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Clay Aiken Is A Baller, Faces The Nation To Talk Gay Marriage

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We are starting to see what the Claymates see in their hero, Clay Aiken!!

The openly gay singer came on CBS's Face the Nation over the weekend to talk about North Carolina's Amendment One AND the President's endorsement of marriage equality.

Clay spoke eloquently as he dropped knowledge about the sentiments the citizens of his home state have toward gay marriage.

He told the political commentators:

"The polls in North Carolina show that over 60 percent of North Carolinians actually support some recognition for same-sex couples, be it civil unions or domestic partnerships. As North Carolinians see what it's done, and what it will do, I think they will support the fact that President Obama did speak out on principal…I think we'd like to see politicians speak out on principle a little bit more."

DAMN STRAIGHT! Well, not straight. LOL!

There is something SEKSI about a man that stands up for what he believes in and knows his shiz!

PRESS PLAY to see the American Idol runner-up in action (above)!

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20 comments to “Clay Aiken Is A Baller, Faces The Nation To Talk Gay Marriage”

  1. Maidanndi says – reply to this


    Would have been cool to have actually seen the clip of Clay, since that is what is lead to believe you see in the description. :P

  2. 2

    people still care about him?

  3. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Why did you post of video of only the anti-gay marriage bigot saying his piece? Fail.

  4. furrudah says – reply to this


    After years of refusing to even want to rub up against the word "gay", all the while cruising manhunt, how convenient that when his career had tanked he suddenly embraced the cause to make himself some out and proud representative.
    Just because he may be on the right side of gay now or can string two words together, doesn't make him any less a ridiculous character, let alone spokesperson.

  5. Jstfn says – reply to this


    Clay gets runner up again… That Tony Perkins is the real American Idol in this clip

  6. 6

    furr.. people grow up, have kids and change.

  7. Rachel says – reply to this


    Saw nothing of Clay's interview. Seriously I was really looking forward to it. Perez love ya, but come on !!!!

  8. Robbie says – reply to this


    Re: furrudah – Clay Aiken came out 4 years ago when he was comfortable doing so. Far from being ridiculous, he is an intelligent and articulate spokesperson. Its obvious that he feels very strongly about what went down in NC, his home state and isn't discussing it for the sake of his career. The man CARES. Too bad more celebs don't follow his lead.

  9. 9

    Yet another piece of trash!

  10. 10

    Here is the ‘Face the Nation’ discussion with Clay Articulate and intelligent he did a great job on FTN and also appeared on CNN and MSNBC. Next win ‘The Celebrity Apprentice‘.

  11. Rene says – reply to this


    Ironic, him being on face the nation… When I'd rather eat glass than look at what he's done to his face. I bet when he dies, they find rubberbands and old chewing gum wadded up in that massive chin.

  12. 12

    Clay has come a long way from American Idol. Wish him the best, and maybe politics is in his future.

  13. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: Rene – : God I can't stomach bullies like you.

  14. gurt says – reply to this


    He couldn't win American Idol, he can't move records or concert tickets…might as well try politics. The question is…who would vote for him? Donald Trump?

  15. james says – reply to this


    Im sick and tired of this country and the gays, but I like all genders and colors etc etc.
    But the gays have bad as well, dont act like your saints cause in every party there is the ones that are bad, you guys spread diseases in park and rides and give messages to young children to be whatever they want, let the young figure that they are free on there own , theres nothing like a 12 year hearing from brighest rainbow on how they can be gay,,,,,,,man and man cant produce bottom line. So what ? the gays are agreeing to and if possible for the world not to produce more humans, something not rite there. But overall I love the gay community and I love people in general. But its just to much for the country, there are alot bigger issue then a marriage bill but that will never be understood. So rite now it like Im talking to no one. I guess Im really curious to see what the world is like and if gays are finally comfortable in 10 years. Good luck guys and girls Ill just be ready for whatever happens I guess

  16. 16

    First of all we all peruse Manhunt so you little straight bitches are insulting us all with you homophobia and second, who cares whether he came out 5 years ago or this year? Nobody is born OUT. His intelligent and sincere support is all we need to know, and that I will be getting tickets to his 15th national solo tour this fall.

  17. 17

    Um…you posted the wrong video clip. Where's Clay?

  18. corinne says – reply to this


    Too bad your video does not show Aiken talking. He was articulate, smart and addressed Perkins comments with common sense and class. People come out on their own schedule — too many mocked him for no reason when he would not publicly address the gay rumors. (He claims he never denied this to friends and coworkers.) That was his personal choice. When he came out, he came out swinging and has been a wonderful spokesman for the gay community and a positive role model for his son.

    Glad to see you respect him now. My respect for him has always been there. He is a gentleman.

  19. Jessie V. says – reply to this


    Whatever. Clay Aiken is a dweeb and a gay marriage Johnny Cum Lately. zzzzzz.

  20. sioux says – reply to this


    It always amazes me that the people who are the biggest bullies against gays are gays themselves. WHO CARES when he came out. It was a personal journey and everyone does it in their own time. He's from a strict southern Baptist family and it couldn't have been easy for him to come out in the public eye with jackasses like some of you posters teeing off on him. He's intelligent, talented, articulate, and the gay community should be welcoming to him - not condemning. And the idiotic straight people that are still calling him names and making jokes about him are nothing but homophobic, socially stunted people who find the anonymity of the internet their playground!