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Jack The Ripper Was A Woman?!? Whoa…

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jack the ripper was a woman

Well color us curious!

Looks like Jack the Ripper might have actually been Jackie the Ripper!

According to fifty-year ripperologist John Morris, all signs point to Lizzie Williams!

In his new book, Hand Of A Woman, John discusses the theory that's shocking historians everywhere.

According to him:

It is a controversial theory to say that a woman is the murderer, but these were crimes of jealously, envy and passion and all very female-oriented. The most stunning thing is there is no evidence that the killer was a man.

[When police found burned clothing in one of the victim's] it was always considered that they were hers, but it seems to be they were the killer’s clothes and she burned them and then took Mary's clothes to escape. One of the anomalies of the case is that a witness saw a woman in Mary's clothes afterwards and thought that it was her and investigators could never explain that.

Royal gynecologist Sir John Williams is believed to have been having an affair with the last victim (Mary) and it was alleged that he killed her. My father had a gift for seeing the obvious and he realized that it was William's wife, Lizzie, that had the motive. We decided to open an investigation to look into it and everything kept pointing back to Lizzie.

[Many wonder whether a woman could physically be capable of such crimes, but] between 1888 and Feb 2012 there have been 30 Ripper-type attacks – women who had their throats slit, stomachs cut open and wombs cut out – 29 have been caught and they were all women. This type of attack is a woman-only crime. It’s maternal instincts gone amok, according to psychologists, and in fact, the Ripper coroner, Wynne Baxter, said the uterus was the organ the murderer was determined to possess.

It is a shoe that doesn’t really fit. Lizzie Williams is the only one who ticks all the boxes.

Wow… a-mazing!

Seeing as how those infamous "From Hell" letters turned out to be fake, we could totally buy into this with some more convincing.

Misogynists better watch out!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “Jack The Ripper Was A Woman?!? Whoa…”

  1. 1

    This could possibly explain why they never found him. The perfect crime. Who would have suspected a woman at the time? I am interested to see how this theory turns out.

  2. 2

    Very interesting. So when does the movie come out??

  3. Amanda says – reply to this


    Meh, most Jack the Ripper experts disagree with John Morris. Personally, I just think he's trying to sell books. Lizzie WIlliams being married to a gynecologist doesn't mean at all that she would know enough about anatomy to remove organs with the surgical precision that the Jack the Ripper murderer did. Then there's the fact that at least the last of the victims, she lured into a hotel room under the pretext of custom for prostitution - did she perfect her Wealthy Man impersonation solely for the purpose of killing whores? And even then, all of the victims were strangled before they were mutilated. This suggests that Lizzie Williams, who was tiny, could subdue prostitutes, many of whom were bigger than she, and all of whom were used to fighting off attacks from men, and that she did so successfully not once, but several times in a row without ever showing any signs of physical stress or injuries during the weeks of the serial killings? No, sorry. This is just a guy saying "Hey, it was JILL the Killer… Give me your money!" Speaking of which, I've got a theory that Jack the RIpper was actually a small monkey… Keep an eye out for my book, release date TBC.

  4. Jaime says – reply to this


    This isn't even believable in the slightest…Women kill because they are financially motivated, they don't stalk, and they rarely torture. Men prefer to stalk, kill, and torture. It's also highly unlikely that a woman would be killing female prostitutes! Such a dumb article.

  5. 5

    "When police found burned clothing in one of the victim's"
    They found clothing in one of the victim's what?

  6. J. Applebee says – reply to this


    I wrote about this in my book, Ripper's Redemption, a few years ago. Plus my book has lesbians! Just because it's fiction, doesn't mean it's any less likely to happen than John Morris' theory…

  7. Jan54 says – reply to this


    Yes, that's all very interesting and it's true that there have been these terrible attacks
    on women by women. All the same, this is 1888 we are focusing on, and the murdered
    women were all streetwalkers. Could a woman by so overcome with passion, jealousy and envy for these poor downtrodden creatures that she would be driven to murder and mutilation? Well, I suppose it'e possible, but I feel unlikely.

  8. 8