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Fifty Shades Of Grey Being BANNED In Florida Libraries!

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Fifty Shades Banned

"Mommy porn" banned? UNEXCEPTABLE!

And yet, it's true! Fifty Shades of Grey has been banned in at least 3 county libraries in Florida so far, most of them claiming the content is unsuitable for their shelves.

Now the libraries are being hit with censorship claims (we bet those who attended E L James's book signing in Miami would be FURIOUS!)!

The counties so far are: Brevard, Collier, and Charlotte.

The libraries are saying that they have to look at reviews before they buy because of a limited budget, and Charlotte says they might pick it up later on — but also said they don't buy erotic or pornographic books as one of the reasons.

Collier was a little more harsh, and cited reasons outside of the graphic content. They instead point to the book's "lack of literary merits including writing quality and lack of compelling plot."


Well, whether or not you don't think it's up to your standards of literature, why can't it have a place on your shelves regardless? Especially if TONS of people want to read it? Don't you want to keep libraries popular in the growing digital age?

What other books would you deem inappropriate? Lolita? Books about sexual technique? Pulp romance novels that have every bit of graphic descriptions??

Sounds ridiculous to us!

How do U guys feel about this??

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19 comments to “Fifty Shades Of Grey Being BANNED In Florida Libraries!”

  1. 1

    You mean 'unacceptable'.

  2. Sarah says – reply to this


    oh my god, did you pass grade twelve english? it's "unacceptable"

  3. Persnickety says – reply to this


    It should be banned from public libraries. I've read it (and I liked it), but it's not something that should be paid for with tax dollars. And it definitely should not be something that kids or teens are able to check out.

  4. 4

    Of course it is. Florida is home of the 40 IQ-book burning-witch hunting Republicans.

  5. 5

    You can get the Bible out of the library. That shouldn't be paid for with tax dollars either. Censorship is unacceptable no matter what form it takes.

  6. Figgs says – reply to this


    If there's any reason that it should be banned, it's because it's BORING.
    If you want to read really good erotic literature, read the Sleeping Beauty trilogy written by Anne Rice of Interview with the Vampire fame under the pseudonym A.N. Roquelare. Or get Exit to Eden, a really good erotic novel as well. Just make sure NOT to see the horrible movie they made out of it starring Rosie O'Donnell. Eww!

  7. CatherineA says – reply to this


    it should be banned because of the message it sends to young women…..that you need to submit to a man or do what he wants so he'll call you and love you..NOT because of the sex…if anything the sex in harlequins that are at libraries is more intense than the poorly crafted sexual moments in this book…but the message? Not something I want my future children reading.

  8. 8

    Good. There is nothing significant about this book. This makes room for more noted authors. Bring in the Chomsky and Fitzgerald!

  9. KImble says – reply to this


    It should be banned EVERYWHERE. It's just a ripoff of Twilight. I have a very strong feeling this author will soon be sued for plagiarism. If not by Stephenie Meyer, then by someone else she has borrowed from and not acknowledged. Although I hate Stephenie Meyer's writing, I actually felt sorry for her when I found out how E.L. James came to write her book. It was originally Twilight fan fiction, but she has since changed the names of the main characters. When you read James' book, it's like deja-vu. There's something malicious about that–profiting from someone's else's ideas and hard work. It's unethical and just plain wrong.

  10. 10

    Re: KImble – I only read the first two chapters of 50 Shades however, I thought the exact same thing, it reminded me a lot of Twilight. I couldn't read anymore because I wasn't interested any further & it definitely seems like plagiarism. I'm not a prude by any means but, you could literally pick up this book, open it to any page and find written porn almost immediately. I think, for county libraries it's not appropriate, especially since a lot of schools use public county libraries.

  11. lrs says – reply to this


    It should be banned everywhere simply because it's a piece of shit book, poorly written, predictable and lacking in substance. It gives Fan Fiction writers a bad name. Nevermind the Twilight thing, I find myself horrified anyone in this world would read this series and think it's actually any good. I gave them a chance as I NEVER give up on a book and I thought for the amount of attention and rave reviews, it HAS to get good at some point. I had to restrain myself from throwing my kindle across the room countless times.

  12. Painted Eyes says – reply to this


    PLEASE find yourself a decent editor so the world doesn't think all Americans are idiots!

  13. Meh says – reply to this


    It should be banned, because it's the most awful crap I've ever laid eyes on! The relationship was abusive and repellent. and the "erotica" got so old and sooooo overdone I was rolling my eyes and started actually SKIPPING the pages to get back to the actual story, which wasn't a massive improvement, I think the author just wanted to write about sex and her own fantasies and threw some ill conceived plots in around it. I am not a big fan of erotic novels, but once in awhile the story line sucks me into one, THESE books I picked up because they are on every best seller list, which to ME implied they might actually be good. WRONG. I really hate how these awful relationships are being pushed to the forefront and romanticized in pop culture and literature. Women drool over these books, and take their Daughters to watch movies like twilight, but if their little girls actually came home with these kind of messed up, controlling, manipulative, jackass type men, they would be freaking the hell out! It's so pathetic.

  14. jetfan7060 says – reply to this


    I'll tell you what's 'unexceptable'….your grasp of the English language.

  15. LNMART says – reply to this


    I'm unsure if the book is officially "banned" or if the libraries have merely chosen not to stock it on their shelves; there is a difference. I downloaded the book on my iPad about a month ago and truthfully, it's a snoozefest. The writing is very poor, and it just regurgitates the same sex scenes over and over. Duller than dull. Some very erotic reading would be Ann Rice's Beauty Trilogy from the 1980's….although once again, it becomes monotonous as well.

  16. lnmart says – reply to this


    Figgs, I just noticed that you had posted about the Beauty Trilogy as well. So I'm not the only one who drew a connection between the two books. Kimble and Ariam, you mention that it reminded you of twilight. Other than having a whiney self depricating main female character, I don't draw any connections between the books. All in all, I really wasted the money to download this book. I usually read an ebook within a week, i've had this on my iPad for a month and I still haven't finished it…too boring.

  17. lnmart says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – Well said, I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly.

  18. 18

    Learn how to spell, Perez. =P

  19. 19

    If Collier holds high standards for the quality of literature that's available in its county, then one can assume that there isn't a single copy of the 'Twilight' series to be found…right?!