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Looks like Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga and her hubby, Joe, are moving on out of their Montville, NJ mansion! Teresa’s nemisis-ter-… Read more…

32 comments to “RHONJ's Melissa Gorga Is Moving Away From Teresa!”

  1. 1

    i wish shed move to Antarctica

  2. Khloe says – reply to this


    Go Melissa!!! Run from her!!! Melissa you are the best. Protect your family!!

  3. 3

    I don't blame them, I would move away from Theresa too! She is a trouble maker! She needs to be a better sister in law to Melissa!

  4. gorgatruth says – reply to this


    Perez please do some investigation. The real reason these 2 phonies are leaving is because they were living in this house Joe built illegally. They had some sort of temporary construction/ builders loan that was due at the end of their 2 years, and now they must pay their bank back on a loan of upwards of 2 million dollars. They can't afford this and are downsizing. All the NJ housewives guys are uneducated scam artists that have made their money through "building", "construction", and buying up and managing/slumlording multi tenant properties. None of these ghetto Tony Soprano wannabies have any real assets they own, especially Joe Gorga.

  5. 5

    Their houses are so gaudy and awful.. no taste what so ever

  6. gorgatruth says – reply to this


    Re: BAEEAB – bahahaha agreed welcome to NJ!!

  7. 7

    Learn how to copy and paste correctly! Their selling their house AND their shore house because they need the money! Everyone on that damn show is having money problems Tre is just the only one being called out for it

  8. car says – reply to this


    It's so obvious that you like Melissa. The reason why they are moving was because they can't afford to live there. Google and you'll see.

  9. HerestheRemix says – reply to this


    I agree with gorgatruth…these 2 are posers Melissa said on season 3 "Joe came home and surprised me with the plans for this 15,000 square foot house(zillow says 13K sq ft)" All a lie, he DID have a construction loan on that house and they had a house in Kinnelon! Its all on the web so is their mortgage info they have a mortgage with Sterling/Roma bank so does Teresa and Joe…hmmm…and I'd like to know when Ms. Thank you Jesus goes to church every Sunday. She is a fake. Teresa maybe going about it wrong but I see why she treats Melissa that way, Melissa is transparent and she didn't accomplish much getting Joe Gorga seems like his insecurities made him propose to every girl he dated, Melissa just accepted and went through with it…could it be for the sake of the hustle he's got??? He's not rich he's got game and hustle! TOUCHE

  10. HerestheRemix says – reply to this


    They lived on 35 Gravel Hill Road in Kinnelon, NJ in the Smike Rise section…

  11. Heresthetruth says – reply to this


    They lived at 35 Gravel Hill Kinnelon NJ in the Smoke Rise section (played out, they don't even have a public sewer system, only septic…gross)

  12. Heresthetruth says – reply to this


    and they were renting….

  13. RobCfromNJ says – reply to this


    Re: BittersweetJudy

    You sound clueless, reminds me of a stripper from the ghetto named Judy who was also clueless LMAO. Melissa is a bigger trouble maker and shes a copycat so I guess she's copying Teresa on that too…

  14. Aguantalabanana says – reply to this


    Melissa Gorga is a complete Fake Phony POS. They're posers and moving because they can't afford it. She has a questionable past and is complete garbage

  15. HerestheTruth says – reply to this


    another thing…if Melissa so called needs to move away from Teresa let her azz go off the show, all she does is try to make Teresa look bad, we already know Teresa is a fake but it makes Melissa look worse that she wastes her energy tryin to tell us some chit we already know….the public can see right through Melissa…your husband builds a studio in the basement and now all of a sudden you got to sell cause you're building bigger…puhlease….

  16. 16

    Franklin Lakes and Montville are 15 miles apart, so the reason for moving out of their "dream home" has nothing to do with location. Melissa said in her first blog "No Fakers" that should would never do something just for tv, because she is not fake. I would say telling everyone that Joey Gorga presented Melissa with plans for her "dream house" and then saying he built it for her was all for tv. Her dream house is just another house Joey built, but they had to live in it in order to create a certain fake lifestyle for television. Unfortunately, people are wanting their money now… so say buy bye to your fake dream house. I hope Joey has enough money to pay off those sub-contractors that help build that house, because those law suits seem to be entering the court system now. No more stalling. The house should have been on the market all along, but then, they wouldn't be able to fake it till they…. well, they will never make it. I bet his new construction loan will help him pay his mortgage on the Montville home. It is like paying your credit card payments with other credit cards.

    Perez, I am surprised that you aren't getting the real scoop about this whole deal. You used to be on top of the latest and greatest gossip.

  17. shadygorgs says – reply to this


    Joe and Melissa Gorga cannot afford to live in these extravagant homes. THAT and that alone is the reason they are moving. Joe builds these properties, in order to SELL to prospective buyers. He applies for a temporary builders/construction loan, then the 2 of them live inside these shell homes once they progress to a point where they are built up enough that they are livable. This is illegal. Then they migrate like homeless vagrants to Joe’s next project when the 2-3 million dollar builder’s loans are due to the bank. This is what happened with their current home and their house was already up for sale back in 2010. They pulled it immediately when they where cast in RHONJ so they could showcase their “fake wealth” all over national TV.

