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Justin Bieber Bares His Sexy Bum Chest!

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It's always a good morning when a naked Justin Bieber joins us to greet the sun!

Hmmm, what you doin' acting all sexy, Biebs? Can we join you under those heated lamps, gettin' a little sweaty?

OOPS! It slipped, we swear!


Yeah you crook that elbow above your head… we wonder what you're posing for?

Playgirl, perhaps?

Let Justin make you SWOON (above)!


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32 comments to “Justin Bieber Bares His Sexy Bum Chest!”

  1. 1

    Funny - looks like he just woke up! Go wash up, have some breakfast, and THEN do you photoshoot! LOL!

  2. Seto says – reply to this


    Good god, you are disgusting aren't you? Way to go in reinforcing that stereotype that gays are hypersexual

  3. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    The Biebs always raises his eyebrows when he takes pictures. That 'surprised' look that Taylor Swift has perfected, except without the mouth open.

  4. 4

    Keep proving gays are sexual deviates who lust obsessively over straights. You deserve to be bullied and beaten up.

  5. eek says – reply to this


    "Let Justin make you SWOON (above)!" nope, i like men, not guys that look like theyre 1

  6. creeped says – reply to this


    "Let Justin make you SWOON (above)!" nope, i like men, not guys that look like they're 14.

  7. 7

    I like what I see:)

  8. 8

    He's a beardless, lady-faced BOY. I don't drool over males who look like they need testosterone supplements; I want a MAN. But you've always been a pedo, Mario(n), and you get off on lusting after heterosexuals who want nothing to do with you.
    Re: Seto – Maybe because no one would touch Perez he's extra horny? Kinda hard to pick up a bedmate sporting his fug face and with his mommy on his arm all the time, ya know?
    Re: Lady Who? – Yeah, he definitely deserves to be beaten. I think that should happen at least once per day, though I'd prefer once per hour. It's not as though doing so would hurt his good looks because he doesn't have any.

  9. 9

    Re: fancypants66 – You are so right. It's the stunned bunny look. Cute on Taylor, but it makes Beiber look even younger.

  10. 10

    Damn your a nasty mother fucker. He has no "chest", it's like a pre-pubescent boy's, which is why you love it. You are a disgusting pedo, horrible mother fucker. How many times have you ripped straight men, calling them gross, for ogling a teenage girl the same age as him? But it's ok for your 30 something year old nasty homo ass to dream of molesting this kid? Damn, you should be shot.

  11. 11

    why are you jerking off to this ugly lesbian??

  12. 12

    PEEREX the poster boy for gays everywhere. Aren't you proud to have this PEDO as your spokesthing??? fucking pig

  13. 13

    Jesus Christ Perez, He's barely fucking legal… you really are a fucking pedophile

  14. 14

    You are disgusting, Perez. He still looks like a little kid. It's just as creepy as when people say his girlfriend is sexy, they both still look like they are 12. Gross.

  15. 15

    I dont get the hype. He is NOTHING to look at. He cant sing. Just stop already.

  16. Clayton says – reply to this


    Dude, that's fuckig messed up. You're, like, twice his age! Get a real job MARIO. Earn an honest living like the rest of us have to. Your stardom is undeserved. You're a talentless hack who hides behind his computer, soliciting sex with minors. If you weren't such a big name in the media, your ass would be hauled off to jail for being a creeper.

  17. 17

    A QUESTION FOR "MAMA PEREZ". Are you truly proud of your son or are you the biggest farce of a Cuban-American mother that ever hit the Florida coast? Didn't you ever have that "little talk" with Mario, or did you leave it up to Catholic priests to nurture him? Sinverguenza or tool, you decide.

  18. 18

    She's so flat chested.

  19. 19

    lol Nice spray on muscles! That is all shading done with a spray gun…if you scrubbed him clean he would still look 14. He is a cute boy and he is just that….a boy, stop being a perve.

  20. bianka says – reply to this


    es re hermozzzzzooooooooo

  21. bianka says – reply to this


    es re hermozzzzzzooooooo te amooooo

  22. 22

    you're disgusting, lusting after a child?

  23. jess says – reply to this


    seriously he's a kid! Don't be gross

  24. 24

    he doesnt know how to look sexy because he doesnt know about sex yet, he doesnt have the confidence to pull it off, so he just imitates usher and other black dudes and raises his eyebrows like an idiot, 4 years ago he was 14, and he still looks like he is 14, he will never grow up, he's the real Peter Pan.

  25. 25

    Oh Mario…how can you "swoon" over a little boy??? Please go away Justin…

  26. 26

    SHE. IS. SO GROSS. Perez pedophile? Waiting for her to turn 18 so you could express your lust? Gross.

  27. Rosselen says – reply to this



  28. 28

    Honestly you sound like a friggin pedophile! I don't know how u get away with writing this vile shit! He's literally legal by like months and not only that he's not gay so don't treat him like he is! If straight ppl acted this way toward gays you would scream sexual abuse and ridicule them! I like coming on here to catch up on gossip, not to read about your sick gay fantasies with barely legal straight boy- men!!

  29. 29

    i agree, Perez…you sound like a pedophile…its gross.

  30. 30

    ewwww no! he's so scrawny! the only people who should find that attractive are middle school girls!

  31. anastasia fera says – reply to this


    and middleaged housewives. drool. :p','- hot

  32. 32

    WTF Perez??? Leave my man alone and go find yourself someone else! He belongs to us ( the beliebers ) and we don't wanna hear you getting all pervy over him.