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Voice Execs Scared Of Winner Jermaine Paul!?!

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jermaine paul the voice season two winner

Umm… this is about to get real shady, real fast.

Sources are saying execs over at The Voice don't believe in Jermaine Paul because of the "similarities" he shares with last year's winner - Javier Colon.

Since Javi didn't experience wide-spread success like contestant Dia Frampton did, the execs were disappointed. And since the sources says the J & J "have a lot in common," execs fear another let down:

Javier didn’t wow anyone with his post-Voice success. Dia did better than him and sold more records, it was disappointing for Javier. And people want a success story for the Voice winner. The execs will support him publicly. But behind the scenes they’re nervous.

Ouch. Harsh! And also, REALLY assumptive! Just because Jermaine shares "similarities" with Javier doesn't mean he's the same person or even that he's gonna get the same luck. Sure, it's always possible, but we're finding this a little disappointing.

Good thing the source continues, noting the main cause of upset is the loss of contestant Juliet Simms:

They really wanted Juliet to win! She’s so good, and most of all, she’s the most marketable of the four. But the show would never contrive anything. Jermaine won fair and square.

There will be changes to the format [of Season 3]. The formula is flawed. Juliet and Jamar Rogers were two of the best and both should have been in the final four. But they were both on the same team, so it couldn’t work. That’s something they’re working on fixing for the next season.

Well okay then, that's fair. It's definitely their show, so however they wanna twerk it, twerk away!

We just hope Jermaine uses this info as motivation instead of discouragement. He can totally fly up those charts with the right team and work ethic.

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30 comments to “Voice Execs Scared Of Winner Jermaine Paul!?!”

  1. CvilleC says – reply to this


    Jermaine was so good I looked forward to "THE VOICE" every week. He is effortless entertainment. Perfect in every way. He is built, handsome, an amazing singer and to top it all, I hear he is a very good husband, father, son, and on and on. He is not a country western singer, but he mentored Blake Shelton in a way that opened up a door for Blake. I loved their rendition of "Soul Man". . They could open the acts together. What a team they were.

  2. 2

    I wanted Juilet to win too!

  3. JermaineFan says – reply to this


    Jermaine is a star. There are plenty of artists that are similar, but Jermaine has the whole package: the voice, the stage presence, experience, personality and looks! And he has Alicia Keys' endorsement to boot! The Voice execs need to stick to what they know, making money off reality TV…

  4. Maddy says – reply to this


    I am not interested in all his antics and holl-eration!

  5. 5

    If he's stupid enough to take any career advice from you, Perez, then he'll deserve the epic failure that will result. You are a bottom feeder who doesn't know the meaning of hard work, consider the fact that you copy and paste most of what's on your shitty sites. Go back to playing with you mommy and STFU when it comes to advice, pansy.

  6. 6

    I like that they didn't mess with the results to have their choice win. But it was obvious to me from far back that they wanted Juliette to win. They had her close out almost every show. She was the last voice you heard. Their favoritism of her was obvious IMO. But like I said, I'm glad they didn't mess with Americas Choice.

  7. 7

    It's good that the winner is someone with actual talent and deserves to win, and not someone who's popular because of looks and antics.

  8. Zip says – reply to this


    This is an easy fix, have multiple winners–a female and male winner, respectively, even group or duo categories will help to assist this. Having one winner per season is just too risky for a show like this. Based upon age alone, and consumer demographics, the winner this season is not going to draw young music buyers or radio listeners who are the main buyers of music. With this in mind, perhaps they should also have categories exclusively for the young, and categories for older singers, who are also contestants, respectively? They should be kept separate, but equal.

  9. 9

    He did remind me a bit of Javier. I thought the same thing when the announced the winner. Regardless on these shows if you make it to the top 5 you become pretty famous. Look at idol the winners ( aside from Kelly, and Carrie) very seldom do great. The runners up do much better.

  10. Alec H says – reply to this


    Re: CvilleC

    Totally agree with execs on this. Jermaine is yet just another R&B singer with a good voice but NOTHING artistic there. He's a singer not an artist. And he's also not marketable. He doesn't have the "look". Would u go to a Jermaine Paul concert? Or Javier for that matter. Better off as back up singers. Juliet had the whole package. Waste of a recording contract

  11. Alec h says – reply to this


    Takes more than just a "voice" to be an entertainer. Need to dance, look good physically , and be charismatic.. Jermain has a voice.. That's it. Not gonna happen for him, sorry. I can totally see why Javier wasn't a success. There are a million good "singers" out there. If you don't have your own twist and style, you fall flat. These guys are boring

  12. Mary says – reply to this


    I was not impressed by Jermaine because his constant facial turned me off. He looked either pissed of or scared or whatever but it was weird. I just could not concentrate on his voice although yes I noticed he had a nice one

    making a comparison with Javier is wrong. It looks like Javier thought that he could do everything without the knowledge of veterans. I never liked him anyway. He was also boring and did not impressed me.

    I was rooting for Juliet Simms and Dia Frampton, funny both second.

