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The Performance That Shut Down The Voice Yesterday! Check Out Tonny Lucca's 99 Problems HERE!

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Yeah. Her face pretty much says it all, don't you think?

We reported earlier this morning that production of The Voice had to be halted yesterday when Adam Levine lost his cool with Christina Aguilera for attempting to sabotage Tony Lucca's rendition of 99 Problems, as she was furious that the pair had chosen the Jay-Z track as a not-so-subtle dig against her attitude on the reality competition!

Well, it appears that a compromise was made, as anyone who tuned in last night saw that Tony did in fact get to perform the song, but instead of replacing the b-word with chick, he just omitted it entirely!

Drama aside, you cannot deny that this is an absolutely STUNNING re-interpretation of the song, and he KILLED it!

However, we'll give you ONE guess as to which judge decided to still throw him some shade, and even went as far as to scold him for performing the lyrical content in front of his wife and child!

Here's a hint - it's the one who spent the better part of her career rolling around in sweat, dirt, and other assorted fluids while wearing ass-less chaps!

Give it a watch (above)!

Ah! Live television truly at its best!

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51 comments to “The Performance That Shut Down The Voice Yesterday! Check Out Tonny Lucca's 99 Problems HERE!”

  1. 1

    Her make-up looks better than usual. I don't know why she's so worried about derogatory language… she's the one who bragged about not being a virgin before she was 17 and went through her super tacky "dirty" phase which almost tanked her career. She's one to talk.

  2. 2

    Hey floptina people who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones!

  3. 3

    The most offensive thing about that show last night was christina's gold gown she wore in her duet with her guy/opera-man/whatever his name is. Her boobs were falling out of the front of it and the dress was so tight in back that her back flab was busting out between the shoulder straps in back. Christina, you need to either a) lose weight or b) go up a dress size. Jeez, it's not rocket science! I hope Team Ceelo/Juliet Simms wins, anyway.

  4. 4

    This is HUGE. All of America must be talking about it, screw the primaries/elections, this is much bigger shit.

  5. 5

    Wow, Christina is annoying.

  6. Ang190125 says – reply to this


    He just straight up did Hugo's version of 99 Problems… check it out from the album Old Tyme Religion by Hugo.

  7. pdlc says – reply to this


    Ms. Aguilera is a mean spirited, nasty, washed-up has-been that should be grateful she has a job on the voice. Her best days ARE over. She is such an awful person that I do not even bother watching the voice. I get my viewing pleasure from reading Perez Hilton.

  8. 8

    Re: Ang190125 – Yes, and he copied Marty Casey's version of Hit Me Baby One More Time. It really bugs me when they call it original when it is a total copy. I have seen some Idol contestants give credit for covers of covers - these guys should do the same.

  9. kassie says – reply to this


    who cares if it was Hugo's version…they ALL did covers. and he did a great job.
    XTina needs to be quiet. She has been more demeaning to women in her choices of dress, her videos, and her failed attempt at overtly using sexuality. It isn't necessary to be such a bitch to make a point. Her texting while Tony was thanking all the coaches showed truly how classless she is.

  10. 10

    christina obviously has an issue with Luca. she always has something negative to say and 9 x's out of 10 always has to mention mickey mouse or britney or justin, etc.

    the version he did was excellent. it's fcking music. get over it. when one has a huge ego they think everything is about them. even if it was, who cares. she should have just complimented his performance and left it at that. that would have bugged the man-duo more. She was the one who embarrassed the wife and kid.

  11. 11

    Perez, we get your point, Christina's a bitch, and you can't stand her. Surprise surprise! Ok, move on. YOU COULD SERIOUSLY BEAT A SUBJECT UNTIL IT'S DEAD!!! Please don't tell me you're still holding this vendetta against her because she's prettier and a better vocalist than your precious Gaga.

    Christina's just as much of a bitch as Adam is a whiney spoiled brat who can't handle it when he doesn't get his way, period.

  12. 12

    she needs to shut the fuck up. nothing is more offensive than her hair that's ready to snap off or her make-up that she puts on with a trowel. she may have a grudge with a couple more successful mousketeers and is taking it out on him. she's the one that should be fired, the only eye sore in an otherwise well produced show.

  13. 13

    What a surprise. Christina being a bitch again. SHOCK HORROR. AS IF WE HAVEN'T BEEN WARNED ABOUT THIS BEFORE…
    But lol at Perez's comment above. Actually made me lol… 'it's the one who spent the better part of her career rolling around in sweat…'

  14. Xtina pop icon!!bitch! says – reply to this


    Xtinas performamce with chris man was épic !! She is an iconoc artis with an incredeble voice she can says wherever she wanted cuzz she is the queen of the show !! 5time Grammy award winner , over 60.000.000albums sold , 59.000.000 singles sold , she is the best voice of music industry !! Dont be jealous of XTiNAs , power , fame, talent , $$$$$$cuzz she still has the voice , she making 10.000.000 much moré than blake , adam, celo . Together !

