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33 comments to “Obama's Stance On Gay Marriage: What The Celebs Are Tweeting!”

  1. 1

    Yeah, nice of you to look over the timing of this.

  2. Dana says – reply to this


    He didn't say a thing about plans to make it federally legal, simply said he thinks gay people should be allowed to get married. Big difference between sharing his evolved opinion and saying he's going to try to make it the law of the land.

  3. Carrie says – reply to this


    no plans for making it federally legal, perez. he still wants it to be up to states to decide, he was merely stating his personal views. HOWEVER…hell yes Obama.
    gotta love equality

  4. 4

    wow, because gay marriage is the MOST important issue our country is facing right now…

  5. 5

    All he want is votes…nothing is changing.

  6. 6

    Of course he supports it now. Nothing to do with trying to keep his job. But hey, he endorsed it so well in the first 3 1/2 years. Wait? He didn't? In the words of George Takai "Oh Myyy"

  7. 7

    The fuck is wrong with Tyra's face and make-up? Is she trying to make "deranged" a thing like she tried with "smeyes"?

  8. 8

    Wow! Feels like election season is upon us. Who is jones-ing for votes right about now? If I remember correctly in 2008, he made all sorts of promises to the LGBT community and he is just NOW coming out and supports them after waiting all these years. Why do people continue to trust his lies. He is deceitful and does not love America at all.

  9. K10 says – reply to this


    Obama didn't declare any plans to make this federally legal, stop trying to make this into something more than a very strategic campaign ploy. Don't you think it's convenient he waited until the NC vote and after tons of other celebrities and politicians spoke out to make this announcement? He "endorses" same sex marriage yet agrees it should be up to each state to decide whether it's legal or not. AKA he *plans* to do nothing, and absolutely nothing has changed, and he agrees with the status quo. When he actually DOES something about the fact that gay marriage is not legal everywhere as it should be, then I'll be impressed. Until then this is nothing new for Obama - all talk.

  10. 10

    People need to remember that the President does not make the laws, Congress does. He can only sign or veto the laws presented. It is GREAT that he officially supports marriage equality, but until DOMA is either overruled by the Courts or repealed by Congress, there is still a very long way to go in this fight.

  11. 11

    Of course he supports Gay Marriage now! Hopefully people will see through this election ploy. Where was he several years ago?

  12. 12

    While I'm very glad that the President of our country supports marriage equality, he has no plans to make it federally legal. Way to read into something, idiot. It's an election ploy. He's done nothing to help with marriage equality before, and he isn't going to do anything now.

  13. 6one9 says – reply to this


    He JUST wants
    to be
    IS ALL

  14. NoOne says – reply to this


    Remeber when we first ran, and promised to improve the economy, make more jobs in the USA instead of over-seas, bring our troops home asap and focus on a green economy?
    Yeah…this man def keeps his word….
    I know someone who isn't getting my vote.

  15. Yup says – reply to this


    Thank you, Obama…this issue was looming over him for awhile. He NEEDED to do this. This is a human rights issue and equal rights for all. For all the homphobes and haters on this site: times are a'changin….I suppose most of you still think like the 1950's when people thought blacks could not marry whites. People are people- gay, bi or straight. Be kind, be tolerant and be good people.

  16. Now then says – reply to this


    Re: NoOne – So vote for Romney instead? a anti-woman, anti-gay super conservative who has no intellect or experience? Obama has done plenty of wonderful things…you should google what he has done, if you think he is such a failure. There is plenty of information telling you different….You must seek it out…. This is MAJOR today, thank you Obama…Times are changing and human rights are MAJOR issues to many. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL.

  17. 17

    Too bad for you Perez.. I can't wait till I read your post that it was denied, and that piece of shit masquarading as a president is without a job.

  18. Yes says – reply to this


    Re: NoOne – voting for Romney: an anti-gay, anti-woman morman man is not a good choice. Please google what Obama has done for this country please. There are major things he has done to set forth positive change. Please, seek out that information. Thank you Obama for the pro gay marriage words and times are changing! Thank you and equality for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19

    Re: NoOne – I agree, I lost my job of over 20 years which I loved and it was sent to India, voted for him once, will not vote for him again, you know what they say about "Fool me once …"

    Romnay is not so bad, at least he is not a super right wing religious nut like some of the candidates were.

  20. 20

    Re: CaritaDeCleopatra – Actually EQUALITY AND DISCRIMINATION is possibly the most important issue our Country is facing right now. Obama can end Discrimination OVER NIGHT, He can't fix gas prices/economy issues/etc over night.

