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Glee Graduation: Ryan Murphy Reveals Who Stays And Who Goes!

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glee graduation ryan murphy answers who stays who goes

The fantastical moment is almost here, Gleeks.

McKinley High's glorious graduation is upon us. Meanwhile, the rest of television attempts to keep up. Ha! ;)

But while we're rolling around in euphoria, you know we're also trying our best to control our mountainous concerns that some Glee favorites may not return for Season 4!

With stars like Amber Riley and Dianna Agron hinting at their departure via bittersweet tweets, we have felt wretched! Just wretched!!

Luckily, Ryan Murphy has finally answered the question of EVERYONE'S fate once and for all!

The divine small-screen master reveals:

A lot of people have been writing Dianna's off the show, Amber's off the show — they're not off the show. I think Amber was talking about that bittersweet feeling of, 'I'll never be in the choir room with that exact group of people.' At least that's what she told me. When I read that [tweet,] I said, 'I think people will misconstrue that.' She's excited about where her character is going. They all are. I wanted to do the right thing by all of them.

We had a meeting, and you know we've become like a family, and I said to them, 'Anybody who wants to stay on the show will stay on the show. They're all coming back. Anyone who is a regular is coming back. Everyone said yes. It doesn't mean everyone will be doing 22 episodes, but everyone wants to stay in our family and our world.

I wanted to make sure those actors know that if they want to have a home, they have a home. If they want to explore new and different things while also having a home, that is also an option.

When I told them all what the next season was, I think they all liked it because they all get to grow and be back to struggling. 'Where is my place in the world?' For the most part, I've had really good talks with all the actors, and what I want to do they have loved. Cory Monteith was like, 'I love that Finn gets to do that. That's awesome.'


Thank the sweet, sweet heavens of Young Hollywood!!

As you just read, ALL of our regular cast-members will be BACK!! How long they'll be back for is still up in the air… but back nonetheless!

Maybe Mark Salling's Puck will be discovered cleaning a Hollywood producer's pool!?! Maybe he'll be cast in a musical tv show about the varieties of teenage life?? Ha!

Sigh. No matter what happens to these beautiful characters, we'll be watching every week… with gold star stickers and freshly made low-cal popcorn!

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