  15. loreto says – reply to this


    she and her ego should get the fuck out this show. so annoying

  16. Xtina is a pop icon!b* says – reply to this


    All of You jealous Bitches , You need to understand xtina is an icon with an incredeble voice & talent , 5 time Grammy award winner , over 60.000.000 álbums sold , 59.000.000 singles sold , And still have the voice to says wherever she santa cuzz she is the queen of the show !! She still cashing 10.000.000 paycheck moore than blake , adam, celo together..

  17. 17

    With the texting, they tweet throughout the show and show those Tweets at the bottom of the screen.

    Bottom line, Lucca's vocal performance wasn't the best. Sorry. They're all talented. I'd be happy seeing any of them win, but by claiming this as the "Shut down performance?" Did you watch the same show I did?

  18. 18

    Re: Xtina pop icon!!bitch! – Yawn….She who lives in glass houses. Didn't she just have an incredibly huge flop that contained the classic lyrics Lick my woohoo and my woohoo tastes like cake. Geez every damn decent songwriter must by writhing in their graves. She is a diva has been. Tasteless, tacky and ignorant. Instead of letting her boy sing and have her remain a backdrop to his voice, she had to over sing and over do and drown him out as she always does. Tacky, tacky and tacky.

  19. fiera says – reply to this


    She is such an asshole!!

  20. gagaloo says – reply to this


    How was she being a bitch? He sung a song calling her a bitch when her SON is backstage. How TACKY AND CLASSLESS. Anyone defending this behavior has serious problems.
    And Perez, still the bully I see. Perez, you BULLIED Christina for months on end. Shall we make a list of all the people YOU have bullied?

  21. jamie22 says – reply to this


    It was disrespectful to do that song. She never called Tony out of his name. Why would Tony do that? Her REACTION to his ACTIONS were called for and hardly make HER a bitch. Can Christina haters ever see anything objectively or are you just foaming at the mouths and grasp on to anything to say she's a bitch?
    And screw this mediocre vocal performance, the REAL performance of the night was the STUNNING one with Christina and Chris Mann.

  22. georgia597 says – reply to this


    Re: JungianQueen
    It literally shut down production because Adam and Christina got in a huge fight during rehearsal for it. LOL i thought the same thing when it read it, but he did mean it literally.

  23. ONIT says – reply to this


    What's wrong with her? I guess I'm starting to dislike her big time. I'll never buy any of her music again and will turn of the radio as soon as they play it. She's gets more and more annoying!

  24. Adrian says – reply to this


    She's not a bitch, she's a fucking bitch. God i hate the woman, she's the reason i stopped watching that show.

  25. Adrian says – reply to this


    oh and i forgot to mention she looks like Jay Leno. Except Jay Leno is not as fat.

  26. VictorBrown says – reply to this


    Maybe she should call up Jay-Z and tell him how derogatory it is. Of course then he might have to explain to her that he wrote it about a cop and to follow Adam's advice and look up metaphor in the dictionary.

  27. tom says – reply to this


    Christina looks a lot better then she did last season. I guess she lost some weight.

  28. madbonna says – reply to this


    Funniest part about this is Christina says "you've got your beautiful wife and daughter here tonight…" ummm WRONG, his wife and son LIAM, even poor LIAM looks confused at this. Their baby daughter was not shown at all this episode so likely not their. Then when he's thanking all 4 judges, she is rudely texting. She talks on and on about 'class acts' but refuses to act like one herself…. just saying.

  29. 29

    Re: gagaloo – If her son was backstage, she should have been more worried about how her nipples were about to show in the duet she did with Chris.

  30. David 747 says – reply to this


    The boys from the band The Wanted were so right about her. She is such a bitch. They loved Jennifer Lopez and said she is sweet and very beautiful. They didn't like at all because she was totally rude to them. Go Adam Levine.

  31. 31

    I grew up listening to Christina Aguilera and have always liked her until she started on The Voice. I am all for women speaking their mind and standing up for what they believe in, but she has been nothing but rude all season long. Mostly to Chris and Adam, but to other contestants as well. I know she probably wants to win and thinks she's being cute and funny, but it does just make her seem like a bitch. Besides, she's been out of the press for so long before this, all of this is probably helping her failing career. She has a great voice but she has always been pretty class-less. Just like it was ridiculous for her speaking about Britney Spears tweeting for people to vote for Tony, it's a reality competition. I'm sure if more celebrities were tweeting for their followers to vote for her team, she'd be all for it. She's just a hypocrite. I hope they replace her next season with someone with a little more class and eloquence.

