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Rock Of Ages Gives It To You Any Way You Want It!

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Our mullet quaff is teased, our jeans torn, and we just RIPPED the sleeves off our favorite tee…

‘Cause we just indulged in this MEGA clip-compilation from the upcoming hair-band musical film, Rock Of Ages!

After hearing Tom Cruise pour sweet, sticky liquid all over his body, we've been thoroughly electrified by the impending wrath of the Rock.

Watch Mary J Blige instructing Julianne Hough in the ways of man-pleasing while belting out Any Way You Want It, interspersed with TONS of sneaky peeks from the film (above)!

We are hella, HELLA pumped…

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12 comments to “Rock Of Ages Gives It To You Any Way You Want It!”

  1. 1

    whu oh why would ANYTHING HUMAN be "pumped" by this POS trash pile??? only 3 of the 20 tracks were worth a SHIT by the original performers. alec Baldwin singing sister christian and juke box hero??!!! come on, this will be the BIGGEST flop this year. $80 mil budget,, won't gross $40.

  2. Oldshit says – reply to this


    @raypearson. You sure of that? I'll dip your oldshit face in your butthole if it turned out to be the opposite.

  3. 3

    Perez, you can barely wield the English language in a basic way so please don't try to get fancy. "Mullet quaff" makes no sense. First, "quaff" is a verb so it could not be modified by "mullet". Second, "quaff" means to drink, usually something intoxicating and copiously. I believe the word you want is "coiffe" or "coiffure" which, as a noun, mean a style of hair. Furthermore, while "mullet coiffe" wouldn't necessarily be incorrect, it would certainly be stylistically poor as "mullet" already carries the idea coiffure in its meaning so it would be redundant. You should have simply said "Our mullet is teased…". I know it is tempting to try to sound smarter than you are but in order for it to work you have to successfully pull it off.

  4. 4

    Re: raypearson – RAY, Dude you are taking this WAY too seriously. Some people may like to watch movies for the LOLS and for the hell of it. Chill , dude , simmer life ain't that bad BRO.

  5. 5

    Re: Myth of Sisyphus – MYTH, Dude you are taking this WAY too seriously. Are you Grammar Snob? A Snob in life in general? Sure seems like it if you have to troll someones personal gossip blog over their choice words. You put in waaay more effort to "stick to him" than he even cares. Why you are in a tissy showing off in the comments section how smart you are, he is meeting and talking to celebrities and doing shit that's making a difference in the world. JUST SAYIN :)

  6. 6

    Re: blasting22
    1) "…showing off in the comments section how smart you are…". First, I would like to thank you for acknowledging how smart I am.
    2) It is important because fools like you are going to believe that "quaff" means something different than it does. I bet you also say "irregardless", think the phrase is really "just desserts", say "between you and I", etc. I also assume you don't know why or that they are wrong.
    3) Capitalizing or elongating certain words does not prove your point or make for a good narrative.
    4) While I thank you for the aforementioned acknowledgement (cf. note 1), you are incorrect about me being a snob. I am certainly fastidious but being a snob connotes some sort of luxury and I hardly have nor care for luxury in my life.
    5) Saying "doing shit" and "making a difference in the world" in relation to one another is a contradiction in terms.
    6) Your grammar is horrible.
    7) You have been trolled (cf. note 6).
    8) If I wanted to show off then I would have chosen an article with more comments.
    9) I like any chance I can to show Perez that his intelligence is more limited than he believes it to be - especially since he is committed to writing in the annoying and pretentious first-person plural of "we".

  7. sheikh says – reply to this


    he obviously got paid to post this, they are desperate for this movie not to tank and this is their interpretation of guerrilla marketing

  8. 8

    I might like to see this if it gets to Southern California, but being a senior on a fixed income, it would need to be affordable and most plays are not.

  9. 9

    This movie looks HORRIBLE!

  10. 10

    ill be disapointed if it tanks as ghost protocol is amazing so he needs another hit not a bomb.. besides it looks ok cant be worse than all these trash movies where everyone dies in sick ways one after the other …ugh

  11. rini says – reply to this


    this movie has built a lot of hype. anyone who think it won't be a hit is embarrassing themselves.

  12. Jan says – reply to this


    Hey everyone,
    It is a satire of the 80's so see it as such. The movie is along the lines of Hair and Hairspray etc and anyone who loved that period will enjoy going back in time.
    I am looking forward to the movie.
    And how could anybody be brave or atupid enough to criticise a movie before it is screened. Probably someone envious of the money the stars make. Ray Pearson does not "look" wealthy to me.