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MORE Masseurs Step Forward, While John Travolta Provides An Alibi For The First Case

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John Travolta more step forward

John Travolta may be off the hook for at least one of the sexual assault lawsuits filed against him by an anonymous male masseuse, but there are plenty more stepping forward.

The first lawsuit claims that the married actor made a VERY uncomfortable pass at him during a massage at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in El Lay on January 16. However, sources have uncovered a photo of Travolta in New York City on that specific day AND a $382 receipt from a meal at an NYC restaurant called Mr. Chow.

The restaurant has also verified the receipt, so that's pret-ty convincing evidence that condemns the first plaintiff's lawsuit.

High profile lawyer Marty Singer has called the claims "absurd and ridiculous." He accuses both men of lying and plans on countersuing for malicious prosecution. The lawyer filing the suits, Okorie Okorocha, on behalf of the masseurs isn't intimidated though.

In fact, he says there are MORE people stepping forward who have had similar experiences with the Grease star. The lawyer explained:

"By the time this case is over Marty Singer will have to accuse more than 100 men of lying because I have been contacted by people, mostly men, that have first hand information about similar behavior on John Travolta's part to that contained in the lawsuits I have already filed against him. I have witnesses and the potential for more accusers in virtually every state of the union who have called me. I'm currently in the process of investigating their claims and verifying the information before possible further action is taken."

And as for that countersuit? He says, "Bring it on," and continued:

"If Marty Singer thinks he can sue me on the validity of Mr. Travolta's denials, and if he wants to file the lawsuit now, I will give him a waiver allowing him to proceed with it at this stage of the case, even though under California law he has to wait until he wins the case, and that absolutely won't be happening. It will never happen, he won't win, so we might as well get it over with now. Bring it on."

This guy sounds confident that he's got a case! Like, REALLY confident! However, since Travolta's camp easily disproved the first accusation, we wonder how valid the rest of them are.

Do U think this is all B.S. or is this Hollywood heavyweight about to start handing out $2 million left and right?

[Image via WENN.]

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45 comments to “MORE Masseurs Step Forward, While John Travolta Provides An Alibi For The First Case”

  1. 1

    OK so the closet pole smoker was in NY at 11:30 PM. BIG FUCKING DEAL. this reciept is MEANINGLESS

  2. 2

    i think as many as they want can come forward and we can all think ok hes into this and that but legally without proof noone is getting any $$ so they got touched up for nothing …

  3. 3

    Where there's smoke there's a flamer.

  4. NYJ says – reply to this


    "since Travolta's camp easily disproved the first accusation"

    Travolta's camp has provided an unproven alibi, nothing more. His name does not appear anywhere on the receipt, and we're shown a photo (itself possibly suspect) claimed to have been taken on the date in question- again, with no evidence other than Travolta's camp's say-so

  5. T says – reply to this


    Where there's smoke, There's fire. Could it be true?

    I think he should abandon the closet and come out. He wouldn't be going through this if he just came out. I wonder y these rumors are circulating around Travolta? He was a major badass in the 90's. He did awesome in Face Off movie with Nic Cage. I kind a feel sorry for him and his family. Wish him luck IF these law suits are false.

  6. 6

    since he has rock solid proof of his whereabouts that clearly punches holes in their case against Travolta, the rest are more than likely people jumping on the bandwagon trying to make a buck off of him. If that's the case, i hope he sues the shit out of everyone of them and the shyster lawyer leading this group of idiots!

  7. 7

    Re: raypearson – Exactly what I was thinking. The man is filthy rich, he is a freaking PILOT and owns his own air planes….This would be EASY for him to accomplish.

  8. 8

    Re: malarky – if you think that a receipt and a photo of him with no dates, no names no nothing is iron clad proof, you are a flipping moron.

  9. 9

    Re: NYJ – even if it is in fact his reciept Tom,Mike& Zeb have a copy and it is time stamped 11:30 PM. so it doesn't mean shit.

  10. 10

    Does anyone really care that adult males had "passes" made at them by John Travolta? It could have been just kidding around, laughing or teasing or maybe the real thing. What constitutes a "pass" and did anything really happen. I mean really, touch my ass for 2 million dollars, honestly unless something really juicy happened like sex tapes, Go for it Big John! Like they say, you don't know until you ask!!!

  11. JoJo says – reply to this


    It's just hard to believe that a person that well known would be stupid enough to do the things that these people are claiming he did especially in an age where everyone has camera's/video camera's on their phones. There are so many ways people can get "found out" or caught doing something that is considered wrong. Why would someone that successful put themselves in that situation. It doesn't make sense, it's got to be a lie…

  12. 12

    The only reason this is happening is because the gay community wants to out him. If he were out, they would sweeping this under the rug to protect him.

