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Christian Church Refuses To Bury 74 Year-Old Lesbian

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Danish Lesbian Denied Funeral Because Of Sexual Preference

This is absolutely heartbreaking!!

After a sweet, 74-year-old Danish woman passed away recently, her lesbian partner of 20 years and deceased’s daughter Kirsten Østergaard took her to be buried at the local Christian church.

Sounds normal, right??

Well the church administration was NOT having it. Mama Østergaard was flatly denied a burial because she was gay!!!

Whaaat??? E tu, Europe??

Kristen was OUTRAGED, and rightly so. She discussed their interaction with the church official:

"I thought – can this really be possible that we have to be ashamed? I looked at my mother’s partner and she was silent. I was upset for her. What a terrible situation to put her in.”

The church official has since apologized but, really, isn’t the he supposed to be tolerant and loving of thy neighbor instead of forbidding her burial because of her sexual preferences?

Anti-gay Christians seem pretty hypocritical to us!!

Get it together, Denmark!

[Image via AP Images.]

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40 comments to “Christian Church Refuses To Bury 74 Year-Old Lesbian”

  1. Kristine says – reply to this


    Most of Denmark actually DOES have it together, thank you very much! In fact we were the first ones ever to get it together (by being the first country in the entire fucking WORLD to allow gay marriage)! Please do not define an entire nation by the actions of one bigoted bastard! Get it together, Perez!

  2. 2

    It is sad that a church behaves this way, but it is even more sad that people still want to belong to organizations that demean them. Why would a gay person want to belong to this church? And in an even broader sense, why would any woman willing belong to a religion that sees them as less than equal?

  3. Jayyy says – reply to this


    Not surprised. "Christians" are a bunch of phony judgmental pigs.
    Fuck "Christians", fuck religion and fuck the retarded idea that there is a "God".
    It's 2012 yet some are so fucking ignorant and brainless.

  4. 4

    Not surprised. "Christians" are a bunch of phony judgmental pigs.
    Fuck "Christians", fuck religion and fuck the retarded idea that there is a "God".
    It's 2012 yet some are so fucking ignorant and brainless.

  5. 5

    Get your facts straight! The church did NOT deny her, it was ONE individual priest, who denied and then later APOLOGIZED to her partner and the family! She will be buried at a christian church, stop spreading such ignorant rumours!
    Denmark allows gay marriage and gays to adopt! So we are not a closeminded nation. What a stupid thing to say " Get it together Denmark." . We have our shit together. One person does not define an entire nation, you ass.

  6. A. says – reply to this


    Really? Denmark needs to get it together? - Christianity needs to get it together.

    And trust me, apart from that priest, the rest of Denmark is as outraged as you.

  7. 7

    Perez, STOP with his hatred of the Church for the love of everything in the world!! Religious groups shouldn't be forced to do something that they don't believe in!

  8. CHRISTIAN says – reply to this



  9. ronkbh says – reply to this


    Re: Kristine – To Kristine: Denmark was the first country in the world to recognize registered partnerships. Since then, many things have gone still…even though Denmark is a very tolerant country, there's a big tendency to pat ourselves into shoulders and brag about what we have done in the past.

  10. ronkbh says – reply to this


    To Kristine: Denmark was the first country in the world to recognize registered partnerships. Since then, many things have gone still…even though Denmark is a very tolerant country, there's a big tendency to pat ourselves into shoulders and brag about what we have done in the past.

  11. Catharina says – reply to this


    I'm with Kristine. We don't normaly have those kind of problems here. It is just one idiotic priest, the church leader have been out saying, that everybody can be buried.

    And as Kristina writes, we already have the rigth to get maried, no matter if we are straight or gay. Please write about that insted. It is much closer to the real Denmark. Or at least, not say we are all the same, because of one man. We don't do that to you.

  12. 12

    It's a church's right to decide their own core beliefs. Sure, they're intolerant bigots, but they also have the right to be so. Calling them hypocritical because they're standing up for what they think (key word) is right. You're doing the same thing so how is that any different? We all have other ideas of what's right and what's wrong. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has them. If you want people to respect your side of this issue, then respect other's as well.

  13. 13

    perez didn't you call dude from BEP an f word…and didn't you call Ms. usa a bad word. when you, lose the hate for others not like you. THEN it will come across better talking about others who aren't like you. just saying.

