, but objectively I have to go with Christina on this one. Yes, it's strange that she keeps singling out Tony Lucca, but Lucca and Adam are fueling it with their digs. I think they go over the line b/c they actually pick half their songs directed at Christina. It's so frustrating that everyone calls Christina the bitch and Adam the "cool guy," but he's just acting like an immature, whiny little bitch. No wonder Christina gets so pissed. Tony Lucca is simply not as talented as the other 3 finalists, and the only reason he's here is because they've used Christina to get attention, and because of his "bromance" with Adam. I'll be pretty upset if he wins this thing.

  81. liz says – reply to this


    That's such bullshit. First of all, she did not trash the performance, she stated the obvious, yes he sung it well but it was derogatory to women which it is. Using the excuse that it is a 'metaphor' is just pathetic. In a show like 'The voice' a song like that shouldn't be sung at all.

    Also, I don't know why Adam pretends like he's a nice guy in front of everyone. If he really wanted to make it up to her, he should do it in private rather then trying to show the whole world something that isn't. I can only deduce he's trying to force his 'nice guy' image.

    I don't know why everyone disses Christina. She's an amazing singer, wonderful mother who went through alot to get to where is currently is. She's sung about being beautiful, breaking barriers i.e. the gays kisses, being hurt and getting past things. She is not a sex object as people perceive, she just needs to be that way for the American market to recieve her.

    Anyway I hope that Christina will rock on. She doesn't need this crummy show that completely disrespects her anyway :)

  82. jdkeb says – reply to this


    I'm team Christina. The immature boys Lucca and Levine have been taking shots at her all season. Lucca comes off as a cocky bastard, although based on talent and voice alone, he definitely does not deserve to be in the finals

  83. craley says – reply to this


    It's called The VOICE, right? Did you see the duets Monday? Christina is clearly the best vocalist of the judges. Tony Lucca was better than Adam on the duet and his cover of Maroon 5's song. And don't get me wrong, I love Maroon 5's songs, I just don't think Levine is a very good singer

  84. teeyot says – reply to this


    I think the most annoying part of this whole thing is how Adam pretends he's a nice guy and everyone buys the act. He chose the Britney Spears song just to annoy Christina, and he wanted to have Tony call her a bitch on live national tv! Adam's been using her all season because he knew his team was the least talented, and cheap shots damaging the integrity of the show were his only chance at winning. That's probably why he made Tony his favorite, because Tony and Christina had a little feud that he could jump on

  85. 85

    Just signed up on NBC.com to do surveys on their show..intend to have "MY VOICE" heard and get her fired…lets get her…make "YOUR VOICE" heard too.

    NBC will listen!! Viewers count!!!!

  86. 86

    She should be ashamed that she made such nasty remarks directed at Tony's family. How would she feel if someone publically on national TV in front of a million people verbally attacked her in front of her son. Well, her son probably is raised by the nannies ( thank god for him as Mommie Dearest is to busy getting wasted stumbling around with her Boy Toy version of Ray J)

  87. 87

    The list just keeps growing of celebs that she is nasty…burn every bridge in the industry…everyone from Pink to Valerie Bertinelli. She was a bitch to her at a Van Halen concert. How can be be a bitch to someone as nice to Valerie Bertinelli?

    Ever since "Genie in Bottle" came out she has been nothing but a white trash bitch. She has treated the regular people like us like we're dirt from hotel staff, driver's, airport employees, etc. I've never bought any of her music for this reason and am going to stop watching " The Voice" too

    She's a hasbeen that is so fortunate to be on this show and cannot even be professional and put her natural pettiness aside. There are so many other talented people out there that deserve the spotlight and she needs to " go".

  88. allstrplayer20 says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton is not wrong. They did cut the word bitch out of the song last night, though I'm not sure he would have been allowed to sing that. Christina deserves that though. She has been mean and disrespectful all season to Adam and Tony Lucca. That pisses me off. She is like an immature little baby. Whoever said she gives people praise that deserve it is wrong. She gives EVERYONE praise except Tony. It is ridiculous. She is such a bitch and should be treated like garbage until she gets off her high horse and faces the fact that she isn't better than everyone, maybe most people, but not Adam.

  89. Am says – reply to this


    TEAM ADAM!!!

  90. mary barnsfather says – reply to this


    Christina is a B I T C H.. Sorry but she is… Can't stand her…

  91. 91


  92. 92


  93. 93

    ive never been a fan of hers but hes out of line … serving up a song that calles her a b**** is inappropriate she had a right to reject it and him calling her a effing c is also inappropriate someone fire his slime ball ass he clearly hates woman since he got dumped…

  94. 94

    she is an f************* C*** and just in case she didn't get the memo he's more famous and sold more records than her

  95. alex says – reply to this


    even though christina has the best voice i think she needs to relax and hit the gym.. she does looks like a hot mess and needs to take the broom that is so far wedged up her a hole out

  96. 96

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  97. free adult cams says – reply to this


    I enjoy, lead to I found exactly what I used to be having a look for. You've ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  98. ahha says – reply to this


    team xtina ofc! Adam is so pathetic, that's how you treat a coworker??? Damn glad I aint working with him

  99. kelly says – reply to this


    Re: kabuki girl – I agreed with you 100%!!!!!

  100. I says – reply to this


    Team Adam! <3 I used to like them all, but Xtina has been really annoying and picky lately. I would get mad if someone acted like that too! Christina suks at singing too… So she should be the one to be fired. Blake, Adam, and Cee Lo are good singers!(: and Cee Lo is really funny(:

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