  13. 13

    Don't you think that this family has been through enough? They lost a child, and then were blackmailed. A person never recovers from the loss of a child. What does it matter if he is gay or not? If he is it is his right to remain private about it, not ours to laugh at or judge. Furthermore, I have done masseuse work, and rule number one is the minute the client becomes inappropriate in their behavior you stop the massage, call in another worker explain what happened and escort them politely out the door. NONE of these people alleging this happened did those things. They waited MONTHS….I also think the receipt does show proof, Travolta is a regular at Mr. Chow's, chances are whenever he is in NYC he eats there. It would be easy to know that when you are in a certain city you know what restaurant you went to months later. I have a list of menus from my favorite restaurants when I travel to certain locations. I bet Travolta does too. And they refused to name themselves because they are victims of sex crimes? Please he compared them to the Jackson case, THOSE were children, these were men, Many raped woman must give their name if they are an adult, what are these guys afraid of? Someone might come forward claiming they did this to them too? Come on, we are not so desperate as gays that we need to push for him to come out just to help further our own agenda, they been through enough, we need to leave them alone.

  14. 14

    I worked professionally as an actor for ten years and there are male (and female) actors in the closest. Some of them are staying in the closet because of their religion, what their families might think and for some it is a question of money - it seems harder to get work as a straight man once you are out, for example. Also, a lot of actors are sexually liberated (not all, but a lot) and desire to feel things and have experiences. It's part of wanting to know what other people think and feel (actors need to know what other people think and feel.) A lot of my male actor friends would have gay sex but still consider themselves straight. If J.T. is gay, it's his choice to speak about it or not. But I wish we lived in a world where we accepted all people.

  15. 15

    Re: Bluey67 – well put.

  16. 16

    Re: raypearson – Seriously do you really need to go after these people so your life can feel better? What if he is innocent? The lawyer himself is supposedly gay, this is someone else pushing their own agenda, we as gays are not so damn desperate that we need to go after these people and try to out him. If he is gay it is HIS business. Masseurs do not act like they did if their client behaved inappropriately no matter who the client is! He compared them to the Jackson case, who were children by the way! Are you really so full of hate you cannot see this for what it is? Receipt is not meaningless, it is proof, many people accused of murder got off on receipts. Remember, anyone can make an allegation, but proof is necessary to make it true. Travolta does not seem to be hiding anything, he immediately offered up proof but the other lawyer already tried to settle out of court, is doing his own intimidation by claiming "more" are coming forward. And yet he refuses to give names, isn't it your fundamental right to know who your accuser is and to cross-examine them? This is clearly a shake down or these masseurs have a poor excuse for an attorney.

  17. 17

    This whole thing seems off to me. Why are grown men waiting months to make these accusations and why is one doing it after the other? I understand when young children wait years to reveal abuse or won't say anything until one of their peers does because often the child is very fearful of their abuser and ashamed and confused by the incident. However, these are all adult men who could've spoken up for themselves at any time and didn't. Hell, there isn't any record of them reporting this to a superior or the police and that kind of raises a red flag, in my opinion. It says volumes about a person's true intentions if their first reaction to being violated is to visit a lawyer to sue.

  18. 18

    Re: TruthSquad – I agree and as a member of that gay community I am so sickened by the callousness of some people on this site. This behavior makes gays looks desperate and pathetic, someone is obviously pushing their own agenda and wow, so sad, they had to pick this family. Who has been through so much. As for the constant rumors about Travolta, so many gay men lust after him, they started those rumors years ago, and how sad, because J.T. has always been respectful of the gay community and has tried to help us and this is how we repay him. Straight men can be for gay rights people, it does not make them gay too okay? It makes them human beings with a good conscience and an even better heart.

  19. The truth says – reply to this


    I bet you it was Nicolas Cage wearing John Travolta's face.

  20. 20

    Re: KarrieBelle – So well said, and so true. These are not only adult men but adult masseurs, so they are MORE THAN comfortable with confrontation and with exerting themselves. THEY teach you how to handle these things in massage school. Shy people are not masseurs. You do have to touch another person's body to do this job. And wouldn't you think the way Travolta buried the people who tried to blackmail him with photos of his son's death these idiots would know better? Travolta seems to be a man who does not hide, as soon as he was accused he came out with proof that he was elsewhere. For all the dumbasses who wish to score money on celebrities, make sure you choose someone who most likely does not have an assistant who knows everything they do and where they are because I am sure he has one who has logs of books of all his appointments. Something tells me that Travolta is just getting started with his proof.

  21. 21

    Re: raypearson – Actually it means he was where he said he was, what do they offer as counter-proof? Oh wait, they do not have any….

  22. 22

    It's no Hollywood secret, John Travolta is TOTALLY INTO DUDES!!! He's been known to go out and prey on younger male actors promising them grandeur in trade for sexual favors ala his "Welcome Back Kotter Days."

  23. 23

    Re: flergasfsdfasdf – Date and time is clearly on the receipt and with digital cameras as the most used today i bet the time and date of the picture has it too.

  24. 24

    Re: jmos03 – Really? And what do you offer up as proof for your spreading of this latest rumor? Please do not be one of those resentful gay men who hates everyone because they want everyone to come out of the closet. Again I say we as a gay community do not need to out someone just to make ourselves feel better. Especially someone who has been so kind to the gay community with his vocal support and monetary support. Straight men who support gay rights does not mean they are gay themselves it simply means they have a heart and conscience. Can we please show this family a little compassion?

