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Naya Rivera Pole Dancing Video LEAKED!

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Wait a second…we didn't know McKinley High had uniforms???

Oh shizzity shiz SHIZ! Well, what do we have here!

Just one week away from the Glee season three finale and BAM! like that, we get our hands on a little video clip of Naya Rivera…before her Cheerios cheerleading days on the hit show!

Check out the risqué vid of Naya taking part in a POLE dancing competition (above)!!!

WERK.IT.GURL!!! We can't even hate! Lookin' good!!

The clip is from an episode of Wild World of Spike, a series which aired in 2007 on the Spike network!!

Sure, this was five years ago…but we knew Santana had a seksi schoolgirl side to her! Ha!

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53 comments to “Naya Rivera Pole Dancing Video LEAKED!”

  1. bad bad says – reply to this


    Doesn't Perez like a bit of spice?

    Or does Perez just lie there?

  2. 2

    gross at this sexist video on this disgusting channel i love naya but those guys are gross

  3. Yup says – reply to this


    Naya still has that banging body, but those guys in the video are gross. This was when she was 20, give the girl a break. I love that girl to death. Cory Monteith gets praised for having a bad past and becoming successful, but once we see a girl (Naya) do something "wrong" people start to freak out.

  4. UltraAstrum says – reply to this


    Meh, I don't see anything wrong with this. She wasn't naked (although she did do a cheeky flash). Nothing wrong with a 20 year old student having a little fun. Jeez. she's huma guys! give her some slack. I thinke she's epic and this made her a little bit more epic-er in my books.

  5. gg says – reply to this


    i think i just came…

  6. Haha says – reply to this


    Dude, I love Naya. She already tweeted about this a couple hours ago. She was 20 and in college, nothing wrong here.

  7. 7

    Ryan Murphy/Glee sure knows how to pick em'. Cory= ex junkie, Heather= attention whore skank (purposely leaked nude photos, fake tits), and now Naya= past pole dancing skank.
    Besides having a questionable crew, this show sucks balls with its karaoke music.

  8. Sophie says – reply to this


    She is an amazing hard working women and gosh, I don't know how anyone could say a bad word about it. She was a 20 year old. I dont judge her for it. I have nothing but respect for her. Amazing actress. Beautiful person.

  9. 9

    20= you should already know better. No excuse for acting like a skank. If people are able to call those "16 and pregnant" girls out for getting knocked up and being a "slut", then you should be able to call out a 18+ girl for acting and dressing like one. The double standard only seems to apply when you're "liked". lol. Not all 20 year olds are immature/skanky, it's an insult to the ones who are mature and actually know better.

  10. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: Pretty Boys Are Forever – Lmao wow, you are so lame. Were you one of those lame kids that sat in their dorms while everyone else went out and partied? (If you even went to school). Out of any celebrity I know, I have the MOST respect for this girl right here, you have no idea how hard she works her ass off.

  11. Lima says – reply to this


    Re: Pretty Boys Are Forever – Fuck off, you have no idea who you are talking about. these people are incredibly talented and for you to shame them for their past, who the hell do you think you are?

  12. 12

    Re: Pretty Boys Are Forever – Old enough to know better? There is nothing wrong with pole dancing and it takes a lot of athletic skill to do it well. Stop being sexually repressed.

  13. carol says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – And you and your slut shaming are ridiculous. If this was a guy everyone would be going on and on about how hot and awesome he is, but since it's a woman, you're calling her a slut. She's a grown up woman and she can dress the way she wants to and do whatever the hell she feels like doing. Maybe you should be trying to stop thinking like someone who lives in the medieval era instead of slut shaming other people.

  14. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: carol – I was trying to defend Naya, but ok?

  15. 15

    Re: isolde – lol trash

  16. 16

    Re: Sam – Pretty Boys Are Forever's got a fair point.
    It's one thing for people at college feeling the need to go out and blow steam every now and again, but try and keep a bit of respect for yourself when you're doing it.

