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Britney Spears Is OFFICIALLY Judging X Factor, Y’all!

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Britney Spears is officially locked in to judging the American version of Simon Cowell’s X Factor!!

A source close to BritBrit reveals:

"The contract is signed. There's been a lot of back and forth over the past few weeks as they negotiated the small details, but she's on. It's all completed and Britney is beyond excited…She's ready for this. She can't wait to sit down next to Simon at the judges' table and give this everything she's got. She is excited about showing the world that she can do this, and do this well. This is the perfect next stage in her career. Both Britney and Simon are very excited to work together."

While we were 95% sure she wouldn’t forsake us by backing out of the reality show deal, our hearts have finally stopped fluttering thanks to the confirmation.


Now if they could only convince Miss Demi Lovato

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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30 comments to “Britney Spears Is OFFICIALLY Judging X Factor, Y’all!”

  1. Jason says – reply to this


    Yay! Can't wait to see Brit Brit week in and week out.

  2. 2

    I think Britney will be perfect…..for giving a master class on lipsyncing.

  3. tom says – reply to this


    I am sure she will be so insightful.

  4. 4

    I love how you say its official and it's not even a statement from her, her camp nor even simon….im still crossing my fingers and toes this deal falls through

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Wouldn't it be awesome if Xtina was over the voice and they got her and Britney to judge X Factor? I would never happen…but just saying :P

  7. 7

    What the fuck does Britney Spears know about talent? She's as talentless and manufactured as they come.

  8. 8

    so fucking great!

  9. Steve says – reply to this


    Re: tom

    No kidding…someone who can't even sing live judging a singing competition…ridiculous.

  10. 10

    Oh no, let the cigarette's cheeto's and white trash begin…can her gays turn this into a hit?

  11. 11

    Citing some "random source" doesn't make anything official you piece of shit.

  12. GuessWhoTho says – reply to this


    Re: lacroix – Yes we can tbh

  13. 13

    Off-topic: These tour "costumes" look horrible on her body type.

    People will tune in, however, unless she is given lines to read, she will suck. She can barely even form a sentence these days, and she can't/doesn't even sing.
    She is suited for a show like America's best dance crew or something along those lines, at least she USED to be a good dancer…..

  14. bslover says – reply to this


    My beautiful babyyy♥

  15. 15

    Re: bslover – Baby???? More like old used weathered old lady…she cant even dance because of all the meds, which is a very good thing…no more crazy unkept lady.

  16. 16

    It's not "official" until it's announced by someone credible. Not some source who likes to blab to you.

  17. Gary says – reply to this


    Ohhh the crabs!! there's a lot of humongous CRABS in here!!! You all dying of jealousy!!

  18. 18

    Britney Spears getting paid 15 million to be on X-Factor for 1 year

  19. 19

    Britney's not even allowed to grocery shop without approval from her team of Psycho-Wackos, and they are letting her decide the fate of other people careers in the music biz?

  20. 20

    This is be an instant increase in ratings….she has the IT and X factor and has been in business for 13 years. Definitely gonna be HOTTTT!

  21. 21

    Re: Six7Six7 – She's only sold 180+ million albums, had 9 albums released (including compilation and greatest hits); 6 #1 albums, widely successful sold out world-wide tours, been named to Forbes most powerful women 3 times…I mean this woman has endured and still been successful for 13 years….She's talented, resourceful, and has intestinal fortitude….She's the Queen of Pop and Legendary ICON

  22. 22

    Re: it-is-what-it-is – You speak as if you are around her all the time and know her personally (inside and out). What garbage and utter nonsense you spew. Quit reading tabloids and blogs of trash. You have no idea what she does, how she speaks, or her vocabulary or eloquence in speaking. You just mimic what other gossips say. Yes, actually she does sing and she sang live on her Femme Fatale tour for at least 84% of the songs….and she dances. Granted, she doesn't dance like she used to when she was 16, but who does after two knee surgeries and two kids? NO ONE!..She still dances better that RIRI, XTINA, GAGGAG, Katy, Kesha, and everyone else.

  23. 2dhighest says – reply to this


    u may have the voice and can be an idol for a moment but if u dont have the xfactor u wont last that long in a dog-eat-dog world of showbusiness. britney is an enigma and she'll be perfect for this. haters pls crawl back up you mothers' sh*thole!

  24. 24

    Another show just JUMPED THE SHARK! Goes to show you Simon has no clue about reality!

  25. 25

    I'm not a fan of Britney but I'm curious to watch how she'll handle herself. We haven't heard her talk for how long now? Maybe seeing her will change my view of her. I'm keeping an open mind

  26. 26

    you can say: She is talentless, but remember, she sold more than 100 million of records. She definitely knows what it means "the X factor"

  27. 27

    Don't you mean Krissy Doucet? I mean, I read Pop Baby Krissy Doucet, and can honestly say that I bet Krissy would do a better job than Brit-Brit. Diane Story had the right idea when she wrote it and actually gave the girl some talent. Even though it's in her bed, with,, who?… Hahahah…

  28. jhon says – reply to this


    I LOVE B

  29. 29

    Re: Six7Six7 – She DOES have talent… you clearly haven't heard ALL of her songs, released and unreleased, were her voice is natural and… HOLY SHIT! She has an amazing voice! And it's so sweet and she doesn't need to SCREAM… you get it, right? She's also THE BEST DANCER OUT THERE! She might not be doing it like before, but there's NO ONE who can do it like her back then, and still, she does it better than A LOT other singers who try so hard and the result is just an "average" dancing… IT'S BRITNEY, BITCH! ;)

  30. andreakicksass says – reply to this


    The next step in her career? By taking a step DOWN and only gettin a gig to judge a reality show??? Come on. That was my impression of Steven Tyler. This is lame.