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Fifty Shades Of Grey Author Has TWO Novels Hidden!!

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50 shades of grey trilogy

What did we do to deserve this, EL James!?!

Keeping new material from us is just torturous, LOL!!

While these two mystery books aren't from the same scandalous series as Fifty Shades of Grey (above), we know they must be flourishing with the same kind of entertainment!!

One is another erotic novel, and the other is a paranormal thriller for anyone into guilty pleasure the "young adults."

But she also teases with even newer material, noting it's going to be a challenge to top what she's already put out:

I've got several more good ideas but how do you follow this? I've set the bar quite high in terms of storytelling.

GURL. Don't stress, just write.

Trust us! We have total faith in your writing abilities - we are so obsessed, ha!!


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40 comments to “Fifty Shades Of Grey Author Has TWO Novels Hidden!!”

  1. emsmom888 says – reply to this


    Channing Tatum to play Christian Grey

  2. 2

    no no no… you have it all wrong ERIC DANE should play Christain Grey!!! His who I invision as Mr.Grey while reading the novel ;)

  3. 3

    This shouldnt even be made into a movie, alot of the book will be lost. HBO needs to make a short film that way they can show more racy parts of the books!

  4. elizzzle says – reply to this


    Matt Bomer for Christian Grey…hes exactly what i envision!

  5. SaysWho says – reply to this


    Actually these two books are the follow ups to the Fifty Shades of Grey-they have the very same characters further along.

  6. elizeeeee says – reply to this


    CHRIS ZYLKA as christian grey :D

  7. JESSIE says – reply to this


    Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder for Christian!! Either one would be perfect and I agree HBO should do this as series, alot is going to be lost when makeing the movie.

  8. 8

    Chris Evans or Taylor Kitsch! and Anna Kendrick as Anastasia! And Ashley Green as Katherine Kavanaugh!!

  9. Shawn says – reply to this


    Matt Boomer is the guy to play Christian - i read someone else suggest him and just goggled him. HE IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. AntonellaWreck says – reply to this


    This is weird but I pictured Ryan Phillippe as Christian Grey (or someone very similar looking to Ryan anyway) and I pictured Michelle Beaudoin as Ana (or someone very similar/younger looking)………… Re: cozoho – I never thought of Anna Kendrick but I kind of like it. And I LOVE Ashley Green as Katherine definitely.

  11. anaf says – reply to this


    No, wrong… this is book number 2 and book number 3, just sequels but still as good or even better!!!!

  12. 12

    You are all wrong!!! HENRY CAVILL is Christian Grey, no one else.

  13. Linda says – reply to this


    Alexander Skarsgard would ROCK the role of Christian, please make it so! :)

  14. 14

    PEREZ What do you think about Matt Bomer? White Collar. He is stunningly beautiful~ HE is just perfect~

  15. DeeDeeDelux says – reply to this


    Ian Somerhalder as the one and only Christian Grey (the eyes)

  16. MRSMOMOA says – reply to this


    This book should not be made into a movie. People are reading it and are coming away disappointed. Alexander Skarsgard is too old for the part, isn't the lead character supposed to have sexy eyes? Alexanders are has large bags under his eyes. I don't find him attractive. Now Ian Somerhalder he is a little old for the part but he does have the eyes.

  17. JENN says – reply to this


    It has to be IAN SOMERHALDER!!

  18. Stunned says – reply to this


    Re: honeylove021 – YES,,,,, SPOT ON,,,,

  19. diane says – reply to this


    since its was a twilight fanfiction to begin with i think rob and kristen

  20. Jessica says – reply to this


    It should be Jesse Williams from Greys Anatomy, Dr. Jackson!

  21. BeachyKeen says – reply to this


    MAX IRONS as christian grey!!

  22. Brenda says – reply to this


    Colin egglesfield for Christian!!! And Amanda seyfred for Ana.

  23. Kimmy2small says – reply to this



  24. 24

    ladies take your finger of your bean and come back to reality..its P0rn and real bad written

  25. 25

    Re: Cossabellissima – You're asking Perez what he thinks about an actor who would be in a role having heterosexual sex? You're asking Perez, who tried to force Sliimy and his god-awful failure of a children's book on the world, what he thinks of casting? Perez is a talentless, worthless hack who steals most of what he posts here. Perez has zero taste. Are you serious, or just that stupid?
    Re: lala44 – Correct. I don't think I've ever seen anything so badly written before (except what Perez writes). I couldn't get through the first chapter because it was so bad. What's wrong with people these days that they'll jump on a bandwagon and read something this awful? Does no one have any standards anymore?