    On one hand I think "hey, it's her body" and it's her choice to wear something thats more flesh than material. However, I still think it's sad that she felt the need to parade round the moronic men in this video like she's a bit of meat. Especially on some shitty low-grade and low-budget TV show that she's probably gonna look back on and regret.

    Personally I consider it even more lame and pathetic than the kinda person who would spend there time at College in their dorm doing, Oooo I don't know..Studying?
    Take this opinion from a current 20 year old student, who knows what a good night out is, while still being able to look after herself.

  17. 17

    I know how to party, i just don't feel the need to be an attention whoring skank about it ;)

  18. 18

    I guess you glee fans are mad that your precious Naya got caught being a skank and called out on it… ;)
    If this was someone else, i guarantee you people would be calling her all sorts of names. Double standards, eh? :)

  19. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: Mancunian_Bollocks – You're an idiot, did you even watch the video? "Naya is a straight A student". Get your shit straight

  20. Joey says – reply to this


    Re: Pretty Boys Are Forever – actually you're just a loser lolol

  21. User1 says – reply to this


    Re: Pretty Boys Are Forever – i wasn't going to comment on this because i could care less about glee but you're just being annoying, everyone has shit in their past they arent proud of, so who are you to say anything? seriously, i want to know.

  22. ugh says – reply to this


    You are the fucking worst.

  23. Ochea says – reply to this


    Re: Pretty Boys Are Forever – Shut the fuck up

  24. Nikki says – reply to this


    Lmao!!!!! I've done MUCH worse in college for FREE… this is harmless. stupid glee kids

  25. Everyone says – reply to this


    perez… you know we all hate your right?

  26. Crabiosa says – reply to this


    The most interesting thing is that actually Perez never created a tag for Naya Rivera.. Hate much Perez?

  27. katherine says – reply to this


    First of all, we dont even know why she did it. Is just poll dancing, this doesn't define her, when I was young I did some stuff that I am not proud of. I don't judge, and is not because she is a celebrity. Want to bitch and hate on someone, well there are a lot of criminals out there, hate those asshole, not young women.

  28. blah blah blah says – reply to this


    Re: Pretty Boys Are Forever – dude shut the fuck up and grow up jeez it was the past no need to hate … jeez people like you are the kind that makes me sick .. but hey keep hating cause while u be hating they will get more succesfull :P

  29. lol says – reply to this


    Perez get a real life jeez your so annoying -__-

  30. Kiwi kid says – reply to this


    Naya for the win!!! Haters be hating but this lady is still beautiful as the day is long. Kia kaha Naya.

  31. beccarooroo says – reply to this


    I don't watch glee, don't know who this girl is, and I was someone who never went out partying at Uni, and frankly I see nothing wrong with this. She's clearly just fooling around. I didn't see her fucking two guys at once, I didn't see anyone slapping their dicks in her face, so how she is a whore is beyond me. You people need to stop taking yourself so seriously and live a little. You don't have to like it, but there's a difference between saying "I don't agree" and "omgz she's a slut and I'm a 12 year old what shall i do!?!!1/"

  32. bahbah says – reply to this


    Re: Mancunian_Bollocks – you already said it's her choice and she can do what she likes and yes she clearly did whatr she wanted who cares if you don't like it you don't know her and she probably wouldn't give a fuck what you think anyway if you can't respect her opinion then fine but get over yourself you are a nobody and it doesn't matter what you think i'm sure naya would look down on some shit you've done too in the past but that doesn't make her right in the same way it doesn't make you right and by the way if a woman choses to be a piece of meat it's her decision by saying she's whoring herself out you're actually repressing her freedom to do what she likes as a woman with her own body typical!

