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Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage Want Republicans In Their Vagina!

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MESSAGE FOR WOMEN: It's time to fight for your right to choose … NOT to choose!!

Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage are "republicans" trying to spread the message that the only thing they want in control of their vajayjay is the government! LOL!

It's important to remember that:

"Being a woman means having a vagina, but that doesn't mean we want to have control of it!"

Ch-Ch-Check out this VERY important — and TOTES literal — message (above)!!

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25 comments to “Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage Want Republicans In Their Vagina!”

  1. 1

    This is awesome, so glad to see more women speaking out about such a terrifying and backwards trend that seems to be gathering speed in the US. I used to think I'd love to move to/study in the US as I love it, but it's put me off, as I just feel like women's rights are in such a precarious position there at the moment, and it's such a shame.

  2. lmnop says – reply to this


    Oh, please. Kate isn't even an American citizen. England is a hot damn mess. Go make stupid videos about your own politics,idiot.

  3. 3

    That's hilarious! The freedom to choose may be the only reason to vote for Obama.

  4. 4

    Re: lmnop – You don't need to have US citizenship to understand its politics; you just have to have common sense. Besides, sometimes you need to hear from people on the "outside" to see how things are more clearly. And women's rights aren't important to just Americans, but to other countries' female citizens as well.

  5. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Typical celebrity reaction to the surface of politics. It is seriously hilarious watching celebrities declaring arguments on things they haven't FULLY INVESTIGATED. Sure it sounds appalling "not letting a women choose what happens to her body," but that is such a flimsy baseless claim. PLEASE investigate these issue further. Those women have made fools of themselves, we are smarter than that. Stick with what you know or dig deeper than the surface.

  6. websnap says – reply to this


    Re: Jennifer

    Enlighten us about what they've got wrong then, won't you?

    They state details in their argument, you haven't. It's easy to just dismiss an idea for it's surface, isn't it?

  7. lmnop says – reply to this


    Re: futuremrslabeouf – Yup. She does a lot for women's rights huh?. She and her ilk set the women's movement back hundreds of years. Her humanitarian efforts in Maxim are the stuff of legends making women and girls around the world feel confidant and loved for their brains, right? And her home-wrecking ways? Wiseman's first wife I am sure, is excited that Kate speaks for women everywhere, huh? Glad she works with Nestle on their fake literacy program done only for publicity while they use their propaganda to teach poor women their breast milk isn't good enough and they need to feed their babies formula thereby causes countless diseases and malnutrition and helping to kill babies. I don't want that cow speaking for me.

  8. 8

    Re: Jennifer – Your the ignoramus here! It is the goal of Republicans to make abortion illegal, and they are doing it step by step.

  9. Alligator Theater says – reply to this


    IDKW Hollywood thinks it's "cool" to be a liberal. I'm sure you all are grateful your mother was pro-life.. It's simple; if you're not responsible to have a child, than don't have sex!

  10. 10

    Hypocrisy is telling the government to stay out of your bedroom and your vagina, yet demanding the government pay for your birth control and abortions. It's as simple as that. Pay for your own stuff instead of being a government mooch and I don't care what you do.

  11. 11

    Re: lmnop – It's interesting to note that you comment on everything but the post the comments are for. I don't follow Kate at all, never watched a single of her movies, much less am interested in her personal life. I am only commenting on her speaking out about the absurdity of Republican stances on female rights, which is what she was addressing in the video. Anything else I'm not interested in arguing because I don't know about her affairs or Maxim or whatever. And I'm pretty sure she's not speaking FOR you; no one but you does that. That's why you have the right to vote.

  12. 12

    Re: Alligator Theater – Of course it isn't that simple. People should be able to choose to enjoy having sex without wanting to have a child. Birth control allows responsible people to do that, but of course it isn't foolproof. There's a massive difference between being responsible enough to have sex and being responsible enough to have a child, and added to that is the concept of whether or not people WANT to have a child!
    And you can't assume that we only exist because our mothers are pro-life! Presumably most of our mothers wanted to have a child when they did, it doesn't mean that they're anti-abortion in certain circumstances!