  14. 14

    You're not allowed to use the word hypocritical.

  15. 15

    Re: Lexx11 – Hilton never checks the facts, especially if it supports his gay agenda arguments. This site is not known for it's accuracy or accountability.

  16. 16

    Newsflash… 'love thy neighbor' does not translate to condone every sinful activity! It means to be kind! It does not mean give a green light to accept sinful behaviors! Oh and just because my opinion my differ from others, I am not a hater, bigot, or racist! I can spin your comment and call you those words too, but that would not be kind or 'loving my neighbor'.

  17. 17

    They think the world is somehow a better place if we have dead lesbians lying around?

  18. so chill says – reply to this


    Look, no matter how a person may try and "justify" homosexuality in their own mind, the Bible does not condone homosexuality. So, you either live according to the Bible or otherwise, dont bother. You can't have it both ways just because you may want to. You'd only be fooling yourself.
    Men were designed to be with women only and women were designed to be only with men. To do otherwise is unnatural. Our reproductive parts prove this unquestionably.
    Oh, and for those fools that TRY to claim that since some organismas can change their reproductive organs from male to female (or vice versa) in order to reproduce in populations where the opposite gender is scarce, supposed proves homosexuality as natural, think again.
    FACT of nature: procreation is NOT possible anywhere in nature between members of the SAME gender. (With regard to species that procreate asexually, asexual reproduction is NOT homosexual reproduction). Either the organism has within itself the ability to fertilize an embryo that it itself produces inside themselves (hermaphroditic), or in other asexual organisms (like bacteria), they simply have the ability make a genetic copy of themselves without any other mate. Some organisms can produce both sexually (between male and female only) and within themselves asexually. This too is NOT same sex reproduction. Therefore, it is NOT homosexual reproduction.

    But as with all things, you can choose to follow the facts or you can choose to do what is unnatural.

  19. Nina says – reply to this


    What a way to end that post! Most of Denmark is outraged! Before writing something like that you should really check how the nation feels! There is a reason why you've heard of it - it's so outrageous that it's all over the news!

  20. 20

    somethings rotten in the state of denmark

    so now ur not even allowed to be dead and gay

  21. 21

    omg chill out with all of that christianity bashing. you're saying its 2012 and we need to be more tolerant and we're bigots and all that, but it goes the same for YOU too. you can't even accept that this is how the church has been set for years. you want them to change their minds because you see fit? i don't think so. i'm a christian and i have a couple of gay friends who accept "hey she doesnt agree, but she's still my dear friend." you can't force people to agree wtf? and miss me with that "homophobe" or "bigot" bs. that being said, i don't believe the lady shouldn't have been granted a decent burial, she was after all a christian. kind of harsh in my opinion

  22. 22

    Re: Jayyyy – Ignorance runs rampant on both sides Jayyy. You just proved that fact perfectly.

  23. 23

    This is where I side with the church or organization. They have the right to include/exclude who they want, believe what they want and pretty much act how they want.
    Ever heard the phrase "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".
    That's what the Constitution stands for: Freedom to believe in whatever we want.

  24. 24

    Re: so chill – 'The Bible does not condone homosexuality. So, you either live according to the Bible or otherwise, dont bother. You can't have it both ways just because you may want to.'
    So do you refuse to wear clothes made from mixed fabrics? Do you never shave? And I assume you never touch a woman who has her period. And you never gossip (apart from reading this gossip website). And you're never a drunken son, or do anything at all on the Sabbath, because you know you can be stoned for that. Because otherwise don't bother, right? You can't have it both ways, as you said.

  25. Slimshady says – reply to this


    Hum item such à shame dat pple are proud to call dia selfs gay,y didnt she take her mom to a gay church or obama house since he is da one wit such barbaric act,may God help them, as for her mother hell is dia waiting for her, and supporters ur only improving da live of sodom and gomora, any way wat da bible says shall come to pass its all ready happening its end time so it dose not surprise me…

  26. 26

    The bible says that the gay is an abomination. So that church is doing what it believes to be right based on god's (alleged) word. What's most disturbing about this post is how you omitted most of the FACTS in a moronic attempt to whip people up into outrage so you could feel that your gay is supported. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for deliberately misleading people, but you have no class and you have zero shame. And then you wonder why most of the so-called "gay community" hates you and is embarrassed by you. Pulling shit like this, Mario(n), undermines your beloved cause. Anyone with half a brain knows you do this and knows you're an asshole. Everyone should know how dishonest you are. You call this shit something from a changed person? This proves you're still the same; it proves that you're the same liar and manipulator you've always been. Please go kill yourself.

