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John Travolta Sued By A THIRD MAN For Sexual Harassment!!!

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John Travolta oh crap

Wow! Things just keep getting worse and worse for John Travolta as allegations of sexual harassment, battery, and assault keep piling up.

Two male masseuses have each filed lawsuits against the married actor and now a former Royal Caribbean cruise ship employee has joined in on the party.

Similarly to the other stories, Chilean Fabian Zanzi claims that Travolta stripped down naked and asked for a massage. That was just foreplay for the sex he expected to have after allegedly offering to pay the cruise ship manager $12,000. Here are the creepy details:

"[He] said he had something on his neck. I thought it was a fuzz. As I approached, he took off his white coat and was naked. He hugged me and asked me to do a massage."

The weird part is that this guy wasn't a masseuse. He was simply in charge of taking care of VIP guests. It sounds like Travolta severely overestimated how far this man was willing to go in order to "take care" of him.

Much like the masseuse in Atlanta, Zanzi says he immediately reported the incident to his supervisors. They didn't believe him though and actually confined him to his cabin before eventually firing him.

If all this is true, it can only mean one thing…John Travolta has absolutely no game whatsoever. LOL!

Again, we have no idea if ANY of these claims are valid and his lawyer has already presented evidence that contradicts the first masseuse's story. However, it's hard to ignore THREE lawsuits, not to mention a lot of gossip we've been hearing for years…

[Image via WENN.]

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24 comments to “John Travolta Sued By A THIRD MAN For Sexual Harassment!!!”

  1. 1

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  2. *L* says – reply to this


    Bahahaha! I've never liked him, so I find this hilarious!! Hope he has fun trying to deny it all.

  3. vivi11 says – reply to this


    FYI : a "masseuse" is a woman, a "masseur" is a man

  4. 4

    I agree! He has nooo game! First he's really old now. Second he is married to woman and hiding in the closet- a gay guy's worst nightmare. Yeah it must have been fun before when he had the good looks but now that according to these men, he acts desperate, it's a real turn off and def. not worth the money!

  5. boyfriend says – reply to this


    sono tutte chiacchiere, per speculare su john travolta

  6. 6

    Of course he is, all the homo's are now coming out of the woodwork trying to get paid.

  7. 7

    They are "masseurs" who are suing, not masseuses. I'm not just being nitpicky — masseurs are guys who give massages, and masseuses are girls who give massages.

  8. James says – reply to this


    Re: Lalock – THANK YOU. I came here to type the same thing. "Male Masseuse" could literally not exist, because a masseuse is FEMALE. These are MASSEURS. Stop being the idiot that you are, Perez.

  9. 9

    Get out while you can Kelly Preston. Why would you stay?

  10. 10

    of course he's a homosexual or at least bisexual, the whole L.A. and New York knows so why the fuss?! It's disgusting that those men are using him b/c I don't believe for a second that they do a regular massages. He's not really in closet since many ppl know and he has probably some kind of arrangement with his wife or, as i said, he may be bisexual…

  11. adam says – reply to this


    who cares we all know by now he is gay.no more hiding 4 you john.

  12. 12

    He's been in photos kissing men. Yes, he's gay. He needs to come out of the closet because he has zero sexual appeal to women-if he was afraid of his target audience being women. He has had sexual appeal to women for years. He needs to come out to STOP looking like a pervert and just fuck some asses already.

  13. CC says – reply to this


    When the first guy came forward I knew right away it was true. Jonny boy filmed a movie in New Orleans called "Love Song for Bobby Long" about 6-7 yrs ago and stayed at the Ritz. My girlfriend worked at the spa there and told me that he was very specific about having a man massuer and that he would have this guy go to his room for hours and that it was known that he was bi on the DL. At the time I was shocked and almost didn't believe her, just took it for a rumor. So when this happened and they said others would come forward, I knew there were a TON of other men out there who did this. But of course the ones who took the money are hush hush. Who cares, I like guys with open minds. I just hope his wife is in on it. I don't see how she couldn't be.

  14. Tahoe says – reply to this


    I really like John T., he's also got a reputation for being a really nice guy. If he's gay, fine. Just come out with it already. I suppose he's afraid of his career, but he's not leading man material, and he could be a great icon in the gay and straight community, like Ellen.

  15. 15

    Why would someone from Hollywood feel that they need to hide in a closet?

  16. 16

    First time would be questionable, the second suspicious, now a third, this is definitely true. There is more to come. This is gonna be worse than Tiger Wood or even Jesse James! Wonder what Scientology is gonna do now?

  17. ed says – reply to this


    he must really be desperate if his willing to pay 12K for a fuck… LOL. Perez you should recomment him some good discreet escort sites like the once you use. WINK, WINK

  18. 18

    there will be MANY more….just watch.

  19. Jill says – reply to this


    I found more pics of Fabian plus video herettp://fandaily.info/?p=22269

  20. free says – reply to this


    There's no such thing as a male masseuse- they're called masseurs. Djeez.

  21. monime says – reply to this


    A third!! Wow, John, you got some splaining to do!! What is the big deal, John? Come out of the closet already. Really. These actors are all for gay rights, yet won't be honest of their own sexual orientation. Hypocritical. Most people could care less!

  22. john says – reply to this


    unfortunately, i think these claims are true. it's sad, because i've seen jt in interviews and he seems like a really nice guy. sad for the family. we'll see how justice prevails. i loved both of his movies saturday night fever and grease.

  23. 23

    so what still no proof ,,, noone saw anything could just be this guy making it up…u would think 12k would buy u some silence …or at least someone willing not someone who didnt know what was going on

  24. 24

    What a sad, lonely man . . . offers thousands for a screw and he gets turned down and outed after tricking someone into a naked hug? I thought celebs were surrounded by people who wanted to screw them for free. This guy has zero sex appeal . . . at least for women, but maybe also for men.