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President Obama Spreads His Cheeks Some Marriage Equality Knowledge On The View

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Reach that female audience, Mr. Prez!

President Barack Obama - the first president to come out in favor of gay marriage - took his 'un-American' vision of equality for all to the ladies of The View Tuesday.

The Prez get personal with Lady Babs aka Barbara Walters, and illuminates the audience on the political and emotional drives behind his momentous decision.

Get educated in equality (above)!

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24 comments to “President Obama Spreads His Cheeks Some Marriage Equality Knowledge On The View

  1. 1

    This is the President of The United States. Show some respect.

  2. 2

    Such an inspirational man. Equality for all <3

  3. 3

    He is the sure the King of double talk. Ha Ha Mario didnt get exactly to the letter what he wanted.

  4. 4

    Lol, ppl think gay marriage will be legal everywhere if he gets re-elected, there's not much he can do, a lot of states already made bans against it,
    He's looking for votes , that's all.

  5. 5

    He'll say what he thinks will get him some votes, but he won't lift a finger for all you gays wanting to get married and clog the healthcare system with claims you'll file for your diseases once your "spouses" get you on their insurances. Gay marriage isn't about love, it's about economics and legalities. The rest of us don't owe it to you to allow you to corrupt the institution of marriage just so you can play butt darts legally. And Obama isn't interested in helping your asses get what you want. He's all talk, and you're dumb enough to believe in him AGAIN. ROFL

  6. 6

    Been reading you since the beginning Perez, but I gotta say that headline is so disappointing. I didn't and wont vote for Obama but he is The President Of The United States, and that headline is very disrespectful.

  7. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    Just as a point of reference
    Remember Dick Chaney came out for gay marriage more than our years ago
    I think Chaney was very sincere when he did, I don't think Obama is, I think Obama will say, will do anything that he thinks will get im a vote
    I think more, and more people can see through him, and will turn out come November

  8. 8

    spreads his cheeks??? what the fuck is wrong with u assholes!!

  9. 9

    Re: La Garse – people have said the same dismissive and cynical things about furtherance of equal rights for other minority groups in past decades . You sound like just another bigot who has a lot more in common with Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan than you think. You are actually being the dumb one here.

  10. 10

    Re: Mr Pete – nobody wants to give dick c any credit! obama followed biden!! barry obama is a fake!!

  11. 11

    I'm not even American and I'm disgusted by that headline. Show some respect you horrific individual.

  12. 12

    He is feeding you shit and telling you it is steak and you keep begging for more!!!
    Listen to how he bashes the 1% but loves hangin out with them all.
    Look how he ran over the Palestine's and Israel with his BS talk.
    Look how he bashed Wall Street but some of the biggest scumbags work for him now!
    Look how they lost 100's of weapons in Libya and now the Brotherhood are fully armed.
    Why did he send our planes there without approval from Congress but does nothing for the Syrian people who have it 100 times worse.
    Look at the money wasted with him trying to close GITMO and try them in the States and give them are rights!!
    A healthcare bill that NOBODY read and crammed it down our throats when the American people were NOT liking it or understanding of it! Now it still costing million in the courts.
    Look how he handled the State Trooper with his RACIST comments
    Look how he handled Trevor as looking like his son. More racist then Zimmerman
    Look how he handled the money for solar power. Millions wasted on a broke comp!
    How about the millions given to the auto & banks and didnt hire a CZAR to over see the money that they spent on CEO's
    Never been for the gays and now he is! REALLY!!!
    Wants to cut our defense before going after fraud in SS. welfare, Medicaid, insurance etc that is out of control.
    Wants to make every Illegal, legal and able to vote.
    The list is growing EVERYDAY and let out 100's more!!!

  13. 13

    Re: fuck the haters – You're a prime example of why liberals are idiots. I'm so impressed with your pitiful, limp-wristed attempts to insult, you moron. You're gonna end up killing the gay marriage cause because you can't do better than call names. Did your education stop at the 5th grade, stupid? I am against gay marriage, and you're too stupid to persuade me I'm wrong, so you throw out a few historically awkward names. Thanks, Jethro. ROFL … what a retard you are. Go back into your closet.

  14. William says – reply to this


    What the hell is wrong with you? Either fix the headline or apologize for your disrespectful headline. Although that might be much since you don't check or respond to comments unless they're about you or your body. So much for your #perezism bullshit. Apparently that goes out the window when it comes to common decency.

  15. 15

    I am going to agree that the headline is not funny. It is disrespectful and crass. Poor humor is poor humor. Nonetheless, I am glad to see that steps are being taken to make sure this finally heads to the US Supreme Court where they will rule state bans and federal restrictions on gay marriage unconstitutional. This isn't even an issue of IF but WHEN by now. When is soon. I believe before the end of the decade.

  16. 16

    The only skill of a magician, is his ability to distract you from the obvious and dazzle you with the distraction. So, while Obama wows you with his 'evolution' (ie flip-flop) on gay marriage, it's just another day in a crapper of an economy that won't get focused on! Since gay-marriage isn't a federal issue, and 32 states have already voted against it, can we please focus on real issues and not social fluff! Obama has already done tricks with birth control, race baiting with Trayvon, college loans and now gay marriage! That's women, blacks, students and gays. What demographic will he try to impress next, I bet it will be senior citizens for his next trick! What do you think??

  17. 17

    Wow… In a smaller country you would be hung for treason with that headline. Regardless of what I think of the guy, he still is our leader and deserves respect.

  18. 18

    Disgusting headline you used.

  19. Aaron says – reply to this


    i'm gay and even i think the headline is too far! He is supporting gay marriage so at least show some respect to your president and not spit it back in his face. CHANGE THE HEADLINE OR APOLOGISE.

  20. 20

    No one's going to vote for the gay president that doesn't know how to fix the economy.

  21. 21

    For someone who was against gay marriage since his last campaign and through speeches he gave in January 2012, he's become quite the expert in favor of it in record time. Must be campaign promise time again.

  22. 22

    So the President comes out and does what you've wanted him to for months - admit his "support" for gay marriage - and you go and make that crude joke? You're sick. You do realize you just insulted yourself with those crossed out words, right? Yourself and your whole cause. Idiot.

  23. 23

    So what about our economy he has fuck up…what about our 3 trillion dollars we owe…focus on the freakin economy and bring our gas prices down! Im gay and colored, sick of our president talking all this bullshit he should fix our economy that he screwed up!

  24. 24

    Obama is full of shit!!!