  33. lola1989 says – reply to this


    Re: Pretty Boys Are Forever – I don't really think it has anything to do with you what people do with their lives and their bodies. I don't know if you're just fat and ugly and are jealous because you'd break a pole if you tried to get on it, or if you just think women aren't allowed to be free in their sexuality, but nobody really cares. Go join a hate group if it makes you feel better, but what you say and do has no influence on Naya or anyone else. Nobody is saying you should pole dance or agree with it but don't think you have the right to call people out who do. Once again it's a case of a certain group of people thinking they know what's best for everyone else and not afraid to tell them how they should be living their lives. Well it's none of your business so go back to your boring sexually repressed life and let everyone else get on with theirs.

  34. wednesday says – reply to this


    Re: Sophie – how mature of you. congratulations.

  35. 35

    Re: dewdew5 – How is this sexist you idiot. Sexism against women? Are you kidding me. This girl knowingly and WILLINGLY chose to exploit her own sex appeal for cash and attention. Shut up.

    Re: Pretty Boys Are Forever – I hope you're a girl..Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity. Not every girl needs to be an attention seeking classless skank.

  36. 36

    Re: carol – The problem is, these girls expect to reform societies outlook on them. If you want to be a slut, fine by me. But don't force me to change my views on you.

    Problem with "sluts" is they feel the need to advertise they are a slut, which is unneeded. You're not making a political statement, or proving a point, or taking affirmative action. You're simply being a classless skank. No one cares how many dicks you take..but when you feel the need to advertise info that no one cares to hear..yeah expect some backlash.

    Most feminists are just a bunch of sluts trying to reform our basic programming as well as forcefully changing societies views on them solely to accommodate themselves.

  37. MiaNaya says – reply to this


    #SuckNayasCockiness :D haters gonna hate! She is beautiful, talented actress and SHE HAS A WONDERFUL VOICE!
    Sorry for you loser….NAYA IS PERFECT!

  38. Wake up Fandom says – reply to this


    Re: Pretty Boys Are Forever – When Heather nude photos leaked, Naya fans passed nasty comments. Saying they despised HeMo, lost respect for her, HeMo is a slut, an attention seeker, a bad role model and Naya should find another on screen partner. But now that Naya pole dancing and flashing her boobs video leaked, Naya stans want people to shut up, stop slut-shaming Naya and praised how they respect her. Wow! Double standard! And Naya stans on tumblr even tried to defend their idol by dragging other Glee girls down, mentioning Lea nude Spring Awakening performance, Hemo nude leaked and probably Dianna not leaked yet, so no big deal for Naya leaked. Lol. Naya stans will go all out to defend or justify whatever their idol did. Just like their idol will do anything for fame. Flashing her boobs to moronic guys on a low grade show, rumours with Mark, using HeMo to get her lesbian storyline, advocated how important that storyline was then contradicted herself by saying "Storylines are storylines" and dating a disgusting talentless writer who butchered her lesbian storyline. Naya is an opportunist who doesn't give a fuck as long as she gets her fame and wealth. 20 years old is old enough to think and know what she's doing. I'm 17 and I'm clear-minded. How old are you, Naya stans? Are you people too blinded by your fangirling?

  39. Pierina says – reply to this


    I love Naya and I will never think less of her, first of all haters can go to hell, because there is nothing wrong with the video, yeah it was "shocking" for some. but COME ON its not a sex tape or anything.. she was having fun, yeah those guys were gross but she is sexy and she knows it, and some actors appeared in really bad shows doing things they may "regret" and she is one of them. but that doesnt mean she is or was a"whore" what she is is an amazing actress, singer and inspiration, she is my idol and I dont care about this video, I even think that she knows how to work it, and I will never judge or think less of her for things like this.. its stupid..