  21. 21

    Re: teeter totter – Blame the company you worked for for moving the Company overseas. They did it NOT OBAMA. Give it up. He's not at fault for the Rich CEO's trying to save as much money as possible by fucking America over. Pathetic, nobody forced your dumb ass to move.

  22. 22

    Not a fan of this decision. Nothing surprises me with this joke.

  23. 23

    I know its a pre-election ploy, but I wish hed spend a little time on things like jobs, economy, etc - all the things he said he'd fix last time he ran.

  24. 24

    Love should be equal…i hope it will happen within my lifetime!

  25. 25

    Re: badnfluenz – sorry gay marriage WILL be legalized regardless of what president is in office… so it is not the most important issue. people being able to work and earn what they deserve is IMPORTANT. SUSTAINABLE energy is important because people NEED to be able to Afford it. not being TAXED to death is IMPORTANT. FREEDOM of choice is IMPORTANT. obama is a threat to all of those. Romney isn't that bad, and calling some one anti-woman and anti-gay because of their PERSONAL religious beliefs is extremely deceptive.
    If you want to give the government more of your money/power, don't complain once they start making YOUR decisions for you…
    I'm in favor of less government involvement so i'm voting republican. it's the lesser of two evils.

  26. 26

    Yet again, time to check your facts… while this is exciting news for equal rights, Obama did NOT "confirm his plans to make gay marriage federally legal." In fact, he said he stands behinds states rights to determine for themselves whether or not marriage should be between a man and a woman. He supports gay marriage, but he doesn't necessarily support federal legislation.

  27. 27

    At a time Obama didn't even believe in gay marriage, but of course people are going to act like he has always believed in gay marriage. I say let people marry who they want. If you don't believe in gay marriage, then don't marry someone of the same gender.

  28. Lulu says – reply to this


    How do y'all figure this is a ploy? He could potentially lose more votes than what he will gain from taking this stance. For example African Americans when polled generally lean towards the conservative side when it comes to social issues. Seeing as how they played a large roll in getting him elected the first time this is a pretty risky and gutsy move. He also clearly stated it was for the states to decide but that does not take away from the significance of the highest ranking official in this country supporting equal rights for all. To those of you saying there are more important issues sure there are but this is what he was asked about and given the recent vote just yesterday in NC this topic is clearly important to many Americans including myself. I could not be happier that he addressed it the way he did. Further more if this topic is so trivial why are you wasting your time commenting about it.

  29. David Volden says – reply to this


    Why must this idiot keep making me feel ashamed to say that I'm an American??

  30. 30

    Anything for a vote. Liberals and these far left celebs make me sick. Didn't he promise to bring all of our troops home? Took him an entire term and still nothing…Gays arent special

  31. 31

    How fucking stupid. These celeb's are fucking moron's. It wasn't brave or beautiful, it was forced by that idiot VP we have. He was cornered, or as the gays love to play it, bullied into coming out and supporting gay marriage due to that retard Biden. What a joke, and a political ploy at that. But at least the brain dead of hollywierd are happy now. Other than that, where the fuck is the federally legal part? He said nothing of that, quit making shit up. Besides, he CAN NOT MAKE ANYTHING FEDERALLY LEGAL. It's called checks and balances, balance of power, etc… The president has none in this area. Congress passes laws, and the supreme courts rule on if they are constituional or not. That is all. For god sakes, read a fucking civics book you fucking retard.

  32. straightarrow says – reply to this


    Just like clinton, Obama will not do anything for your guys. It's against his religion. He just want your votes and money (like he doesn't have it already) Lots of gay people are successful in their career so no need to be unhappy just because you can't marry same sex. I just hope that you just focus on the positive and love this country. Advised to gays and lesbians, being married is not “the total happiness”. Being with someone you love is, regardless of the condition you are in. Dig deep inside you, that’s where happiness comes from. NOBODY or NOTHING can make you happy but yourself. If you decide to be unhappy, then, you will be unhappy and vice versa. Lots of straight people are not happy and feel stucked with their situation too. Just do what’s right especially when nobody is looking. Don’t think ill of anybody and you’ll be happy.

  33. uz says – reply to this


    You freaking idiot, the specific issue aside, Obama has absolutely NO authority to make same-sex marriage federally legal. That is completely, 100% a state issue. Try to have some intelligence and validity when you write something. Please also try to write somewhat accurately and without both factual and grammatical errors as well.