  13. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Enlightenment doesn't happen on an entertainment blog. That's why it is up to you to actually dig deeper not just cosigning the ignorance your favorite entertainers are slinging. BUT, let's start here: the opposition on this issue is trying to do exactly what those witty ladies are asking for: keeping the gov't out of our lives. The GOVERNMENT can't create a whole new system of healthcare requiring that everyone pays for it and gets it, even churches, and then claim that republican's are trying to control your vagina. Do you see the circular lack of reasoning here on CONTROL?
    You see this all the time from surface arguers. The other side, your side, is seeking control of not just your vaj, but your body, checkbook and constitutional freedoms. And your only comeback is "gosh, you won't pay for my birth control, get out of my vagina, boo hoo." It's embarrassing.

  14. 14

    Re: Jennifer – Get some meds! You are likely: young, Republican, Southern, and uneducated! And siding against your gender, you are likely of pygmy intelligence!

  15. Jennifer says – reply to this


    I used to be like you. I stumped for Jerry Brown. Argued about "taking care of our people" and "spreading the wealth." But one day rather than just listening to Oprah and Katie (my idols) I dug deeper. I realized that you can be a caring and compassionate person without requiring your government to bankrupt itself also doing those things. It's simply my view of Government, not life, Gov't - there can be a difference and THAT matters.

    Oh yeah, I'm in Brentwood at Montana and Barrington, come grab a cup of joe with me someday. We don't have to be so angry. You'll see. You are distracted about saving your vagina while letting them steal your whole body.

  16. 16

    Re: Jennifer – You are incoherent! Congrats!

  17. 17

    Re: Jennifer – You are Southern! You attack and exhibit superiority, but won't engage in any debate! Think about what you're defending. And think about poor women, who will have their lives changed!!!

  18. Amp says – reply to this


    I don't care if they pay but affordable bc would be nice. It's not about abortion but about prevention. If you don't like abortions then you should like birth control duh. And if you have sex, you need to prevent pregnancy and stds. Being responsible isn't being slutty. The govt needs to get with reality, all these female politicians are on bc and all these male politicians have wives on bc, let's not be idiots and make things more difficult for women AND men.

  19. lmnop says – reply to this


    Re: websnap – Right on websnap!

  20. lmnop says – reply to this


    Re: ghound – YES! Exactly!

  21. lmnop says – reply to this


    Re: kitkat90 – Celebrity trash trying to be moral authority yet has no morals herself is perfectly within my pervue to comment on. She has no right to open her mouth and pretend to speak on behalf of women when she has screwed so many women over. If she can't be pro women in her personal life, she has no right to pretend to be pro-women for publicity. And you talk about the right to vote? She doesn't have the right to vote in America. She is not a citizen. Interesting that you pick up on sensationalism and celebrity pandering but don't investigate the truth for yourself.

  22. jason says – reply to this


    Re: kappuhcheenoh – you're an idiot she was responding coherently. Please give us a coherent reason to why she is wrong.

  23. 23

    Liberals, taking personal responsibility and throwing it right out the window. Problem is, they demand it be covered on health insurance. Why should I have to pay for someone to have sex? Thats literally what it is in a nutshell. Sex is a choice. You know the risks involved.

    If you want to have sex. Then PAY FOR YOUR OWN BIRTH CONTROL. Not only that, but I see the whole "zomg sex = baby need birth control now" It's BC this BC that..No one is mentioning ANYTHING about safe sex. Look at the high STD rates. Statistics do not lie. People are not practicing safe sex. So what is this birth control crusade doing? Just sending a bad message to girls "Don't worry about making the guy wear a condom..You'll be fine with your birth control"

    If I get addicted to drugs, I wouldn't expect peoples tax dollars to pay for my rehab. Imagine going to CVS to get a script for pain meds. Then finding out you have to pay an extra 2.00. To fund Rehab clinics..I'm sure liberals will get to that soon.

  24. 24

    The first couple of couples were about having the right to choose. The problem with liberals is, they take it even further and cannon accept consequences to their "choice" nor responsibility.

  25. 25

    how disgusting to talk this way