  27. 27

    Re: mollina – Mario(n) is a hypocrite and feels zero obligation to practice what he preaches. He is one of the worst entitlement-mentality assholes in the country; he believes in do as I say, not as I do. He will NEVER change because he's too stupid. This is why so many people hate him. He deludes himself into believing it's jealousy of his "success," but he does that because he is incapable of facing the moral and ethical failure he has become. There is a special hell for people like him, and I can only hope they broadcast that so all can see it.

  28. Anne says – reply to this


    Re: Jlbfly
    Jlbfly: Actually, the danish church has to include its members, since it's a state church! Our constitution doesn't allow exclusion based on age, gender, sex or general beliefs, such as homosexuality. It shaming that Mr. Perez did not at least include in his story that most of the danish population is very outraged at this terrible show of blatant discrimination. I consider myself a christian, but I don't think love between two consenting adults should ever be branded sinful or wrong!

  29. Cam says – reply to this


    Dont diss Denmark because we have ONE stupid priest in a church.. We are one of the most open-minded countries where gay people can actually get MARRIED, so diss the priest if you want to, but do not diss Denmark as a country!!!

  30. 30

    Re: Slimshady – You seriously type in ebonics? You sound so stupid. Crazy!

  31. Seto says – reply to this


    Re: smithygirl – Wait wait wait? Sinful activity? So based on your logic, this dead woman was committing a sinful act so the church denied her. Was she committing the sinful act dead too because as far as I can tell dead people can't commit any sinful acts.

  32. 32

    Perez, like so many other comments say, please don't say Denmark should get it together because one stupid priest behaves like that. Denmark was the first country in the world to legalize registered partnerships and as of next month gay marriage will be 100% equal to straight marriage. So please do your research a little better next time you wanna bash a whole country based on one guy's actions :)

  33. ljayner says – reply to this


    Re: ronkbh – Perez, you need to get your facts straight. It isn't the Christian church as you wrote about, because in Denmark the state church is Lutheran. Right now, there is a debate as to whether or not gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to marry in the church, BUT EVERYONE has been allowed to marry in Denmark for many years. As for this unseemly case in particular, the priest has apologized profusely, naming this as the worst mistake of his life. Of course she will be buried at the church. Further, it is offensive that fundamentalist christians in America try to highjack our Christianity and make it as horrible, offensive,and judgmental as their own. Fix yourselves before you try to jump the pond.

  34. tadge says – reply to this


    The word for gay in the bible actually has multiples meaning one of me being prostitutes so the actual translation is not that clear. Left handlers also go to hell too. Be VERY wary of people misquoting the bible at you, especially Americans ! Denmark is a very liberal country and has been for a long time.

  35. 35

    Re: so chill – Couldn't have said it better myself!

  36. Plo83 says – reply to this


    Not PREFERENCE. It's an orientation. Preference means you choose it. Did you choose to be gay, Perez?

  37. RJ says – reply to this


    Re: Jayyyy – Ye u being the first fucking ignorant Brainless twat

  38. Jane says – reply to this


    Re: mysticalflute24 – Thank you! Perez needs to practice what he preaches and "be tolerant" of Christians. They shouldn't HAVE to do anything they truly believe is wrong.

  39. Kay says – reply to this


    Re: Jayyyy – Hey, I'm christian and I'm all for gay marriage and gay rights! I wear short dresses and so on that most christians despise….

  40. Amb says – reply to this


    As others have said, this was one priest - as a Dane, I too am outraged! Didn't think this could happen in Denmark! All other priests have hurriedly stepped in and assured Østergaard that of course she can get buried.
    There is a problem in Denmark though: We don't have separation of church and state! Which is absolute mental, seeing as we are in the top 3 of most atheistic countries. So it is nearly impossible to get buried if you are not a member of the state church. I know many people who think it is illegal to be buried without belonging to the church! And growing up, being the only kid at my school who wasn't baptized, many (teachers as well) asked me "But.. How can you have a name, then?"