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Whitney Houston To Be Honored At BMAs

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Whitney Houston millennium award

Prepare the tissues!!

There are going to be huge stars, AMAZING performances, and LOTS of tears during this Sunday's Billboard Music Awards!

The BMAs have just announced that the late Whitney Houston will be receiving the 2012 Millennium Award, equipped with a special sob including musical tribute from Jordin Sparks and John Legend. ARE THEY TRYING TO KILL US??

And, if a song tribute featuring I Will Always Love You doesn't send you into a spiraling depression perhaps Whit's only child Bobbi Kristina making an acceptance speech in her mother's honor will do the trick!

It is fitting that the late diva receive the award. After her passing in Feb. Houston became the first woman to have three of her albums in the Billboard 200 chart's top 10 at the same time.

Still, that part of the show is gonna WRECK our day!

Will U be strong enough to watch the tribute??

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5 comments to “Whitney Houston To Be Honored At BMAs”

  1. 1

    Why are we still "honoring" this drug-addicted, racist hag? I do not dispute that she could sing. But she threw her life away and destroyed her voice with drugs, stupidity, and selfishness. If she was still alive today, we'd still be reading the occasional headline about her comeback that was never going to happen, or her acting up, or her back in rehab. Whitney Houston was, at the time of her death, a used-up has-been. She is not a good example for anyone to follow, and I”m just completely over her. She doesn't deserve all of these tributes and honors. She was trash.

  2. 2

    I heard the day of the BMA's they were gonna mail a bag of cocain to every us citizen that says "Whitney loves you" as a tribute and promotion for the show.

  3. 3

    just ANOTHER dead drug addict. her, MJ, janis, jimmi, elvis, etc. just DEAD DRUG ADDICTS. Do not get me wrong, i still love jimmi, janis, e.a.p., but regardless they all were junkies. what is there to "honor" maybe next they will have a tribute to famous murders,, Che, Charlie, John, ted etc

  4. Andres says – reply to this


    It is so sad to read horrible message about a person that gave so much of herself to people she did not even know. Whitney drug addiction did not hurt any of these people that post negative comments. Attacking someone short coming don't make you a Better person at all… People that are filled with hate need a lot of prayer.

  5. 5

    Re: Andres – you need to learn to communicate intelligently