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Shonda Rhimes Talks Shocking Grey's Anatomy Death! More Deaths To Come!?!

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Everyone is buzzing about the death in the Grey's Anatomy finale. It was in-sane!

Show creator Shonda Rhimes thinks so too! (So why did she do it??)

Fortunately, the epic drama writer has revealed her thoughts on the finale, which at least gives us more insight…


Everyone is still so immersed in 'Who died?' and no one is talking about the thing that I actually think is important and was the point of the episode - which is they are still out there. They're still out there in the forest, and we don't know if they are going to be OK. We left it open for a reason because…I hate to say this, but just because you saw people alive at the end of the finale doesn't mean they're going to be alive when the season starts up. We are completely jumping off into the unknown next season.


Stuff that happens inside our family is stuff that happens inside our family. I have so much respect for Chyler, and the decision was really, it was very hard for everybody involved and I want to respect her privacy on that.


We saw Denny as a ghost, and people didn't really like that, did they? It was a really hard decision to let that character die versus send her off into the sunset somewhere. It was really difficult. It was not made lightly. I don't think we're going to see Lexie Grey ever again. That's not the intention, to see her again. It's a big loss. It's a big loss for the characters and it's a big loss for the show. We're busy feeling that loss.


I always felt like Mark and Lexie were meant to be together. If things had not turned out the way they had this season, I had a completely different thing planned for them. I was one of the people who loved Mark and Lexie together; I had a completely different thing planned for them. The introduction of Julie was part of planning a completely different storyline for them. So for me, there was a lot of heartbreak in that. There were so many moments and so many things that I had wanted to happen with those characters that we're never going to get to see. When Mark and Lexie say "meant to be," it wasn't about servicing the fans. That's how I felt. That's what was supposed to happen, and that's what I wanted to see. It was heartbreaking.


Every time we watch Grey's, we end up almost suffering a heart attack by the end of it.

Srsly, Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey better do house calls with all the suspense they give us! We mean, shiz!

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20 comments to “Shonda Rhimes Talks Shocking Grey's Anatomy Death! More Deaths To Come!?!”

  1. Karen Lovera says – reply to this



  2. 2

    This show jumped the shark at least 4 years ago. Let "em all die in the season finale

  3. 3

    if it's heartbreaking to kill a character, and you also had other plans for them… guess what, don't kill them!

  4. ed says – reply to this


    LOL this episode was so bad… i laughed all the way to the end… nobody cares anymore for thos dumb asses in the jungle.. they might as well all die.

    Grey´s should take advice from DH and go away gracefully

  5. 5

    Love this show…have not missed an episode,,,,still keeps me guessing…
    Thank you for all the creativity….the tears and the laughter…
    that is what it is all about!!! You guys are awesome!

  6. 6

    GA is such a weird show. Meredith and Derek are boring and whiney and uninteresting. One of the few likable characters gets killed off so now that leaves Alex, Christina, Owen and Mark left to try and hold my interest. Meh….not sure if it's worth staying on as a viewer. Not much good on the networks anylonger.

  7. loz says – reply to this


    Whatever Chyler Leigh wanted, they should have given her. They should have BEGGED her to stay. OR, they should have had Mark and Lexie go off together into the sunset. Having Lexie die was so, so wrong. Mark and Lexie were the only reason why I still watch Grey's. I don't care what happens now, I won't be watching Grey's anymore. I don't know whether Shonda is to blame necessarily, but whoever it was that made the decision to let Chyler leave - thanks for runing the show for me. You just lost another viewer. And I ain't alone.

  8. 8

    If by buzzed about you mean complained about…sure, yeah… The thing is I used to be a HUGE Grey's fan and I am a huge Patrick fan so I hear a lot of comments from people…and overall, the episode was hated and most people are annoyed they killed a fan favourite. I think Shonda's really done herself in this time.

  9. lexie grey fan says – reply to this


    if shonda really wanted Chyler to stay she would have convinced her. If its more money give it to her or just cancel the show alltogether. apart from the first episode season 9 GA is going to be boring, it already was.
    Chyler should say something instead of just tweeting about her hair

  10. 10

    She used to have a nasty drug habit, maybe she needs to be a mom for a while.

  11. 11

    If Mark and Lexie no longer have a chance, I have to say I'm done with Grey's. Its not what it used to be and that's all I was waiting for. Should have put them back together sooner Honda. Your new show hasn't really excited me either and private practice is just boring now.

  12. 12

    i agree. I cannot watch Mark go onto someone new or stay with the moron he's with and not have Lexie! Re: loz

  13. Tammy says – reply to this


    Petition: Bring back Little Grey .. It's MEANT to be..

  14. Tammy says – reply to this


    sign to bring lexie grey back :)

  15. hush says – reply to this


    "nobody is talking about the real issue"- take a hint bitch NOBODY CARES.. LOL

  16. 16

    The episode was freaking awesome! Grey's Anatomy always keeps me on the edge of my seat, and I'm never bored. That being said I think little grey was basically meredith's story reincarnated. I mean they both have the "grey" name, both way better doctors than their peers, both having serious relationships with attendings (who happen to be best friends)… I mean c'mon. They sort of had to kill her off. Meredith and Derek get the happy ending and Lexi and Mark are like what could have happened to Meredith and Derek. Ya know?

  17. 17

    Re: loz – I don't think it was a money issue. It sounds especially from what Shonda says, a way more personal reason than that.

  18. Greyssucks says – reply to this


    Shonda, If all anyone is talking about is who you killed off and not that you left it hanging with the others that should tell you something. Personally the only thing I remember from the finale was Lexie's death. Clearly I don't care what happens now. And if all anyone is doing is talking about Lexie and not the 5 others near death that shows they don't care either.

  19. greysssfannnnn says – reply to this


    i loved the finale and i am worried about the other five i watched the episode 4 times and cried all through all 4 even though i had already seen it i believe shonda did the right thing i loved lexie she was my favorite i even watch the old episodes to see her charcter development but its not the lexie show get over it people if your a real fan you will watch for the rest of the characters not leave because one is gone… also you would realize the plane crash will ensure that many of the characters stay at Seattle grace hospital such as cristina and maybe her and owen will have a chance… lexie had personal family problems so she had to leave

  20. ann says – reply to this


    For all that's good in the world lets save Lexie. We as fans can change what Shonda Rhimes messed up on. If we aren't happy with Lexie dieing ABC need to have a very serious talk with Shonda Rhimes and have her fix it. if we keep telling write and sign petition we can bring her back. Are opinion matters