  26. 26

    here is who should play Mr.Gray. Chad Overstreet from Glee, Zac Efron, or Josh Huntchenson from Hunger Games. Will the role require male nudity?

  27. Kelly Foster says – reply to this


    Ughh, did any of you REALLLLLY read the novels? If you did you would not be making these idiotic casting choices. CHRISTIAN is 27/28 years old, tall, LEAN but fit, copper colored hair, straight nose. On what planet do aactors like Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, Taylor Kitsch or Eric Dane even remotely makes sense? Please.
    And I love Matt Bomer but NO, that's not Fifty - too old for one thing, too short and charming but still too sweet - plus he's gay! I doubt I could logically believe him as Fifty.

    If he were a little younger, Christian Grey IS MICHAEL FASSBENDER. Period.

    And Ana, I hope is played by an unknown actress or Felicity Jones.

    As for Ana - 22, dark brown hair, huge blue eyes, very slim, not short but not too tall, fine, small facial features, soft voice, innocent but with an iron will. So on what planet do actresses like Anna Kendrick, or Amanda Seyfried make sense?

    And don't even get me started on Rob and Kristen - they are the inpsiration for the story but NOT the characters, this is different. How could you watch the film and think your looking at Christian and Ana if you've cast Edward and Bella? Umm, NO.

  28. Chiquitta says – reply to this


    No way, if Robert Pattinson is interested playing Christian Grey than I think he should …I don't care who will play Ana Steele as long as she has great chemistry with Rob. The draft E L James wrote called Master of the Universe was based on the Twilight Edward and Bella. I feel if E L James herself imagined Edward as Christian Grey. Rob should be asked first! And if he declines than move on to someone else, but if Rob does want to play Christian Grey than why shouldn’t he play the part??

  29. elena says – reply to this


    Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey ….no one else.

  30. elena says – reply to this


    IAN SOMERHALDER should play Christain Grey

  31. Lorena serrano says – reply to this


    I think Chris hems worth would be a great Grey. He is young,good looking, nice body, and very sexy

  32. Lena says – reply to this


    YES!!! Alex has such an amazing body. I'd love to see him in this role.

  33. 33

    Um… My choice, perfect choice NICK ZANO!!!

  34. Denisse says – reply to this


    Re: Kelly Foster – I LOVE Michael Fassbender (trust me, I mean I am OBSESSED), but he's even older than Matt Bomer, and he looks much older than his age (which is 34-35). I like Matt because his face and expressions are spot on as Fifty and his body is lean and fit, but you're right about the short-ish part (but that can be remedied by shoe lift, right? Like Tom Cruise in all his movies?). Felicity Jones is 28, but she looks young enough and so wide-eyed and innocent. But don't knock Anna Kendrick because is spot on as Ana (right down to her eyes) in a physical sense and she has academy award and golden globe nominations, so she has acting credentials (Plus I think she is cute as a button!)

  35. cristina says – reply to this


    She needs to come out with Christians point of view from the books. I think that would be awesome…… I love this trilogy ive read them all 3 and now im re-reading them!!!!

  36. Elke says – reply to this


    I know he isn't an actor, but if he were considering adding acting to his repertoire, John Mayer would make a perfect Christian and Jemima Kirke would be a great Ana… Also, it would be fun to see Kim Basinger as Mrs. Robinson

  37. annoyed says – reply to this


    Why don't you just have the directors of twilight do it, since that's what she ripped off anyway.

  38. SHELBY says – reply to this


    i love love love ian somerhalder but i cant imagine him with blonde hair, i have been picturing ryan phillipe or a bigger version of him….if they cast the movie poorly it will ruin it!!!

  39. Sasa says – reply to this


    I picked up this book at the book store and decided to read a bit of it. Now sometimes you find really awesome talents on fanfiction sites, but this style of writing was juvenile. I felt like I was reading one of the twilight books and someone was going to grimace or scowl for the 2 millionth time in a moment. I don't need to feel my brain rot and my vocabulary diminish as I read.
    We have such a rich history of truly interesting erotic writing ripe for conversion into screenplay for Mr Skarsgard to sink his teeth into and no one would come away unsatisfied. The guy is obviously smart and witty, this would probably be boring for him if actually read it. I know he commented but still.

    When I think of the concept of the book(minus the terrible execution) I think of Fassbender too- but he's already done Shame.

    Anyway, I put the book back on the shelf. I'd rather be reading "Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure" next.

  40. nancy says – reply to this


    Re: emsmom888 – Which one?