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RIP The Finder And Alcatraz!

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Alcatraz and the finder canceled

The Finder and Alcatraz fans, we're sorry for your loss.

Fox has officially announced the two freshman drama series will NOT be getting a second season.

Unlike the show's Lost-esque plot, Alcatraz's cancellation wasntotally predictable. The J.J. Abrams show suffered from dwindling ratings, and now the 4 people that watched it will never get their questions answered! SADFACE!

At least the nerds Abrams Sci-Fi fans still have Fringe!

Fox isn't just giving their dramas the boot. Comedies Breaking In and I Hate My Teenage Daughter have also been axed from their line up.

On the bright side, at least they still have Glee!!

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17 comments to “RIP The Finder And Alcatraz!”

  1. 1

    Why is it always the shows I watch! And Fox is keeping Bob's Burgers and Raising Hope? Seriously when The Finder especially is awesome! Why can't these companies keep shows on for a couple seasons to let them build up speed, if it doesn't happen immediately in ratings they throw them out unless it's stupid comedy, guess that tells us that people today are useless and can only handle stupidity

  2. 2

    that sucks!!!!!!!!!! alcatraz was an awesome show! this is bullsh*t.

  3. 3

    Perez, I love your blog and I think you are a great person, but I do not appreciate the lack of respect you have for certain TV shows you do not watch. I've never watched Alcatraz or The Finder before, but I have constantly read your demeaning posts about the TV show Fringe, a show which I absolutely LOVE, and I just wanted to kindly and politely ask you to stop thinking Fringe is a nerdy, silly show that is miraculously still on air. Fringe is a FANTASTIC show, it is well done and is about a family and their relationships more than anything else, so please… Don't judge a book by its' cover. We all make mistakes, and you thinking Fringe is a nerdy show is a completely understandable one, but if you ever mention the TV show on your blog again, please think about this comment I am posting and what I am trying to say. Please give the show a little bit more respect! :)

  4. Z says – reply to this


    My Husband and I love both of these shows. I guess I really thought alot more people watched Alcatraz. Loved the mystery and hoping just maybe they'll give us a little insight since we wont be able to have a show now. The Finder is a charming, comical show that involves a little bit of mystery. FIgured when they moved it to Fri night it was on the chopping block! Good luck to all those actors! You do have fans that loved your show…

  5. Marcus says – reply to this


    What??? I loved that show. It was my favourite new show. Damn… now we won't know where the prisoners went for 50 years and how they came back…. so disappointing…

  6. tati says – reply to this



  7. 7

    i LOVED Alcatraz and was so in to it! i dont think enough people really heard about it so they should have done more advertising–not just pull it! :( and the Finder is awesome as well, with a kick ass cast!!

  8. ALCATRAZ! says – reply to this


    Very BUMMED out on the cancelation of Alcatraz! :( However, Fox is stupid for putting it on the same time as the first half of the 2nd season of The Voice and Dancing With the Stars! When Alcatraz had no competition, it got GREAT ratings. Such a shame because the show was so well-written and they actually gave you some answers, along with some questions and twists in the season finale. I wish they would reconsider and just put it on in a better time frame. How will we know if Sara lives!?!?

  9. saywuuuuuut says – reply to this


    Fox's biggest problem is that it doesn't let someone watch the whole season online. They have a deal with Dish that means you can't watch the episode until 9 days after it comes out online. I think that if they were to let all their shows be around on demand online, they would be able to garner more interest for their shows. Look how many Fox shows they have cancelled in the last 2 years……pathetic. Alcatraz and the Finder really had a lot of potential.

  10. HexeSkorpia says – reply to this


    I love the show "THE FINDER"! It's entertaining and funny, why the hell was it cancelled. Now I don't get to know if Walter finds the painting or goes crazy over it, and if they really put him in prison for finding his mother. THIS CANCELLATION REALLY SUCKS!!!

  11. HexeSkorpia says – reply to this


    Re: LibraryGirl1 – I totally agree with you. I love this show, but the studios always cancel the good shows to run with shows which make us dummer and dummer!

  12. maria crossan says – reply to this


    Love these 2 shows, I can not believe it is cancelled.
    There is so much stupid tv on, and when something comes along that is brilliant and new, it seems to never last.
    Too bad Canada can not make their own decisions of what is played on tv.
    Last year combat Hospital was cancelled. At least I have once upon a time to watch.
    Love reading you Perez.

  13. Pan pan says – reply to this


    I love Alcatraz and fringe. J.J.Abrams is awesome. He actually makes you think. If I wanted to watch mindless tv shows like the bachelor or glee, then I would cut off my cable and watch a fly on the wall for entertainment.

  14. Elle says – reply to this


    The Finder was the only new show I really liked and watched. The people in charge there must be…not all there. Or something worse.

  15. 15

    So sick of only getting one season of a show before its cancelled to make room for more shows in the fall. Its a vicious cycle. There are 8 shows I love getting cancelled.

  16. randomthought says – reply to this


    This is stupid, Fox doesn't know what to play. Alcatraz is a great show. If they want to get rid of something how about them fake ass reality shows…………

  17. randomthought says – reply to this


    Re: Pan pan – lol, so true