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Chatting With… Rebecca Ferguson!

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She is so lovely!!!

Love her!!! And her voice!!!!

That voice!!!!

Rebecca Ferguson won over audiences in the U.K. on X Factor, and then she has gone on to sell more records in Great Britain than One Direction!

We recently caught up with the golden-voiced songstress to talk about making it in America, her album, how she discovered her sound, Simon Cowell, success, the critics, staying normal, dating and so much more!

Read some excerpts from our chat… after the jump!

And watch our interview with Rebecca in full above!

Perez: You're here; you're introducing yourself to the market. And for those of you who — well if you've read my website, you're familiar with her. But if you're new, you may not have seen her on X-Factor in the UK. How would you describe your album, and the music that you made?

Rebecca Ferguson: I describe the album, it's quite, it's very soulful, very honest, and very real. I base it about things that I've been through, and experiences I've had, and yeah, just probably heart and soul into it.

Perez: You know when you left the show, you could have gone in any direction, you could have released any kind of music. But what drew you to songs like that? And I would say, and I say this as a compliment, it's kind of Corinne Bailey Rae kind of. I mean a little bit. It's got its own thing. But what took you there, what drew you there?

Rebecca Ferguson: Literally I just went in the studio, in the studio with Eg White –

Perez: Eg White who works with Adele, some amazing people he's also worked with. Cool.

Rebecca Ferguson: I mean, he just, we just jammed out in the studio, and that was the sound that come out. And we just, he'd be playing the piano, and I'd be like writing lyrics with him, and –

Perez: So you actually wrote the songs?

Rebecca Ferguson: Yeah.


Perez: The albums gone out to sell a lot in the UK.

Rebecca Ferguson: Yes.

Perez: How much? I'm sure you know.

Rebecca Ferguson: It's a lot.

Perez: Over a million right?

Rebecca Ferguson: Not, it's like double platinum at the moment I think it is. And platinum what's that now?

Perez: What's double platinum in the UK?

Female voice: Six hundred.

Perez: Six hundred thousand.

Rebecca Ferguson: Yeah.

Perez: But, you sold more albums than One Direction, right?

Rebecca Ferguson: I did yeah, at the time.

Perez: That's a big accomplishment. Because everybody — people might think that One Direction sold more but, you sold more.

Rebecca Ferguson: [Watch above.]

Perez: And now one of the things that I like to tell people when they're coming here, if you want to make it in America, you got to spend time here.

Rebecca Ferguson: Yeah.

Perez: So are you — do you have the time? Are you willing to put in the work here?

Rebecca Ferguson: I'm loving it.

Perez: Yeah?

Rebecca Ferguson: I'm going to the gym, I'm eating well. I've gone all LA since I've been here. Yeah.

Perez: I love it LA is conducive to people being healthy. You actually shot one of your music videos here too.

Rebecca Ferguson: Yeah.

Perez: So this isn't your first time?

Rebecca Ferguson: No, it's lovely. I went on Venice Beach, and I just loved the people there, and the spirit of the people, and there's just a joyous atmosphere there, yeah.

Perez: Could you imagine maybe living here part time?

Rebecca Ferguson: Definitely, yeah.

Perez: No, Simon Cowell is obviously involved in the X-Factor. Well he was on your season, and then he left. How involved or was he in your album, "Making Process"?

Rebecca Ferguson: [Watch above]

Perez: And what's your relationship like with him these days? Do you email, you see him every once in a while?

Rebecca Ferguson: [Watch above.]


Perez: Now, you know not that long ago, you weren't famous, and now you are. And when you're going through it, you can sometimes realize that it's not easy, and it's got a lot going to it. Like on twitter you've expressed some frustration, and things like that. What's been going on?

Rebecca Ferguson: Well I had a situation where I am, I went out on a night out, and –

Perez: Well I didn't know there was like an actual situation.

Rebecca Ferguson: There was a situation.

Perez: Tell me about the situation.

Rebecca Ferguson: I went out on a night out, and I always stop for pictures and signatures. And I must have stop for like — I always stop but I must have missed someone, and so they really vented their anger at me on twitter like, "You", you know like maybe called me a name, just really cruel. And I was like, "I'm sorry. Like I was on a night out, I can't do it for everyone. I'm — if I missed you, I missed you." But that was upsetting because people don't see at times that you're human, and you're not a robot, and there's only so much you can do.

Perez: And when they go on that kind of tirade, it's also not about you, it's about them. But you know what I love to — I mean, you responded in a very nice way. There's a little button that says, "report for spam". It's even better because not only does it block them, but it reports them for spam too.

Rebecca Ferguson: That's hilarious.

Perez: Now, let's talk about romance. Are you dating anybody right now?

Rebecca Ferguson: I'm [watch above].

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7 comments to “Chatting With… Rebecca Ferguson!”

  1. Jo says – reply to this


    erm… One Direction have sold more albums than Rebecca has. She must have her information wrong. They have sold over 600k, she has sold around 480k.

  2. 2

    WHY do you always sound like the Yo Gabba Gabba guy when you talk?! it's so fucking annoying - you especially do it when you're trying to "act" - no wonder you never made it, dude. you haven't got a fucking clue. and you look emaciated now.. are you sure you're not dealing with chemo treatments or something? you look ILL. eat a sandwich.

  3. Rina says – reply to this


    Re: Jo – Rebecca album is double platinum. you must have your info wrong.

  4. Jo says – reply to this


    Re: Rina – No, she has sold less than 500k. Check Music Week and Buzzjack for sales figures and you'll see I'm right.

  5. M.P says – reply to this


    Rebecca has been very successful and she's very talented but the double platinum thing is just hype for her US launch. She's actually sold less than 500,000. She might reach those figures eventually but she needs to sell over 100,000 to catch up to One Direction. Also her last 2 singles didn't make the top 100 while all One Direction's singles have all made the top 10. They have sold way more records than she has. Maybe Perez should have done more research before interviewing her.

  6. Jamal says – reply to this


    Re: Jo – if you watch the video again you'll her say AT THE TIME she sold more when her album came out but obviously not now one direction are really big due to their huge fanbase of teenage girls but personally i prefer rebecca to them. so clearly she hasn't got her infomation wrong you misheard her

  7. nati says – reply to this


    damn, perez you look sick.