  40. 40

    So many people on this site confuse over-sexualization with 'being free and confident with ones sexuality'. When really all this is doing (particularly for a woman) is taking them back to stage one in gender equality, by supporting the idea that women are just sex objects.
    I'm a feminist myself. There's a definitive difference in being a 'powerfully equal sexually free woman' and then not being much different to a woman in a job where she is solely paid to behave in a sexually promiscuous manner (i.e. a stripper). The dancing pole in this vid should of gave it away really..
    While I won't judge Naya as much as I would blame the execs of this program for promoting hypersexualised behaviour. Not just in the sense of showing it but also promoting it in a way that regards it acceptable, if not detrimental for women of this age to behave in order to receive attention/affection from the opposite sex.
    The reason why I commented in the first place was not to particularly slate Naya or discredit her work as an actress, but it was for other readers (particularly younger readers) on this site to know that generally women (as us older ladies will already know) do not have to behave this way to receive this kinda attention. Which is difficult enough to learn when growing up and coming to terms with ones sexuality. Nevermind when all this over-sexualized behaviour that is constantly being shoved in there faces and being regarded as the 'popular' thing to do..

  41. lheia says – reply to this


    she's not even ashamed of it. i love her even more and damn she looks fiesty!

  42. 42

    Re: Sam – Where exactly in my comment did I imply that she lacked intelligence? Sweetie you have no idea of my qualifications and achievements so seriously think again before you go throwing that word around as if you are the epitome of knowledge. Especially considering that you too seem to be hypocritically lacking in comprehensive skills.
    Re: bahbah – I'll reply back with a decent argument when you can embed decent punctuation in to your comments.

  43. yahoo says – reply to this


    Oh shut the fuck up you idiots. Some of you are acting like she was caught in a sextape or posting nude pics of herself. She was young, she did something wild and stupid, she is now grown and is looking ahead of herself. I suggest you repressed haters do the same. Move the fuck on. You idiots won't make or break her. Naya 4 the win!!!

  44. kimmie says – reply to this


    So what! Naya has an amazing body and she is absolutely gorgeous. She can choose to do whatever she wants. Sure looking back she may feel a little embarrassed but once again Naya is beautiful! Don't hate.

  45. 45

    everyone has known that she used to be like this, back when the show started there were tons of skanky looking pics of her from her hooters days… come on, old news, nothing to see here

  46. 46

    Re: Mancunian_Bollocks – She was a hooters girl. This girl has relied on her sex appeal her entire pathetic life.

    Oh and btw, I'd rather be a sexual object than a disposable one..Like males are.

  47. Evee says – reply to this


    WANKY! LOL, my love for Naya Rivera Has not changed after that video. Everyone needs to chill ;)

  48. NotAFan says – reply to this


    This is not the only trashy things Naya did. Her PR team asked a website to take down pics of her hooter days and her videos leaked had been taken down from youtube. Her PR still busy searching and covering up her trashy past. 

    Naya was lucky to land her role in Glee and gain her popularity through Santana's lesbian storyline. But does she really care about how important that storyline is to her fans or LGBT issues? Naya only cares about how to gain fame and wealth through her ignorant fans who still believe in her.

  49. D-Rob says – reply to this


    You should learn who the "douchebags" are. That's Jason Ellis & Kit Cope! I am sure he would LOVE for you to call his top rated Sirius/XM radio show and talk about it. 855-ELLIS-41

  50. realitysucks says – reply to this


    Naya's not stupid, she will do anything for fame. She probably leaked this video to perez, since it's censored & most fans will think it's hot & appealing. Coincidently, her character on Glee just learned a life lesson about fame a few weeks ago, when Santana announced that her goal in life is to be famous. Her girlfriend Brittany released a sex tape of the two of them, and set her up to audition for a bunch of trashy reality shows. Season 4 cliffhanger! Wise move! Naya's good at plotting, Fans always walk into trap.

  51. thepuppyeater says – reply to this


    NAYA YOUR HOT HOT HOT. Nothing to be ashamed of, or think your stupid here. Everyone move on. Now if only those naked pictures would leak.

  52. Yofer says – reply to this


    Yeah, predictable. She looks the type.

  53. dontcare says – reply to this


    Big deal she grinded on a pole and flashed some cleavage, give the girl a break. Loved her response to this though– "Aaahh to be 20 and stupid again…. ;-) "
    Girl honestly gives no fucks that this was leaked cause she was just young and having fun. People that age do worst shit than just pole dancing…