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Twilight The Host Is More Than Just A Love Triangle Between Aliens

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The Host film


Saoirse Ronan plays Melanie AND an alien called "Wanderer" in the movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's other book, Alien Twilight The Host.

The film's star LOVES the story. She loves it SO much, that she claims acting in the plot forwarding scenes (and NOT making out with two hot dudes) is the best part of her gig!

The serious actress claims:

“It’s a given at this stage that romantic stories are going to be offered to me but I’m more interested in the story and characters. It’s just not important if there are love scenes in it."

Apparently what really got Saoirse interested in the part was challenge of playing TWO characters! She says:

"I have two different characters who are in love with different men…The good thing was that I got on so well with Max and Jake. I knew them both before we started filming and we were very comfortable working together.”

Comfortable enough to have hawt lurve scenes with?? LOL!


Mz Roman can try to play the deep actress part all she wants, we know the truth.

It's every lady (and some men's) dream to be wanted by two guys, in real life or on screen!

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11 comments to “Twilight The Host Is More Than Just A Love Triangle Between Aliens”

  1. Candida says – reply to this


    Ronan is too good an actress to be in this garbage.

  2. Jakk says – reply to this


    Maybe she's doin it for the dough. She's not goin to turn down 5 mill.

  3. 3

    AMONG, you uneducated cretin. Between is for two. Among is for three or more. The number of mistakes you make is outrageous, especially because you allege a college education. You ought to be ashamed, but in your mind, everything you do is just wonderful (even your hideous clothing and awful face that needs a shitload of plastic surgery).

  4. Michelle says – reply to this


    ….wow, this is just the worlds biggest turn around. You were in love with The Host just a month ago!

  5. Michelle says – reply to this


    there is even a story about it if you go to thehosters . net

  6. 6

    I would like the movie better if the cast were older

  7. niniki11 says – reply to this


    At least get her surname right if you're going to insult her, Perez. It's RONAN, not ROMAN. She's amazingly talented and I'm excited to see her in this new film. Not a fan of Meyer, but Saoirse is a brilliant actress so I'll deffo watch it to see her. :)

  8. Harry says – reply to this


    Ronan's a serious actor and a seriously good actor. She takes her job seriously serious.

  9. 9

    Re: Candida – Yes. I hope this doesn't hurt her career. This is seriously a waste of money.
    And Perez, where were the subtle jabs at Twilight? You squealed all over that, and this is the same thing, just minus glittery vampires and plus aliens.

  10. Alix Kat says – reply to this


    No, no… being wanted or fought over by two members of the opposite sex (or same sex.. whichever you prefer), especially unwillingly their target of affection is not something EVERY person wants and can be annoying, dramatic and downright scary sometimes.

    Speaking on a non-personal note… not every actress finds making out with dudes the most exciting part of their job some of them, really enjoy, you know ACTING.

  11. 11

    Saoirse Ronan is SOOOO cute! She's gunna be a total hottie when she finishes growin up! and hopefully she gets good movies and a Oscar!!!