  25. 25

    Oh John….the jig is up :/

  26. 26

    Good god, i bet gay ass perez is loving this. besides, who the fuck cares, these sorry fuckers are probably just mad because he came to quick, now their gay asses are looking for attention.

  27. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Can you imagine those poor masseuses having to put their hands down the crease of his stinking, hairy, FAT Italian ASS .. ? OMG ! And all that blubber he has hanging from him ! Groooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos ! Gag me with a spoon ! J.T. is one pathetic case, and now, he is being forced from the closet ! LOL ! I am LOVING this !

  28. sexy geek says – reply to this


    i think its all bull! they want payoff..smdh

  29. Jani says – reply to this


    When the tiger woods scandal broke with first 1 woman then 2 everyone said the same thing - it gets pretty hard to disbelieve it when a bunch more people step forward - its true - how gross if I was his wife I would be throwing up thing about where his peen has been

  30. Spiral says – reply to this


    Let's think back to Al Gore. He faced these same accusations by several femaile massage therapists. It took one coming forward to get the others to speak up. And even then, nothing stood up in court. But the claims seem to have been true, unless his marriage breaking up shortly thereafter was just a coincidence. Like any kind of sexual abuse, winning a lawsuit is hard and bringing charges means you are opening yourself up to further humiliation. Not many people want to put themselves through that.
    We can't know if these accusations are true, but the comments here saying that this would never happen to a man or a massage therapist are sexist and wrong. And all the slurs assuming this must be part of some "gay agenda" are homophobic and sad.

  31. 31

    Sending best wishes to the Travolta family that they may get through this amicably. Not that it is any of our business, but it is quite obvious John is struggling.
    WE LOVE YOU JOHN! Either way.

  32. Jani says – reply to this


    Re: Spiral – I think you are correct - having been sexually assaulted by 3 bosses in my past I just moved on - now if a big case broke yeah - I step up and FINALLY get to tell my story I would feel united with others this happened to - I am totally for these guys getting revenge on him - people with too much power tend to feel entitled to abuse others watch-out cuz some day it may come back to roost - welcome to hell travolta sounds like u are reaping the wild oats u sewed in the wrong places!!!!

  33. bbelov says – reply to this


    He owns a plane for gods sake! He can get a blow job or a hand job in the early AM in LA and be in NY the same day!

  34. 34

    oh to be a fly on the wall of the elite in hollywood. i have no doubt this story is true.and i can't even begin to imagine the shit that goes on in hollyweird . but what amazes me more is how in such a publicity fueled environment, they manage to keep this shit hush hush. we need someone to expose the dirt on the stars, the nitty gritty details warts and all. what an amazing read that would be!

  35. 35

    Anytime a person wants money from getting sexually harassed/assaulted but not criminal punishment for the guy is normally always full of shit.

  36. jham says – reply to this


    This is either gonna get squashed if it's bogus . . . or it's gonna be Tiger Woods round 2 . . .

  37. jham says – reply to this


    Re: flergasfsdfasdf – That's a good point . . . he could have had the massage at 4PM and gotten into NYC by 9:30.

  38. Brenda says – reply to this


    Re: Bluey67

    Very nice post.

  39. 39

    I live in Los Angeles and know a lot of people in the business, grips, make-up, haor, actors, this is NOT new NEWS! Kelly is aware that John has like YOUNG MEN for years, she turns her head…there are not 2 or 3 or 4 men out there …it's more like 100-200 and that is NO joke, I have always been baffled how this never got out before…he is living a LIE, he prefers men over women and has since the Welcome Back Kotter Days and those are the facts…it's ALL coming to the surface now.

  40. 40

    Bluey67****You THINK you know a LOT more than youdo honey, the photos are bullshit, the receipt is bullshit, maybe the 1st guy got his dates wrong but regardless what he went through in the past few years the facts are HE IS A GAY MAN! Nothing worng with it unless you don't OWN it, nothing wrong with it unless you are grabbing other men's balls agaist their wishes! Has NOTHING to do with his son passing, or other gay men being angry HE F**CKS OTHER MEN AND HAS BEEN FOR Y E A R S. Period.

  41. 41

    He's the subject on a 'blind' item on another popular site. I think this is $cientologists trying to blackmail him back into line of control. It's already been mentioned in a few places that he's strayed from the 'church' and they are known to bully people into either being quiet or doing what they want. I think he's in between a rock and a hard place. He has no reason to hit on unsuspecting straight men- you can be sure there are plenty of gay men willing to either massage him or 'massage' him without him having to resort to such antics he's accused of. Of course, he could still be a creep– but, I think in relation to this whole thing, he's being smeared. Check out the blind gossip site for some interesting details.

  42. 42

    Re: Jani – I believe 'his peen' has never 'been' with his wife. They had embryos frozen from making their first kids, that's how she got to making the surprise bonus baby. She's his beard and went into that marriage as such. But if he comes out she will be outed as having accepted that life and I doubt she wants that and will do all she can to keep it quiet too. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!. Ha!

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