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Noah Wyle Ordered To Court For Medicaid Protest!

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He may have been standing up for what he believes in, but now, he's going to have to do it again in a court of law!

Noah Wyle and 73 others were arrested late in April for protesting Congress' decision to cut Medicaid with the disability-advocacy group ADAPT in the rotunda of the Cannon House Office Building in D.C., and now, they all must be appear in court next Tuesday!

One such member, Marsha Katz, whose husband is in a wheelchair, says:

"I'm shocked and angry. This is the first time in more than 20 years that the court wouldn't allow an attorney to represent us and wouldn't entertain a motion to postpone. Are they doing this to dissuade us from exercising our First Amendment rights?"

Wow! Sounds like they're really trying to make an example of these people!

Not cool!

You guys did a very brave thing, holding your ground and forcing such a serious issue to get the attention it deserves!

Don't let this keep you down!

You've got our support, guys! And the support of countless others!

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Noah Wyle Ordered To Court For Medicaid Protest!”

  1. 1

    He's so old! Was he on analog TV?

  2. mr pete says – reply to this


    Just the begining,
    Obama has cut 50 BILLION $$$$$ from Medicare, to pay for his health care package
    When the public really learns what's going on with health care, they will be doing more than just protesting

  3. 3

    You obviously haven't read the fucking legislation, you ignorant twat. There is no cut to Medicare. And Medicaid has been expanded. Noah Wylie, who has made millions pretending to be other people, will never have to have Medicaid. And the Medicaid recipients are a bunch of deadbeats who work the system and get their useless lives funded at the expense of others with jobs. You have no idea, Mario(n), what the real issues are. You're too fucking stupid to educate yourself. You take your "facts" from snippets offered by the famous who need more to do with their time and the stupid buckets of money they've been paid to do a lot of nothing. Get your huge head out of your stinky ass and get the facts before you post this shit. I hope Wylie gets thrown in and rots in jail. We don't owe the "poor" more of a fucking free ride.

  4. matrix says – reply to this


    I'm sick and tired of these rich activists…. protesting the rich…..he's welcome to redistribute his own wealth. I hope he gets a lot time in the slammer.

  5. 5

    While Nancy Pelosi spend millions in taxpayer funds to fly Air Force Luxury Jests everywhere little old ladies & sick kids are getting the plugs pulled

  6. 6

    People HAVE PAID INTO MEDICARE get denied and have to qualify for Medicaid; People HAVE PAID INTO SOCIAL SECURITY and are denied benefits THEY PAID FOR!

  7. 7

    "And the Medicaid recipients are a bunch of deadbeats who work the system and get their useless lives funded at the expense of others with jobs." Hey LaGarse, do you know what's ignorant? Making sweeping statements about who gets what and why. Medicaid is a lifeline for people who need services to stay alive and can't compete in the workplace to pay for exorbitant healthcare costs. It is a life or death situation for many of them. Suggesting that their lives are worthless because our society hasn't made room for the talents they bring to the table is cruel and ridiculous. I believe that a society's worth is measured by how it treats it's weakest members, and while I would in no way call the hundreds of brave men and women who went to DC in their wheelchairs that day weak, I will say that I want to live in a society where equality and freedom is ACTUALLY vauled and people of all different abilities are given the chance to pursue happiness, instead of getting shoved into institutions for "convenience". Protect Medicaid and let people have the option to be active in the community. And God bless Noah Wyle for not being another vacuous, ignorant celebrity, but someone who actually uses the fame he has to draw attention to something that matters.

  8. Peary85 says – reply to this


    Ok based on reading the comments below I can tell that the people are uninformed. La Garse needs to get a clue as he apparently has NO IDEA what or who is involved with ADAPT. These are people that are living on $700.00 and WORKING while living with disabilities. These are people that want to be a part of the community but the GOP keeps trying to cut their ability to do that by cutting the services they need to be able to be a part of the community and live outside of nursing homes. These are NOT people that are trying to be freeloaders. They are people that want to be able to actually LIVE and be around their loved ones and not just exsist in nursing homes that are paid for by the government because they can't work while being in nursing homes.

    Cudos to Noah Wyle for standing up for the members of ADAPT and everyone else that is living with a disability. If only others were as well informed as he is. Our homes not nursing homes!

  9. Peary85 says – reply to this


    Re: demitasse – You said that so much better than I did! Thank you for pointing out the truth.

  10. Donna Martinez says – reply to this


    Yeah… at least he can afford it:UNPRECEDENTED ATTACK: Activists forced to return to DC on May 22nd!
    In an unprecedented move by the US Attorney's Office, ADAPT activists are being forced to return to DC for an initial courtdate. ADAPT has been committing nonviolent civil disobedience to bring attention to disability rights issues since 1984, and never before has the entire group been recalled from across the nation at short notice to appear in court. Read more.

    The majority of those who are being required to appear are among the poorest of the poor. Many are living on fixed incomes of less than $700 a month. To help defray these costs, ADAPT has set up the My Medicaid Matters Defense Fund. You can read more about the Defense Fund or donate online.

  11. 11

    Re: Donna Martinez – Learn about ADAPT at w w w dot ADAPT.org

  12. Marsha says – reply to this


    ADAPT is a national grassroots disability rights organization that is fighting against the draconian cuts to Medicaid contained in the Paul Ryan House budget proposal. If these cuts are allowed to stand, countless people with disabilities and older Americans will be forced out of their own homes and into nursing homes….an outcome that will be far more costly than letting people remain in their own homes with the assistance they need. The LAW says that Medicaid HAS to pay for nursing homes, but the law does not say that Medicaid has to pay for even better, and much less expensive care in one's own home. ADAPT is fighting for older and disabled people to remain free in their own homes, and for all of our tax dollars to be used more efficiently and provide more jobs at fair wages, remaining in local communities and not just lining the pockets of wealthy nursing home owners who live in gated communities.

  13. Lori says – reply to this


    Some time ago, I personally heard Obama say that the National Health Care Bill would be paid for in part by Medicare and Social Security. Perhaps you can tell us what he meant by that.
    There were no increases in S/S for two years–that put a lot of money into the governments coffers. Think "Redistribution of wealth"! re=6079704]Re: La Garse[/re]