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John Travolta's Flight Records Easily Disprove His First Accusers Story

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John Travolta provides more evidence in his favor

It looks like John Travolta will easily be able to avoid coughing up $2 million to the first masseuse that has accused him of sexual assault.

John Doe #1, as the anonymous man is being referred to, filed a lawsuit that claims the married actor tried to repeatedly solicit sex from him during a 10am massage at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 16th. Unfortunately for John Doe's case, Travolta was in New York that day and has provided pretty significant proof.

On top of a receipt from an NYC restaurant and pictures from that day, flight records show that Travolta jetted from LAX at 8:21pm on January 15 and landed in Westchester County, NY at 3:59am. Furthermore, he was actually staying at the Greenwich Hotel on the day that he supposedly touched his scrotum and peen in front of the massage specialist.

That's pret-ty solid proof from Travolta's camp, but his accuser doesn't seem to be backing down. In fact, he would prefer if the world stopped talking about the issue (good luck with that) because "too often these matters are decided by swaying public opinion."

While still remaining anonymous, the man has finally spoken out. He asks that nobody "form any opinion" about any parties involved in the lawsuits before they go to trial. In a statement he issued the press, John Doe #1 writes:

“Despite the circus that celebrity matters seem to spiral into, we should grant all parties involved a wait-and-see attitude, and wait for either the official decision of a judge and jury, or the possibility of a dignified discussion between people who are not pit bulls, or aces, or anything, but are actually officers of the court (lawyers) who have sworn an oath to protect the justice system from losing its blind lady of justice with scales and replacing her with the days of Salem Witch Hunts."

Now that's what we call a run-on sentence! LOL!

We hate to be the people who break it to this guy, but he's living in a fantasy world. When you file a lawsuit against a major Hollywood movie star and accuse him of sexual assault and battery, the world is GOING to talk about it. People are going to want to know the details of the case and they are going to form an opinion one way or the other.

Speaking of which, do U think that John has successfully vindicated himself from the first lawsuit's accusations or is there still a chance he's guilty?

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16 comments to “John Travolta's Flight Records Easily Disprove His First Accusers Story”

  1. j.no says – reply to this


    This disproves nothing. You need more proof than a flight record of a plane he wasn't flying, despite the fact he generally flies himself. Receipts don't provide physical evidence he was there either, because these recipts do not have his signature. The supposed photographs with time stamps, that look like amateurs photoshop, do not have date stamps. All this, and they do not have one actual witness at this point.

    So, before you hop on the John Teavolta support band wagon you're better to jump back off and wait. Over the next couple of months there will be many more men coming forward. Besides, the second man not just is credible, but has complaints that were filed with time AND date stamps and proof that he was actually there.

  2. 2

    Just come out of the closet and be done with it.

  3. 3

    Gosh, Mario(n), I'm surprised you're not self-righteously insisting that Travolta come out of the closet because not doing so hurts your precious gay community. Why do you have different standards for different people? Travolta has offered no proof; I'm willing to bet the hotel can offer proof that Travolta was in the hotel that day and had rented (and paid for) the room (or whatever) in question. So before you go sounding off, ass face, about how Travolta has "proven" something, think again. He hasn't offered anything that is beyond question, you ignorant fool.

  4. Robert Crowley Miami says – reply to this


    first accuser's story — - let's not forget our apostrophes! Hialeah High hmmpf! Cubans can not rewrite the English language no matter what they say!

  5. 5

    Maybe that masseuse should pay more attention to grammar than rub and tugs!!!! I thought that is why men got massages….for the happy endings? Is this masseuse new????

  6. 6

    Travolts a really nice dude, I hate to see this happening to him. He must like people touching his pp is all I can figure. I think massages make him horny for dude cock.

  7. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    We need to change the laws so people can not become the victims of crazy lawyers who can bring any charge looking for a shake down
    When this is proven to be untrue, Travolta will have spent thousands, and thousands of $$$, and the accuser who we all know does not have a pot to piss in, is working with his lawyer on a 50/50 ? split of the take
    I think the attorney needs some skin in this game, and should have his licence up for graps, if its proven he filed a false claim

  8. coronalover says – reply to this


    Actress Carrie Fisher actually said that everybody in Hollywood know John Travolta is gay so therefore, I believe that it did actually happened. He needs to come out. I dont understand you, Perez! U pratcially forced poor Lance Bass to come out and now with John? U wont say anything about it? U and everybody else know John is GAY and that is ok! We dont care!

  9. 9

    Like I have said before, it's a bit fishy that a man goes directly to a lawyer to file a suit for sexual battery but doesn't even bother with a police report. Why don't some of you who are telling John to "come out of the closet" think about that for a second? Hell, even Perez seems suspicious of this and he is usually the first to call someone out of the closet.

  10. jham says – reply to this


    He flew on the 15th - when did he fly back? What are the flight records from the 15th - 18th. He could have gone back and forth. When did he check into/out of the hotel?

  11. jham says – reply to this


    To be fair - the plaintiff's attorney does not seem credible AT ALL. I'm just saying the above doesn't prove anything

  12. jham says – reply to this


    To be fair, plaintiff's counsel's complaint is written terribly

  13. 13

    In pre-trial maneuvering both sides often make claims that in court and under threat of perjury don't play out. I was on a jury and in opening arguments the defense claimed they had ATM receipts from their client's bank's ATM which proved the person was in another city at the time the crime took place.
    The prosecution pre-empted with a demonstration where a detective used a privately owned/lease ATM to print out a bogus ATM tote and explained he could print one for anytime any wished.
    Apparently in the pre-trial the prosecution noticed the ATM was not from the defendant's bank ( hence the demonstration). The defense did not enter the tote into evidence and we the jury definitely did remember their opening remarks…
    I learned that from reading the paper after the trial.
    So without witnessed based collaborating evidence right now it is just gamesmanship…
    I have no opinion either way at this point.

  14. hollywoodvoyeur says – reply to this


    why doesn't he just hire prostitutes and be done with it- it does not make sense that he would "assault" " someone….I bet the scientologists are behind this whole thing because he wants to leave the organization and finally live his life. I know Kelly would be well taken care of and I guess the "church" just wants to keep him in the fold. They get your dirt then hold it against you if you try and leave…disgusting. really.

  15. NYJ says – reply to this


    Re: j.no – Well said.

  16. hirschfield says – reply to this