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Random House Calls 50 Shades Of Grey Ban Unconstitutional

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50 Shades Of Grey E L James Random House Unconstitutional

The ghost of James Madison is NOT amused!

Recently, certain counties in Florida banned E.L. James' 50 Shades of Grey from their public libraries and now the book’s publisher is outraged.

In a statement, Random House said:

“[Random House] fervently opposes literary censorship and supports the First Amendment rights of readers to make their own reading choices."

So do we!!

As the founding fathers drafted the Bill of Rights, they took care to ensure us jury trials and the freedom to practice whatever religion we chose… but surely they were MOST concerned with protecting our right to rent softcore soccer-mom porn with a library card!! LOLz!

Free speech is no laughing matter but, uhh, seriously, reading a used copy of 50 Shades that someone else already abused is pretty sticky gross!!

Just buy your own!!

And don't forget to picture Ian Somerhalder whilst you read!

[Image via Michael Carpenter/WENN.]

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9 comments to “Random House Calls 50 Shades Of Grey Ban Unconstitutional”

  1. 1

    Why don't you mind your own business? If i want to read a book covered in vag fluid then that is my right. I don't sit here and tell you how disgusting I find the thought of shoving my dick into another man's orifice that was made for bodily waste yet I support your freedom to do so. Respect, and understanding are a two way street.

  2. 2

    maybe they just banned it because it was so bad? i actually read the first book (i had to, working in a bookshop has some disadvantages, too) and i must say it was ruuuuuubbish. i don't even know who i would recommend it to, i hope this hype goes away quickly.

  3. 3

    The problem with libraries housing the series is that there are not any SCHOLARLY reviews current on books. Since libraries are working within a limited budget set by tax dollars, they limit their collection to books with scholarly reviews in many areas. My library has ordered the books, because they have grown so much in popularity, and we want to meet demand. But, we originally were not going to get them for the collection because of this reason.

  4. 4

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  5. 5

    I was sorry I bought into the hype. It's the stupidest book I've ever read. Go read 'The Fever Series' by Karen Monning if you want a really good steamy read!!! 50 shades is just stupid.

  6. 6

    50 Shades of Stupid! It's the same thing in all three books. It repeats itself over and over…I even started skipping through the sex scenes. I am pissed I bought into the hype. Horrible writer.

  7. Nichole188 says – reply to this


    Come on Perez, you're a bigger fan girl than me, help a sister out.

  8. Ivy says – reply to this


    I read all three books and the sex scenes could be skipped. The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning is really great!

  9. lottegirl says – reply to this


    50 shades of grey - only reason anyone would want Ian Somerhalder in that movie would not be for the poor storyline of an uncomfortable sort-of taboo subject - but to see him naked as much as possible…… for gods sake - he has been given really shit scripts for shit movies in the past - give him something decent ……… something more like Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire - sexy but not ridiculous - give him something to show his talent - this book being made into a movie would just be another shit script given to a decent actor - dont ruin his career!!!!!!!!!!