    I thought that not giving the audience to choose after the battles was a mistake. This would have been the ONLY way to be fair with the general audience and avoided sooooooo much of this feud between xtina and adam.

    If they can let us pick who we want, regardless of the coaches … THEN! I am sure audience will increased tenfold their interest and fun!

  13. Sarah says – reply to this


    I wanted Juliet to win I think she has so much more potential than Jermaine shes the only reason I watched the Voice yes Jermaine was a good singer but not a good performer, he was boring but when it came to Juliet she was so much more exciting I hope she goes far :)

  14. Fem says – reply to this


    I thought both Jermaine and Tony were somewhat entertaining and had nice performances, but I would never listen to an album of theirs because they don't have anything special and often sound the same no matter what they sing. And yes, Tony was also very one-dimensional, at least Jermaine showed more variety. But in the end I was rooting for either Juliet or Chris. Never liked Juliet until Roxanne and while I knew Chris had a very good voice and was versatile, he just didn't do anything for me until the finale! Up until then I was bummed he'd won over Ashley and Lindsay, but I finally got it during those performances.

  15. Yep says – reply to this


    Juliet should of one

  16. Yep says – reply to this



  17. 17

    Who wins doesn't really matter. If some record company thinks they're good enough they'll get a gig somewhere. I watch the Voice purely for entertainment and don't really get invested in anyone particular. I would've been happy with any of the finalists winning.

  18. tasha says – reply to this


    What real difference does it make. The same thing happens on Idol. Jennifer Hudson is far more popular then Fantasia. Chris Daughtry is far more popular then Taylor Hicks. Adam Lambert selling a lot more then Kris Allen. If any of the others go on to sell more then Jermaine they should just be happy they are selling.

  19. 19

    juliet was the only reason i watched the show!! she was robbed

  20. Elena says – reply to this


    Wtf I believe in him I think he can be a very big success just because some recent winner didn't go big doesn't mean he won't like wtf. Just because there alike does not mean he ain't a star. Ok.

  21. All Marys are whores says – reply to this


    Re: Mary – Over his facial expression? It's called shock you dumb fuck.
    He probably thought Juliette was gonna win .. so fuck off with the whole "his facial expression turned me off" you stupid whore. Fuck every Mary I know are just idiots and I wanna punch them in the face. Fuck u Mary

  22. JPJPJP says – reply to this


    You know what should make them a little less nervous….remember the male vocals on Alicia Keys, "Diary?" Most people do.

    The two Grammy nominations, the friends in the industry, the fact that at his blind audition when Cee Lo asked him his name, the crowd erupted into applause when he said it cuz he already is a known name in R&B, his biceps and endearing charm, all should make them do their job because this is so easy from here.

    He's got the fans. He's got a ton of tracks ready to drop. I'm just trying to understand why I'm not hearing Jermaine on local R&B stations yet. I'm also trying to understand why NBC isn't milking the best moment of the show all season and playing the last 5 minutes of Jermaine winning The Voice on every talk show, news show, website they can. You wanna boost interest? Show Jermaine clutching his wife, bawling and singing (on key I might add) as she plants tons of kisses on his cheeks. Half of America was bawling watching that. Show him stop singing all together to embrace his Mother in Law. You have a poster child for the American Dream on your hands. Do your job execs and you'll actually create tv history. Or just let everyone forget about the show….

  23. M says – reply to this


    Jermaine deserved to win. Shame on the producers for even suggesting that he is like Javier. The two are totally different, different personalities, different motivations, and different talent (Jermaine is great!) I agree that it would be great to hear more duets from him and Blake. This is a talented young man, please do not disrespect him with these kinds of negative comments.

  24. 24

    Re: JPJPJP – THIS!!!

  25. 25

    another bullshit talent show. If they're going to let the fans vote then they need to suck it up and accept who we vote for. By changing the rules to make it so the people that they want to win have a better change only makes it a big sham. not like we didn't all know it was a sham in the first place but still, make it at least look legitimate.

  26. 26

    Dia should have won…………..and Juliet should have won!

    I don't know what is up with the voters!

  27. 27

    Re: Yep – Won! one is a number!

  28. Grrr says – reply to this


    Producers should have fixed their flawed system this season. They added the instant eliminations I'm sure they could have done something to allow both Juliet and Jamar in the final. Both Juliet and Jamar deserved to be finalists and I personally think Jamar should have won.

  29. Melissa says – reply to this


    totally agree! I was rooting for jamar and juliet. i was so disappointed when jermaine won. it's america's fault, they don't know what real talent is!

  30. Natalie says – reply to this


    Jermaine Paul is not the same as Javier and the show has wider success this year. I hope Jermaine puts out an album that is uplifting as his "I believe I can Fly" song cover. I was in the audience that day and he's GREAT!!! And such a nice man, 4 children, lovely wife, I hope the label helps him stick to who he really his …I think he can be a HUGE success! Simms Fam are HUGE Jermaine Paul Fans!