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Lightsabers Have (Sort Of) Become A Reality!!!

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Must. Buy. One. Now!!!!

A company called Wicked Lasers has FINALLY created what we've been dreaming of since we first gazed upon the wonder that is Star Wars. They've built the closest real-life version of the lightsaber to date in the form of the LaserSaber.

The 32-inch polycarbonate blade contains "the world's most powerful lasers you can legally own," which "power up" and "power down" through a magnetic gravity system.

It looks REALLY cool, but unfortunately, the LaserSaber is kind of just a glorified glow stick. Since "fencing or swordplay will cause serious damage to people, pets or property," the company does not recommend using it to do anything you'd actually want to do with a lightsaber.

Also, you can only operate this bad boy while wearing protective shades because the light is so bright it could damage your eyes. So pretty much, you can't even stare at it in appreciation for too long before you go blind.

What CAN we do with this $400 investment? We're not sure yet, but we bet it would impress our friends for five minutes or so.

Check out the LaserSaber for yourself (above) to see that "science fiction is now reality."

Ugh! Why does everything have to be so boring in reality!? LOL!

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One comment to “Lightsabers Have (Sort Of) Become A Reality!!!”

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    Cool… but what about the sunglasses? Are they needed for protection?
    Because if it's so, I can lend you a brazing torch and you save the $