  32. 32

    Go Christina!!!!!! What an inappropriate song for a family show. I love her now.

  33. 33

    I used to love Xtina but this season of The Voice has totally changed my opinion of her. She's still talented, sure, but her constant attempts at making this show ALL ABOUT HER is petty and desperate. The constant jumping up on stage to eclipse her team members accomplishments, the "I'd do the song like this…" comments, the snide remarks to contestants and judges … it's all off-putting. She needs to be replaced.

  34. 34

    OK he is such a F**KING ASSHOLE!!!!

  35. xtinaguilera says – reply to this


    haha actually kind of funny.
    I love christina!

  36. 36

    It's not news that Aguilera is a c*unt with a rotten attitude. She's always been a stuck-up snot. There's no excuse for it, but she surrounds herself with yes people and so she gets away with whatever she wants. Bitch needs a good punch in the mouth every day to let her know her shit does, in fact stink. She still has the pipes, though. Bitch can sing.

  37. llock4 says – reply to this


    His performance was awesome! Christina knows it that's why she acts that way. Sore loser! He gets better at every turn and he's put up with alot of her crap. I can't blame him.

  38. Wmariah says – reply to this


    Re: Xtina pop icon!!bitch! – Now if only the BITCH could buy herself some class…that would be something.

  39. wmariah says – reply to this


    Re: gagaloo – You're worrying about the public and the media calling her a bitch while her son is backstage? REally? You rarely see this woman with her son in the first place. All you see is her drunken azz being guided by her lover. Who's setting the wrong example with her son….MOMMY DEAREST. Stop defending this no class has been.

  40. 40

    Christina looks like that Mom who took her kid to the tanning salon. What a complete and utter bitch she is, she's lost me as a fan, I can't stand bitter old cows like her, I would of went up grabbed that drink out of hand and dumped it on her head, her face looks like she was running behind a bus and it stopped. Stop being a jealous mole Christina.

  41. Michelle says – reply to this


    She is just bitter because Tony would not give her the time of day back in the Disney days. Fat-Tina is washed up, selfish as hell and needs to go back to passing out in strangers beds drunk. Throughout the entire season of the Voice, everything always was about her, I am sick too, I am wonderful, I am a cow, etc…..

  42. skyler says – reply to this


    TOTAL HUGO RIP-OFF, what a jerk for taking credit of this version

  43. 43

    She did so much for the empowerment of women while rolling around in "assless chaps" ..white trash she is!!

  44. 44

    Just signed up on NBC.com to do surveys on their show..intend to have "MY VOICE" heard and get her fired…lets get her…make "YOUR VOICE" heard too.

  45. 45

    She is simply annoying.

  46. 46

    She should be ashamed that she made such nasty remarks directed at Tony's family. How would she feel if someone publically on national TV in front of a million people verbally attacked her in front of her son. Well, her son probably is raised by the nannies ( thank god for him as Mommie Dearest is to busy getting wasted stumbling around with her Boy Toy version of Ray J)

  47. 47

    Love Adam, but that "it's a metaphor" comment was just stupid. I'm on team Xtina

  48. 48

    Tony doesnt have enough tallent.. so he has to be controvertial…. as mediocre as Adam is….

  49. 49

    Re: Xtina pop icon!!bitch! – Yes she is talented, beautiful and a great entertainer. I agree totally. But I have never believed all the stories about her being bitchy until I watched The Voice for the 1st time this season. She does not have to be so nasty. It really takes away from her.

  50. 50

    that tshirt thing was hilarious

    hahahahahaaa i have to however agree with her it was good but nothing spectacular and taking ur only shot on stage and choosing a song to basically attack a judge is a waste of a chance to shine … it was one notch above what u would see in a kareoke championship comon more stretching the voice and talent and less trying to irritate vunerabal woman…adam got dumped so naturally hes pissed

  51. 51

    on american idol, simon was always seen as the tough one and came down on the singers ppl loved, yet when a woman does it she's a bitch…adam is an asshole. he can take his whiny voice and shove it. tony lucca did a good job but he shouldn't have sung that song. metaphor my ass. they did it directed towards xtina obviously. all strong, opinionated women are going to be called a bitch. adam levine ca go fuck himself. also, perez, enough with this passive aggressive bullying. it's still bullying. idiot.