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Desperate Crew Pissed At Teri Hatcher And Discount Housewives

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Teri Hatcher Is A Cheap Housewife With Crew

The women of Wysteria Lane should be embarrassed!!

We already told you each of the Desperate Housewives whose names don’t rhyme with Harry Snatcher pooled their money to buy their crew of eight years some parting gifts.

So how did those luggage sets go over?

Uh, not well. The crew was HARDLY impressed.

A source close to cast revealed:

“[The cast] should all be embarrassed. It’s just not right.”

Friends bought their guys PT Cruisers. Keanu distributed a million in cash to The Matrix crew. And the Housewives only ponied up a few bucks for third-rate luggage??

Well at least they did something!!

Teri Hatcher didn’t give a crap dollar to the fund!

The source added:

“She’s too busy stripping her trailer of everything but the kitchen sink! She’s hired people to take out her TV, her couch and practically anything else that isn’t nailed down.”

Hmmm. This is how reputations are made.

You girls might be grabbing your own Diet Cokes on the set of your next gig.

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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24 comments to “Desperate Crew Pissed At Teri Hatcher And Discount Housewives

  1. 1

    I need to know what brand of luggage it was. I'm guessing it wasnt Louis Vuitton if Perez is calling it "third rate". But to be fair, Perez also should be comparing the Desperate Housewives with Keanu Reeves and the money he made from the Matrix films. I think a nice watch or a luxury vacation would've been nice. Hell, even iPads would've been a good way to go.

  2. 2

    Gosh just be thankful. It's so hard buying people gifts sometimes.

  3. guest says – reply to this


    I used to work for Terri Hatcher she is one of the cheapest, most horrible people you will ever meet. She only cares about herself and her pathetic career.

  4. 4

    This was on the news last night and they said she bought something separately for the crew.

  5. 5

    I don't know what world that crew is living in but they should be grateful they have a job. They get paid for their work, so if it isn't written into their contract they get gifts at the end of a show's run, they should keep their greedy little traps such. Such an entitled attitude is a disgrace given the real suffering happening to people in this economy.

  6. 6

    Re: canuckistani – You certainly have a point.

  7. 7

    They should have just bought them some cheese to go with their whine.

  8. Jo says – reply to this


    Re: guest – "I used to work for Terri Hatcher".
    No you didn't. You can't even spell her name.

  9. Jo says – reply to this


    Re: KarrieBelle – It was Soren carry-on luggage. Such bags retail at $50-75 a piece.

  10. 10

    People need to wake the fuck up and stop feeling entitled to shit thats not even theirs! A couple of those woman probably wont even be able to get a job in the next couple of years. They got their checks?! GOOD keep it moving! If their uppty asses dont want the gifts then regifted it or donate it to someone who could use it!

  11. 11

    If you dont expect gifts then you wont get disappointed.

  12. j.no says – reply to this


    Re: Jo – Agreed.

  13. j.no says – reply to this


    My god, most crews get the usual jacket, bag, maybe iPod or iPad.

    As for the cars for the Friends crew, the leads were making $1million an episode and ended at the top of the ratings. DHW has been steadily declining the past 4 seasons. The crew should be happy they had jobs the past 3 years, and that they won't have to pay the income taxes that come with being gifted cars and cash.

  14. 14

    what a bunch of ungrateful people! Just makes me sick

  15. 15

    This is crap! The cast doesn't owe the crew anything! The crew was paid - and I'm sure very well - for 8 years. Be grateful for the job, you ingrates. If my employer goes out of business, they don't owe me any parting gifts. In exchange for paying me, I rendered my time and services to my employer. Obligations on both sides were met. Done deal. Shut up. Go home. This is greedy, stupid behavior.

  16. 16

    HAHA wow yeah cause the desperate housewives cast is remotely on the same level as Keanu Reeves from The Matrix!!!! What did you guys expect? A pent hose for each person?

  17. 17

    Greedy jerks were lucky to have union-scale jobs for the past 8 seasons. The wives werent obligated to give them anything.

  18. 18

    This is bullshit. Actors don't need to be giving crew lavish gifts. For one, crews are rarely ever consistent. They usually move on from show to show. There were probably many crew members on the show in the last season who were not on the show during the entire 8 year run.

  19. 19

    Mixed feelings about it. The crew were hired to do a job. They were given a job and the expirence for 8 years when loads of people couldn't even have them.

    However, I do think the girls could of at least took 100,000 each from the millions they made throughout the 8 years to at least get every a one week cruise maybe? Considering they were the ones that made it all possible, while not even getting a tenth of what those girls made.

  20. 20

    Those girls didn't have to give the crew anything at all, did they? If I were to base my opinion on the article above, I'd say, what a bunch of ungrateful shitheads. Still, there might be more to the story than what was said.

  21. shipwrek says – reply to this


    Anyone who has ever worked with Teri Hatcher knows she is a total bitch. It's about time it got out.

  22. callitlikeIseeit says – reply to this


    Re: shipwrek
    Ugg, I hardly ever look at this website because they make no effort to cross check information. I did not work on the show but as a working MU person I can say that the people who are hands on with the talent Hair, Makeup, On set dresser, 2nd2nd they usually get more personal gifts form the talent because they are the ones that look out for them directly. I would find one of the people in one of those departments and find out how they felt about the gifts. Also Friends was a mulit camera sit com. They had a crew of 60, DH had a crew of about 200, might make things a little more challanging when you have almost 4 X the crew to get gifts for.

  23. callitasIseeit says – reply to this


    Re: shipwrekRe: guest
    Really because when I talk to the crew about 98% would follow her anywhere. When you work on a lot that big you can get a feeling for what's happening. A really simple way to tell is how they treat the gate guards. The same people they see and interact with 5 days a week. They are people doing a job, it's not a huge job, they are just people and if there nice to them it's a sign. I'll say that T. Hatch is the only "housewife" the gate guards say they will miss.

  24. edingirl says – reply to this


    It's just a case of rampant jealousy - stop attacking Teri for being fabulous, she can't help it. Pretty sure the crew of a very successful 8 year show can afford to buy their own luggage, that isn't the point. It was the thought that counted - and leaving Teri's name off the label (even if she didn't contribute $$) takes the shine off the gift for those who will keep it as a memento. Who knows what Teri gave the crew privately - and she has kept her dignity.