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Second Male Masseuse's Email 'Evidence' Doesn't Mention John Travolta!

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John Travolta not mentioned in plaintiffs email evidence

These lawsuits seem to be falling apart faster every day. John Travolta's first accuser screwed up one too many details in his story so his case is being dismissed and the second accuser's may not last much longer either!

First we heard the anonymous male masseuse from Atlanta had all types of evidence including emails to and from his superiors regarding the sexual harassment, witnesses, AND surveillance footage.

Now it sounds like John Doe #2 and his lawyer may have blown those deets WAY out of proportion. Sources have gotten ahold of those supposedly damning emails and they make NO MENTION of Travolta!

In one email sent to his two of his female bosses and the male general manager of the hotel where the incident allegedly went down, the plaintiff writes:

"After careful thought regarding the recent events that took place today, I have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to resign my position as lead therapist. Effective immediately, I will assume my role as a massage therapist and esthetician. In these positions I will continue to be professional and provide the best customer service as I always have. I was under the assumption that as a part of management, management would support me and expect employees to do likewise. After experiencing insubordination, disrespect and unnecessary gossip are not qualities that I am accustomed to and will not accept in a management position. As a member of the [REDACTED] management team, I was expecting to grow with the spa and grow professionally."

What about Travolta's "full erection"? The "masturbating"? The forcing the plaintiff's hand on the "scrotum"?!

When the General Manager replies, there STILL is no mention of the incident that John Doe #2 described in his lawsuit, as the email reads:

"Thanks for copying me. Please don't walk away this quickly. I have great confidence in you and frankly we need you. Please talk to [REDACTED] and rise to this opportunity. It’s not easy, but YOU can and will make a difference. I am counting on you. Is that a fair deal?"

On top of this non-impressive "evidence", the plaintiff's attorney Okorie Okorocha has announced that they are willing to settle for $250,000!

Just days before, the lawyer was determined to take the case to court and specifically said, "There is no mediation. There'll never be a settlement."

Our parents Justin Bieber told us to never say never, but it sounds like somebody is just getting a little bit desperate.

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12 comments to “Second Male Masseuse's Email 'Evidence' Doesn't Mention John Travolta!”

  1. jakeyplay says – reply to this


    Funny, you were saying only DAYS ago that three allegations MUST mean it's true and now it's all coming out as the bullshit it really is and you're acting like you didn't think it was true to begin with. Shut up Perez, just shut up.

  2. let's be honest says – reply to this


    those emails don't even seem to be about anything involving a massage. looks more like douche bag #2 was getting bullied by his coworkers, went crying to mommy and mommy told him to get over himself. What that has to do with travolta is beyond me

  3. parsifal777 says – reply to this


    Does anyone else think his email was about something totally different then what he's saying? He doesn't mention the incident once, and it comes across like he's mad about his co-workers rather then anything else. The reply from his managers don't mention anything about it either, it's almost as if this email could have been about anything at all, maybe he was unhappy with his job or pay or colleagues?, and used it against Travolta because of how vague it is.

  4. beccarooroo says – reply to this


    The fact that this guy actually thought these meaningless emails actually counted as damning evidence is fucking hilarious! I mean really? It's like the most random irrelevant email with no details or accusation and he thought he was going to get 2 mil with it?

  5. bahbah says – reply to this


    Anyone who isn't mentally retarded knew these scum bags were lying for money.

  6. Michael says – reply to this


    A masseuse is a WOMAN and a masseur is a MALE. Read and accept this, if nothing else.

  7. 7

    Re: jakeyplay – Actually he never said it MUST be true, he said that sometimes when allegations keep mounting you start thinking it can be true. Which if you use your brain you can actually comprehend what he was saying. It also shows you the ploy the lawyer was obviously using. He filed a suit in court then used the media to claim many others came forward, some were past the statue of limitations, which really was him implying there are more folks. But I think the majority of people with a brain can see the lawyer is full of shit and i do so hope JT sues his pants off!

  8. 8

    Huh? Wonder where all those mean spirited people are who called JT a pole-jumper that bites the dust etc? Guess they are biting the dust now eh? LMAO, Did you all really think he was guilty? You seriously could not see the lawyer using the media to create hype and doubt by claiming "others have come forward", then later stating but their statue of limitations were expired, etc. Please, the man is gay himself and so totally trying to force JT to come out of the closet when no one really knows for sure if he is even in it and if he is he has the right to come out WHEN HE DECIDES TO. We as gays are not so pathetic that we need to hurt people by forcing them out of the closet.

  9. daddygoob says – reply to this


    I do not believe a word that has been said against Travolta. People are money hungry plain and simple. I am glad to see the claims are falling apart as I suspected they would.

    Posted by

  10. 10

    Why do you keep saying MASSEUSE ? It's MASSEUR !!!!

  11. 11

    well well the rising and growing may of occured lol but there was still no proof i should sign to law school hehe THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING BUT THERE AIN T NO PUDDING HERE settle out of court he be lucky if he doesnt have his ass sued out for degrading a star…

  12. jakkadan says – reply to this


    jt should juzt laugh this off as the big fukkin joke it has turned 2 b, otherwise it is still gonna 'drag' on for months, john, u rock