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This Sexy Shirtless Acrobat Knows How To Work A Hoop!

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Taking your shirt off makes everything better!!

Just watch Billy George and his magical hoop! We knew acrobats were fun but DAYUM!!!

Wonder how many bruises he gave himself before mastering the art of spinning around mid-air??

We have to hand it to Britain's Got Talent - sometimes they get WAY better acts than us!!

Did we mention he's a Circus School student???

Ch-ch-check it outttt (above)!!!

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4 comments to “This Sexy Shirtless Acrobat Knows How To Work A Hoop!”

  1. 1

    No, that act was terrible. You just like it because its extremely gay.

  2. 2

    I have to agree. That act stunk. When really looking, he wasn't doing all that much. It was more like a illusionist's act of motion as he was spinning but the visual effects anf lights all around him made it look as though he were doing something more or not seen before. And so what he as shirtless. Guys go shirtless all the time. They're not chicks taking off their tops.

  3. Holly says – reply to this


    A contestant on Canada's Got Talent did this first I believe. I think it looks really cool but not strong enough to win.

  4. Alicia says – reply to this


    It's techinically called a cyr wheel, or a roue cyr.
    It's pretty nifty and you people who says it's terrible probably wouldn't even know how to begin doing it, so quit your judging.
    However I have seen better, Youtube it and you'll be amazed!