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John Travolta's First Sexual Assault Accuser Screws Up!

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john travolta first john doe gets date wrong

Great news for John Travolta and his legal team!!

John Doe #1, the man who originally came forward with the shocking allegations of Travolta's supposed sexual harassment on the massage table, has made a big mistake in the telling of his story…

He got the date wrong.

Sources close to the case confirm the details of the incident remain the same, but the alleged foul did NOT happen on January 16, 2012.

One source doesn't believe the error will make that much of a difference, saying:

It was a miscalculation. The lawsuit will likely be amended, but this doesn't change the facts of the lawsuit.

But those behind Travolta are definitely raising a brow - noting the date of the incident should be pretty clear for someone distressed enough to sue!

Gotta get those facts straight, John Doe!!

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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13 comments to “John Travolta's First Sexual Assault Accuser Screws Up!”

  1. 1

    Your source??? HAH, your fucking sorce is an idiot that is always wrong. It will make a huge difference. Especially since he's provided this proof a long time ago, and just now the guy is scrambling. Your an idiot, and you need to tell your mom and sister, aka your sources, to do a better job.

  2. 2

    The accuser was an employee. His employer will certainly have the correct date as a matter of record. One is not summoned up to a high profile guest's room for a scheduled appointment and not have the business have the exact date and hour of the scheduled appointment where a fee was paid in return for services. Unfortunate error, should have been checked out and corrected by legal team. Doesn't make JT any less guilty! He is guilty of being a man. What male hasn't wished for a happy ending to his massage, and what's the harm in asking? I'm sure it wasn't the first time he had been approached, only this time the client had deep pockets.

  3. 3

    Hmm, won't reveal name, wants 2 mil, can't remember date…

  4. Sherlock Perez says – reply to this


    Thanks for always finding out the TRUTH Perez!

    John Travolta is NOT gay and people just want money from him! He's married to a beautiful lady with two precious babies! Enough said!

  5. beronika says – reply to this


    to the idiots that have law suits why wouldnt they wont travolta in jail..if some one sexual harrassed me the idiot wouyld b in jail..cuz its all bout the MONEY!!!! COME ON WTF THJESE IDIOTS ALL THEY WONT IS MONEY MONEY MONEY…CUZ THEY AINT SHOOTING FOR HIM TO GO TO JAIL….WTF

  6. laroccakiddd says – reply to this


    There's a lot of crazy things that have happend to me in my life, but I DON'T recall the exact dates to them, can anyone else? A mistake is a mistake, if rape victim stats that she was raped friday night, but then realizes it was actually saturday does that mean that she wasn't raped anymore? No. The human brain is flawed you know.

  7. 7

    Re: martieo – My sentiments exactly!!

  8. karvicthohen says – reply to this


    The date is crucial — it's not like John Doe was in a coma after the alleged incident or was hit on the head and lost his memory. Plus, John Doe's lawyer was all over the place supporting that date. Hey, what about John Doe's rant about being all about peace and love and understanding??? What's up with that? Then there is the cruise line worker — who just now decided to sue even though he said he lost his job because he complained. He will have a harder time proving sex harassment if he insists on claiming he was offered $12,000 for a quickie

  9. karvicthohen says – reply to this


    Re: laroccakiddd – Not only are dates important in lawsuits when you want to claim a particular incident happened — but apparently John Doe's lawyer went all over the place backing the date up and claiming JT could have rushed off to NYC right after the event and was therefore covering it all up. The date is crucial.

  10. miscadverts says – reply to this


    As soon as JT can prove he was out of town on the date John Doe claims it all happened, John Doe wants to change the date. Hmmm… very suspicious I'd say.

  11. Johnny says – reply to this


    John Travolta has been in the closet for years and it is just finally coming out. South Park even has done numerous shows about how everyone knows that he is on the down low. He wouldn't be the first gay man to have a family in order to appear to have a normal life.

  12. big james says – reply to this


    He is a good man and a good DAD

  13. efc4leonard says – reply to this


    John Travolta is very kind, nice, and gentlemen! and I know for sure he won't ever ruin his career for something like that, those guys accused him for wrong just to make money and they think they can get away, John Travolta should do something and counter sued them too!