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Next Week, On A SPECIAL TWO-HOUR Episode Of Glee

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Oh, and did we forget to mention …PEREZ?!

That's right, Gleeks, we are now only one week away from the absolutely EPIC, two-hour special event on Glee, which will not only feature our beloved New Directions looking a little, ahem, 'different' to Tina after she bumps her head during rehearsals, but the moment we share a judges table with Lindsay Lohan!

Ch-ch-check out the promo for Props and Nationals (above)!

GAH! This will be the last time New Directions as we know them will all be competing together before a big chunk of them go off to graduate!

It's the end of an era! TEARS!

And we promise, you are NOT going to want to miss it!

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6 comments to “Next Week, On A SPECIAL TWO-HOUR Episode Of Glee…”

  1. 1

    Fuck. One more week of your daily postings about your minor appearance on this unrealistic, lame and gay-ass show about a bunch of 20-somethings still in high school. A week of over-kill about yourself, a week of your ego and self-promotion. Guess it's not much different than any other week. More stories that are lucky to get 3 comments and more readers going to sites with actual gossip.

  2. 2

    STFU I love glee

  3. 3

    …more gayness!

  4. 4

    wow! why is Lady Who even on this site if you hate it so much.So sick of all the haters and their really discussting comments.Bullies as children and now bullies as adults only now your hiding behind your avatar. It's true a leopard never changes it's spots. Perez why don't you block the people that are so hateful, especially to you?

  5. 5

    Re: missmollychips – Lmao, if he blocked the haters, there wouldn't be anyone left. He need us, get used to it. And you obviously don't get what this site is all about, it has nothing to do with gossip. Ironic you saying a leopard never changes it's spot yet you think Hilton has. He hasn't.

  6. 6

    Re: Lady Who? – ] He needs us, get used to it? You are a moron as well as a bully. Your nothing but a silly quip in a comments box. Your talking out your ass! He survives with sponsers and much much more. His survival does not depend on small ignorant minds. Why don't you crawl back under the rock you came from, with your backward veiws. It's you that don't understand this site. People like you are why kids and adults alike are so afraid to be their true selfs, comments like yours belong back in the stone ages. So go find your rock and get under it!!!!