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We're Ready To Be Hosed Down By The Chicago Fire Team!

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While a majority of the new series picked up to NBC are comedies, the network also has a few very cool-looking dramas in the works, including one involving some very SEKSI firefighters as they cope with the loss of one of their teammates!

Ch-ch-check out the promo for Chicago Fire (above)!

YES! This looks like Backdraft, the TV show!

And that is a VERY good thing, as far as we're concerned!

Can't wait to see if it has much to offer behind the already-very present man-candy!

Lick, lick, and LICK!

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4 comments to “We're Ready To Be Hosed Down By The Chicago Fire Team!”

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    You just haven't gotten over that you're gay huh. A 34 y.o. man saying "lick, lick, lick" I doubt most readers want to know you're SEXUAL thoughts. You're like a peeping tom typing out his thoughts while "wactching" You think it's funny and cute to be publicaly frothing at the mouth over straight guys behind a computer. Try doing that in person and you'll end up with an ending like Will I.AM scenerio.

  2. 2

    Re: nationalenquirer – any intelligent, educated person in their right mind would NOT type so many spelling errors in a so-called argument. Especially when there's a spell check built into the comments. How do you say, epic fail?

    Also, anyone who feels THAT uncomfortable from far from outrageous flirtatious comments made by a gay man, must have repressed homosexual tendencies himself. Or perhaps you're just afraid of what you don't understand. Who knows, but don't get your panties in a bunch over it, some people are gay and are hot for men (or women) and they can online flirt all they want. It's HIS site. I doubt you would say the same if this site was operated by a hot lesbian woman, saying lick lick to a picture of a hot girl. Can you say, hypocrite?

  3. 3

    1. Who gives a fuck about spelling when replying.It's just a thread On the other hand Perez is the host of this site and his error in spelling is a daily occurance-hpw professional is that ?
    2. FLIRTING is one thing, spelling out your sexual thoughts is another-there IS adfference. So what if it's "his" site, he still has to conduct a sense of decorum while he tries to climb the ladder of sucess. Crap like this will haunt him. Look at the greatr picture Mizzmaxine.
    3. "Repressed feelings" ? umm, I had a dick in my mouth last night so, well, STFU

  4. 4

    Re: mizzmaxine – Your very first paragraph could apply to Perez herself! What a moron you are! Why do you feel it's necessary to tear-down another person's comments? For what it's worth, I happen to agree with nationalenquirer.