  18. Njrules says – reply to this


    Theyre doing what millions of Americans have been doing, buying way above their means and then defaulting on the loans. They are no better than all the others that bought homes they couldn't afford. It's the American dream that everyone thinks is due to them.

  19. Publicknows says – reply to this


    Guess they did the same at the 149 Pulis Ave Franklin Lakes house….they used to live there too….they should be embarrassed.

  20. lunar says – reply to this


    They barely see each other so why would she move away from Teresa??? They are moving because they have bills to pay and can't afford living in Montville. Melissa has changed since she first came to RHONJ and is a horrible person for affecting Teresa's relationship with everyone else!

  21. 21

    Well LA has nicer weather! & With regard to family…uh you can run but you cannot hide. Bwaaahahhaaa.

  22. DanaDaker says – reply to this


    Melissa has to be the worst woman ever to be on reality television (and that's saying something) What she has done for fame to Teresa is disgusting and she's done it with a smile, enjoying Teresa's pain. Teresa should never forgive Melissa or her brother, EVER, and just keep her immediate family, her husband's family/cousins/children and her parents close. Her parents cannot stand Melissa, we've seen it on the show and it's very apparent why. What a nasty woman, and her husband deserves her. I hope they stay together forevr—they deserve each other.

  23. DeniseCummings says – reply to this


    Melissa is a snake…my friends who watch the show call Melissa, "Mellisnipulator"– She has ruined The Gorga family– the poor inlaws—all for fame and to be in US magazine. What a couple of worthless, wanna be stars. No wonder she cringes when he touches her, come on! You can tell us how much you love him and you'll stay together foerver but WHO IS SHE KIDDING?- when she lays down at night, she knows she's laying down with a celeb wanna be man, who turned on his sister BAD to the NATION for fame. Yes he did it for her, she pulled the strings, but at the end of the day, that's still who's she sleeping with. Eeewww.

  24. lola says – reply to this


    who builds her dream house to live only 2 years in it? liar, liar…… and everyone is making fun of you.

  25. Christy says – reply to this


    I bet Melissa is moving to be closer to Caroline and her puppy Jacqueline. Not to mention the G0orgas are in financial trouble which she lies about. Instaed of moving away from Teresa, they should be concerned about Richie. He makes threats all the time about burning down Teresa's home or throwing her in fire. Of course "that is his way. He is joking" Snakes slither in groups so maybe kathy and Richie can join them shortly.

  26. Toni says – reply to this


    Re: gorgatruth – What would you care about it, though? Why it bothers you? It's not your money, it's not your reputation at stake? Why complain about Melissa & Joe Gorga as if you know them personally, if you do who cares what you think, most of the time people like you are just plain old haters!! Teresa will one day see how stupid she was to her brother & sister in law, she will see how unfair she was with her cousin, Kathy and she will soon see that being a bully to Jacqueline who has been a real true friend to her, would be for her.

  27. salliebabydoll says – reply to this


    Hi Melissa. Sorry that so called siser-in-law has to be that way. She is no good and it also goes for her husband. They are useres of people then throw them away because they used them enough. Please get away from them before the break up guys up, because that is what they are doing. And if anyone is the devil it is her. and the way she usese her kids is horrible. These people need to go to jail for what they did.

  28. 28

    Perez, I am shocked you don't have the real scoop or see through this woman's grifter ways! Listen, I know this woman looks like a horse - but don't bet on her.
    Here's some help, go here :

    This site did their homework and has all the judgements on the Gorga's… they are complete frauds. Trust me, Teresa is no saint - but, to think she has known all of this and NEVER threw her brother under the bus - no one can doubt her loyalty. To the contrary her brother and this sleaze-stack he married take every opportunity to slam her - even the conversation about her being a gold digger, Teresa thought was private (inappropriate - yes) but he waited to be on camera to throw that out? Please, they aren't even good at the game! I love when I hear JarJar (Melissa) say - on camera - "Did I say that to her? Would I say that to her? I would never say that to hurt her!" Nope, she would NEVER do that - face to face - nope, she'll just wait to say it to a camera for millions to see in their living rooms… That cracks me up - what a passive aggressive dip s#!t she is! Don't get it twisted Perez… a grifter is a grifter is a grifter.

  29. 29

    Re: KevsMrs – Huh, the link was deleted - it was to stoopid houswives . com's site… they have all the legal docs - just search their names.

  30. 30

    I am not sure why, and maybe it's just not updating, but the link didn't show - nor did my reply to my own post… Either way - the info on the Gorga's can be found at stoopid housewives web site… just search their names and all the legal docs and law suits are listed. Good day…

  31. Cakedoll says – reply to this


    did you see poor Gia on today's episode,all of them making comments about Gia being to competitive ,wow they could not see her pain.Than Jaq and Caroline cornered Gia to reprimand Gia,than said they didn't reprimand her against Gia's will Gia kept asking for her mommy but they would not get her just kept emotionally abusing the little kid. No wonder the little kid has so much anger it's because her brother and wife, Caroline and jaqueline turning on her mother .she said she didn't like how Joe was because he was mean to her mom, you could see how much she loved Joe but now Gia despises him.

  32. Dee says – reply to this


    They are in debt for 2.5 million (at least)….I want their lender,lol!