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Save GCB!!! Wendy Williams Starts Petition!

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The holy soul of GCB must be saved before it is too late!!

Wendy Williams is in a fiery uproar!! The Kristin Chenoweth show about the stereotypical lives of Southern, church-going women has been cancelled!!!

But Wendy knows the show ain't over ’til the fat exec sings!! So she started a petition to save her new favorite show. And for the love of GAWD, we hope it works!! Poor Cheno…

So if U want to see the HIGHlarious stick around for Season 2, then SIGN HERE!

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26 comments to “Save GCB!!! Wendy Williams Starts Petition!”

  1. 1

    I love Chenowith, but the writing is bad, it would watch it if it was better.

  2. Pop says – reply to this


    There is another online petition

  3. Tcar says – reply to this


    This is a waste. Please promote the petition already going on change.org. Concentrate the purpose. We don't need Wendy Williams. :) how you doin>?

  4. Jim says – reply to this


    this is a great show. there is another petition going around there are almost 45 000 signatures. we can do this people! This show was hilarious! it needs to keep going!! pastor tutor and amanda!!!

  5. 5

    help save GCB! Sign the online petition at SaveGCB.com. 43,000+ signatures and growing!

  6. Frankie says – reply to this


    Let's focus the efforts!!!

  7. stephanie says – reply to this


    you should REALLY link SAVEGCB.com. it's a change.org petition that has over 43,000 signatures!

  8. Justin P says – reply to this


    Perez, you should be starting up a "SAVE RINGER" campaign. You could at least draw attention to particular petition. I mean, you have so much influence! RINGER4LIFE

  9. 9

    Love the show. but don't try and trick me with a donation. bad, bad, bad girl

  10. John says – reply to this


    This is diluting effort. Just link to and combine your numbers. They are 44K+ already

  11. suzie says – reply to this


    I tried to like it!!!! I really did!! It was soooooooooo bad!!!! Really??!! A show about trophy wives holding 2o yr grudges from HIGH SCHOOL??? Aren't we trying to teach our daughters to MOVE on and NOT look back to the petty "drama years"? ? I want this show cancelled!!!!

  12. kell_belle says – reply to this


    for all you "RINGER" fans out there, there might still be a shot to save it too. Sign the petition!

  13. jenna b says – reply to this


    add www. to the beginning of this - petitionbuzz.com/petitions/cwringerseason2 - to try and save "RINGER" if you're a fan. and this definitely isn't some sight asking for a donation. just an online petition to save an amazing show. 12, 000 signatures and counting, but "Ringer" still needs your help!

  14. mama says – reply to this


    This is the new desperate housewives! Please save GCB tongue in cheek fun, a little naughty…a great sunday night..

  15. sasha says – reply to this


    Re: suzie – shut your mouth..

  16. R says – reply to this


    Re: kell_belle

    Herp Derp, Sherlock. Maybe you should try reading or something to up your brain activity because you're coming off PRETTY STUPID. What do you think the point of GCB was? Amanda was a Bxtch to the girls in HS but she GREW UP (Aka she is the rolemodel for our young daughters here). Pretty much in every episode she is making up for what she did to the girls in HS and slowly winning them all over. SLowly they are giving up their grudges and growing up. This is a perfect show for the young ladies of today to see that people can change and HS and its drama is not the end of the world.

    Also I do regret having to tell you… Real life is often like HS. You never escape it.

  17. R says – reply to this


    Re: kell_belle
    UGH IM SORRY I Think I replied to the wrong comment. I was going for the one wishing GCB To get canceled. This site has a stupid way of comment layouts.

  18. R says – reply to this


    SAVEGCB.COM is the petition you should be promoting, PErez. Not Wendy Williams! -_- This is just dividing the fans. Why would you promote this one over the better and larger one? Because a celebrity is behind it? Jeez.

  19. Diane Newton says – reply to this


    Save GCB !!! One of the best shows in ages.

  20. 20

    My good buddy Randy Bragdon has a petition already with over 50,000 signatures. SaveGCB.com!!

  21. Bear says – reply to this


    There's already a petition with like 58,000 signatures on savegcb.com !!! Sign that too!

  22. Ine says – reply to this


    I LOVE this show, it's hilarious!!!
    Please sign the other petition too : saveGCB.com

  23. Gloria Norwood says – reply to this


    I didn't watch this show, however any show that would blasphemize the Christian faith by naming a show "Good Christian Bitches", is not something I would watch. I can't speak for God, but I strongly believe that you cannot be a Christian and refer to any woman as a bitch. I notice how Wendy makes references to the church, I believe she tends to be athiest….she shows no respect for the Christian religion. I am not a devout Christian, however to me "Good Christian Bitches" sounds like these women are behaving badly and being (bitches), all while they are professing to be good Christians. We know Wendy is not a Christian, the way she demeans, backstabs and talks about people. And what's amazing, she can talk about these dumb dumbs on Monday and they will come on her show and kiss her a_ _ on Friday. But go ahead, Wendy, I ain't mad at you and I watch you every night, because not only do you look like a man, but you have got more balls than the average man!

  24. 24

    Are you kidding the writing was awesome!

  25. 25

    GCB is one of the best shows of the year!

  26. Jessica says – reply to this


    Save the show! Go to